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-----Chapter 3-----

"Why is he so upset?" "What happened?" "How long have you two been having an affair?" "Have he done something to you, Robin-chan?" The questions were all at the same time. Robin let out a lungful of air and leaned back in her seat.

"I suppose I will have to tell you the whole story." she said, her face as blank as usual.

"Please, do so." said the navigator. The archaeologist turned her eyes to the sealing, thinking of how to start.

"On the last island we left they had blueberries and Sanji bought some to make a pie." she started.

"Yes, we all remember that, it smelled delicious. But Luffy ate the entire pie before anyone ells got a chance to even taste it! Usopp said in a high voice. Most of the crewmembers looked pretty annoyed at the thought of the event. Robin nodded and continued her explanation.

"Later that night I found Luffy in mine and Nami's room. It seamed like he had been sitting there and waited for me to come back. I had been up on the deck reading. At first I was surprised that he wasn't wearing anything ells then his sandals and underwear." the last words made the others eyes grow twice their regular size.

"WHAT!" everyone but Sanji said. The cook fell to the floor, looking like he was going into coma.

"It was blueberry pie. His cloths were almost covered in it. He had tried to wash it of, but needed help with it. The only ones that weren't mad at him because of the pie were me and Zoro. After the failed attempt Zoro made to help him, he came to ask me." She reached out to grab the teapot and refill her cup. Nami was smiling again, but said in a very serious way.

"But, I still don't understand why Luffy is so upset." Robin took a sip of her tea.

"I was just getting to that. Don't be so inpatient." She put down the cup and continued.

"I said I would help him. I was still carrying a big pile of books, so I went to put it on my desk. Just as I put down the books I heard a crunching sound and Luffy started screaming. I didn't get the words, but he was really upset. It seamed like I had put my pile of books right on top of his straw hat." She was cut of by tea and alcohol that was spitted out into the air, most of it got spayed in the archaeologist face. Nami and Zoro, who now had emptied their mouths, started yelling at her. They looked like she just had told them she accidentally killed their captain.

"YOU DAMAGED HIS HAT! For this I'll have to slice you into shreds!" Zoro roared, but he was held back by Sanji and Usopp.

"That hat means everything for him! Why didn't he kill you!" Nami said in a high-pitched voice. Robin looked shocked by their reaction.

"Well, he did try, but I put him to sleep with one of Chopper's syringes. Why is that hat so important to him?" her voice was a bit shaky, you could tell that she didn't make a big effort to hide her feelings any longer. The crew calmed down and confiscated the swordsman's swords. Once they all sat together again, a silence fell. They looked at each other and waited for someone to explain why that particular piece of clothing was so important to their captain. Almost a minute went before someone spoke.

"Isn't there anyone that knows?" Usopp whispered.

"I think it belonged to someone, but I don't know who. I thought Zoro knew more." Nami said.

"Well, I was the first one of us that met him, but I don't know more then you, Nami. Though, after seeing how he acts about it, I'm sure that he loves it as much as a swordsman loves his swords, if not more." Zoro said while trying to take his weapons back from the cook. They all thought about it for a wile. As robin finished her second cup of tea she spoke.

"It wouldn't be impossible to repair it, but Luffy doesn't seem to want to do that."

"He's just a child, he will soon forget all about it." Sanji said with a puff of smoke.

"He's NOT a child!" Zoro tore his swords back from the cook and gave him an angry stare.

"Whatever." The blond turned away to talk to Nami.

"Do you think we should ask him about the hat, Nami-san?"

"I don't know. Let's see what he's like tomorrow."


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