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"Wraith?" Asked Gaeta.

"That's what I said." Said General O'Neill.

"What are wraith?" Asked Gaeta.

"You know what vampires are?" Asked General O'Neill.

"No, sir." Said Gaeta.

"Well... Damn... That's inconvenient." Said O'Neill, "You sure you've never heard of them?" He asked, "You know, death on silent wings, command over creatures of the night, that sort of thing?" He asked.

"No sir. You may have me confused with someone else." Gaeta replied.

"Oh... Okay." Said Jack.

"Here... I'll get Adama on the line for you." Gaeta turned around to the Admiral, "It's for you sir." He said.

Adama picked up. "Adama here," He said into the handset. "Yes... Yes... No... Oh..." He said. This was not good. These... Wraith seemed to drain people's energy to feed. They also were good at getting information. It was hard enough when every person you talk too could be a Cylon, but now that the enemies could get anything out of you... That would be tough to deal with. He hung up the handset. He turned to Gaeta.

"I need you to get Lee on the line." He ordered.

"Yes sir." He said. He put a direct line to the other end.


"Yes, sir."

"I need you to get over to the Galactica right away," He said, "There's something important that I need to talk about." He said.

"Starbuck's pregnant?" He asked.

"Not that important." Said Adama, wondering why his son would ask something like that. What was he thinking.

"Baltar's president because of a surprise election outcome and voter fraud?" Asked Lee again.

"Now you're just being stupid." Adama said. His son did occasionally like to play tricks on his father. For example, this one time back on Caprica... But he had to stay on subject.

"The WHOcan WHAT?" Asked Lee Adama, all humor out of the way, now at the Galactica meeting room.

"That's what I said." Said Adama.

"That presents a serious risk to fleet security." Said Lee.

Should they tell the rest of the fleet? It could cause a panic... And panic, as they had found out, was not a good way to keep a fleet alive.

"You're telling me." Said Adama.

"Should we tell the rest of the fleet?"

He just didn't know.

"I say that we keep it under wraps, at least for a short while."Adama suggested. He'd tell the fleet eventually, when he felt they could handle the news.

"Government coverup?" Asked Lee, "The people won't like that."

"It's our only option." Said Adama, and promptly vanished.


What happened? Where did he go? To be honest, I don't have the slightest idea. Asgard beams? Wraith?

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