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-----Chapter 1-----

She was a master at this, at hiding her true feelings. The dark-haired archaeologist put on a poker face as cold and motionless as the sword that was pointed to her throat. She had to be good at it. It had been her only way to survive those horrible ten years. She easily put on an unaffected look, when she actually wanted to drop to the floor and let her tears fall to the wet deck. Her skill came from over ten years of unwanted training, but this was different. Other feelings filled her mind. Instead of hate and frustration there were guilt and shame.

"You bitch! How could you!" The aggravated swordsman roared at her. A shade of sadness swept over her face, but only for an instant.

"Stop it Zoro. You don't even know what she has done." said the navigator wile walking up beside the older women.

"Just look at Luffy, the way he's acting, it has to be something bad enough to punish her by cutting her head of!" He shot back at the redhead, a finger pointing wildly at the kitchen door.

"Robin-chan wold never do something that bad! Luffy is just being a baby." Sanji pushed the sword away with his foot.

"What do you know shitty love-cook?"

"I trust the ladies." The cook said with a proud look. He smirked at Zoro's angry face.

"Baka!" he smirked back and tightened the grip on his sword. "I knew something like this would happen, that's why I never trusted her in the first place."

"I've already told you to knock it of. We don't need you to-"Nami was cut of in the middle of the sentence by the kitchen door opening. They all froze to look up at Luffy as he stepped out in the calm rain. He wasn't wearing his hat, but his head hung down so his face wasn't to be seen. The captain walked down the stairs not noticing them until they were right in front of him.

"Oh, hi guys." he said with a half-hearted smile, one that didn't really reach to his eyes. An uneasy silence fell upon the crew. The only thing that showed that time was moving were the captain's dry clothes growing darker from the soft rain. The tense feeling lasted until Luffy noticed Robin standing behind the cook, looking as blank as she could. His eyes were sharp when they met hers. He was upset, that did show, but was he actually hurt?

"I trusted you, Robin." He said in a low voice before walking past them to go and sit on the sheep head.

"So, you really did do something to him." came from the sharpshooter after another long silence. Everyone's eyes were still on the captain, no one noticed the guilt that was in the archaeologist's eyes as she closed them in shame.


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