Name's Inuyasha
I'm the strongest there is
If you've got a problem
It's none of my biz
I'm real tough and strong
But I'm called a whiner
What's wrong with being
A sexy two-timer?

My name is Kagome
And I travel through time
Now I miss school
That's a real crime
Now I'm better in archery
I've become a real shooter
But all I wish now is
To get rid of my suitors!

I'm the fox Shippo
I've got some power
I can shoot fire
That make's people cower
Truthfully I surprised
That I'm not dead
Especially since Inuyasha
Keeps hitting my head!

I'm just a monk
Miroku's the name
I exorcise demons
That is the game
I wish you well
I am quite sincere
Also I should remove
That dust from your rear

Sango the slayer
With a big bone
I kill big demons
I can fight on my own
I hate when Miroku
Thinks my rear is loot
Maybe it's because
My tight-ass black suit

I am Kikyo
My body is clay
I have to eat souls
Every other day
I help young children
And heal wounded fighters
Just don't want to be bashed
By ignorant writers

Naraku am I
Torturing people is fun
I play with emotions
Of just everyone
Nobody likes me
Even though I am hunky
Maybe it's because
I dress like a monkey!