Pulling Rank
By Henrika

Henrika- I felt like posting a bunch of one-shots today. Just for clarification, Ed's rank is Major because that is the automatic rank for State Alchemists. Read and Review!

"I hate to do this to you Second Lieutenant Havoc, I really do. But you're forcing my hand."

"Ed." Havoc said warningly.

"Sorry Lieutenant. I'm pulling rank. As a superior officer, I order you to stay behind."

"You can't…"

"The military says I can."

"This is…"

"Wrong, yes I know that. But I have no choice. This guy is an alchemist. He's figured out how to block bullets by altering his body composition by adding steel. There's nothing you can do."

"Your brother…"

"Is not in the military and not here."


"Ordered you to help me and I'm respecting that order. You can help me by staying here."

"Stop!" Havoc shot forward, closing his hands on the mismatched shoulders. "Stop and let me get more than two words into this conversation!" Ed brushed the elder man's hands off, stepping back, but he waited patiently for Jean's argument.

"Go ahead." He said.

"One, don't even think about pulling rank. Regardless of everything, rank included, you're still a kid. Second, this guy is dangerous, you said so yourself. Third, you're one of us Boss, and comrades don't abandon one another."


"Sorry Full Metal, but I'm pulling age and experience. I'm going."

"You won't get in my way?" Ed asked brashly, but Havoc read the fearful underlying question, 'you promise not to get hurt because of me?'

"I'll stay safe. And I'll keep you safe. Or else Mustang will complain about the paperwork when we both die. "

And Havoc could have sworn he saw a weight lifting off the boy's shoulders as he smiled.

"Let's go then Lieutenant."

"After you Major."

Henrika- There aren't too many situations out there with Ed and Havoc, so this popped into my head.