By Henrika

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His mother had always taught him to be a good person, taught him to be a good example for Alphonse. He had done just that, being a good little boy (except for the fights he and Al got into sometimes) He started helping his mother more often (she seemed more tired these days, and couldn't do as much.) And sometimes he was even nicer to Winry (though all holds were off when she called him short.)

And then his mother had died, a sudden blow for both boys. He had worked harder then, taking over the duties of mother, father, and brother so Al wouldn't miss anything. He also set a dutiful example in learning, engrossing himself for hours in the aged alchemy tomes in their father's library. It was from those books that he began to develop a human transmutation theory. Both brothers wanted to see their mother smile again. Ed wanted to show her how well they were doing, how they had survived until she got back. He perfected the theory, accounting for everything it would take to call their Mom back from the dead. He even thought he had figured out the soul. He was positive he would succeed where so many others had failed.

And he had convinced Al to go along with his plan, ignoring his little brother's concerns. He ignored all the warnings, all the taboo labels; and went ahead with the transmutation. Al paid a heavier price, his whole body, and Ed lost his leg and sacrificed his arm to bind Al's soul to a suit of armor.

Ed set himself up to be strong, recovering from auto-mail surgery in one year instead of the usual three. He joined the military, his determination allowing him to become the youngest State Alchemist in history. He always tried to help people on their travels, despite being a "dog of the military." Sometimes the "help" involved illegal acts, which would lead Al to sigh and ask, "Man, oh man…Aren't you supposed to set an example for me?"

Ed would never know what to say to that.

He tried to set a good example; to be someone his brother could look up to. But always that view would be tainted with the shadow of when Ed had set the example of a reckless idiot who had dared to challenge God.

It was all Ed could do to hope that the actions he did now would prevent his brother from following in his footsteps. He prevented Al from becoming a State Alchemist and turned down the suggestion every time his little brother brought it up. He would fix things and then he and his brother were going to be the good people their mother wanted them to be.

Even if he had to do bad things to make it so.

Even if he had to sin to absolve himself.

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