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"Hey Nerdtron, what's this?"

Jimmy Neutron's head snapped up. He jumped up and slapped Cindy Vortex's hand away from something on his desk. "What part of GIRLS DON'T TOUCH ANYTHING do you NOT UNDERSTAND?" He shoved the girl back into her seat.

She screwed her face up angrily. "Geez, okay, it's just a stupid book. No need to screech about it."

His bottom jaw quivered. "I didn't screech," he replied quietly, turning back to what he had been hunched over. He plugged in five different wires and relocated a few more, plugging something into the wall before holding it up with a triumphant smile.

"Gentlemen," he said, donning a mysterious look, "And annoying female interlopers…"

Here Cindy and Libby threw poisonous glares at him but chose to say nothing. They put up with the arrogant boy just to watch him get in stupid situations – and the situations he got them in always promised a thrill or two.

"I give you, The Movie Maker 3000!"

"Didn't somebody already invent the camera?" Cindy cracked, and she and Libby both had to stop talking, as they had broke into gales of laughter.

Sheen blinked and looked at Libby. "Libby, Libby, Libby… The camera is probably microscopic compared to this!"

Cindy screwed up her face best she could into a serious expression. "You mean like Jimmy's brain?" She was by now laughing so hard she almost fell of her chair; Libby had progressed considerably ahead of her, pounding her fists on the floor.

Jimmy rolled his eyes and sighed. The females never understood the importance of his inventions.

He picked up the book that had been on his desk and displayed it to the rest of them. Carl squinted to see the cover; it showed a tyrannosaurus skeleton and in big bright blue upraised letters on the paperback's surface read 'JURASSIC PARK', below that in equally bright and big red letters read 'MICHAEL CHRICHTON'.

"But Jim… isn't that a scary book?" Carl shivered noticeably; he didn't truly like dinosaurs, period.

James nodded. "Yes, Carl. But with my new invention, it will somewhat lower the level of blood, gore, and general language… maybe all in the language department. I haven't tested it yet, so I don't know for sure."

A slot opened up in the device and the four other kids watched as Jimmy placed the thick paperback into it; it closed, and a loading screen appeared on VOX's monitor. They watched attentively as 'ERROR: FAILED TO PROCESS BOOK. PLEASE TRY AGAIN.'

All five kids 'awed' as Jimmy looked down disappointedly at the device. Sheen came over and took it from Jimmy, examining it at all angles. As Jimmy began to protest, Sheen began to shake it.

"Sheen! NO!" Jimmy snatched it back just as VOX's computer screen began to flash: 'BOOK ACCEPTED. TRANSPORTING SUBJECTS INSIDE.'

Jimmy, Carl, Sheen, Cindy, and Libby erupted into screeches of terror as VOX's monitor became a swirling vortex and sucked them in. (HAHA don't kill me.)

All went black for a while.

Cindy was the first to stir. As she blinked and moaned, she realized that they were sitting in a field. Tall trees lined the field, and a lake filled with ducks or some kind of bird was settled on the far side from them.

Cindy shook her head. How could she see ducks in the lake if it was half a mile away…?

Her eyes popped open just as the rest of them began to stir. She began to splutter and stutter, not quite getting the words out. Jimmy and Libby scooted closer to her, staring at her, not at what she was staring at.

"Cindy… Cindy!" Libby said, snapping her fingers in Cindy's face. Jimmy looked at Libby.

"What is she looking at?"

Both kids turned to see, and the same illness overtook them. Jimmy leaped to his feet. "DINOSAURS!"

A herd of small dinosaurs that had been approaching them curiously squeaked and screamed and scattered with loud, screeching chirps. They hid in the bushes before poking their heads back out and chittering curiously. They had seen humans before, just hardly ever in the same environment with them. They passed through from time to time, and some brought food; did they have food with them…?

One jumped out and began to graze peacefully along, making its way slowly towards the kids. All five stared at them in wonderment. Sheen reached out to touch the nearest one; as soon as his finger touched it, it screamed as if being murdered and fled back into the bush.

Sheen chuckled somewhat strainedly and stood up. The others had become aware of the other dinosaurs around. What had been assumed to be a clump of four trees clustered together turned out to be the legs of a giant herbivore grazing among the trees.

Cindy stared upward in wonderment, her neck aching but her eyes just couldn't leave the magnificent sight. As all five were backing up to take in more, someone or something grabbed them by the back of their shirts and hauled them up.

Jimmy's rump hit a soft leather seat and he found himself staring into the eyes of a woman with blonde hair pulled up in a ponytail-bun and green eyes gazing at him, concerned. "How did you get here? Hammond didn't mention any kids," she asked, as Jimmy spluttered and stumbled over his words.

She smiled warm-heartedly as the jeep pulled to a stop for some reason. "I'm sorry, I haven't properly introduced myself. I'm Ellie Sattler. And your name is…?"

He gulped hard and finally found his words. "I-I'm Jimmy Neutron." He shook his head. "James Isaac Neutron, actually. Jimmy's my nickname."

She nodded. "I see we picked up some of your friends," she said, indicating the other jeep behind them.

A hand suddenly appeared from up above the roof and landed on top of Ellie's head, twisting it around.

"What…? What…" Ellie looked around and suddenly stood straight up in the jeep. Jimmy looked up to see a middle-aged man with a hat suddenly yank his sunglasses off, revealing startled eyes. Ellie had done the same.

A man in black was also in the back with the other man, his rather wild black curly hair giving him the look of an insane man. He had leaned forward as the other man jumped out of the Jeep, Ellie right after him.

"He did it. The crazy son of a ----- did it."

Jimmy looked at him, appalled by his use of rough language.

As the jeeps pulled in to the Visitor's Center some time later, Jimmy and his friends were reunited as well as was everybody else. Jimmy and his friends were introduced to Allan Grant, Ellie's friend and teacher as well as a paleontologist, Ian Malcolm, an eccentric mathematician (Malcolm interrupted Mr. Hammond here to say "Chaotician, Chaotician."), Donald Gennaro, a lawyer from Mr. Hammond's investors, and John Hammond himself, runner of Jurassic Park, the biggest theme park in the history of theme parks.

Cindy and Libby were off talking to Dr. Sattler about something while Jimmy and Ian debated over Chaos in loud voices. Jimmy didn't really relate to Chaos, and therefore was quick to discriminate it.

Sheen and Carl were simply staring at Dr. Grant who stared back. Dr. Grant looked out of the corner of his eye at Hammond and hissed "You didn't mention the kids..."

"Yes, well, I don't know for sure how they got here. The only kids I had to come here were –"

Suddenly two kids burst through the front doors, a sandy-haired boy who looked about Jimmy's age, and a younger girl with blonde hair and a baseball glove and baseball.

They ran up to Mr. Hammond and gave him big hugs. Gennaro opened his mouth to protest but Dr. Grant hushed him.

Sheen looked up at Dr. Grant. "Do you like Ultra Lord?"

Dr. Grant looked at him, opened his mouth, closed it, opened it again, and shut it with a click of his teeth. He shook his head slowly.

Sheen shrugged and walked over to watch Jimmy and Malcolm, who had by now come to the climax of their argument.

"You should know that Chaos theory is obsolete, it's been proved wrong!" Jimmy yelled, standing as tall as he could, his teeth bared.

Malcolm laughed and pointed his finger in Jimmy's face, determined to stay calm and not raise his voice. "Ah, ah, but only by inconclusive studies, my dear boy. You see, Chaos cannot be proved wrong, because it is NOT wrong, therefore you cannot say it is obsolete."

Cindy came up just then as Jimmy's face was turning red and she placed a hand on his shoulder. "Let it go," she hissed in his ear, all traces of comforting him gone. He turned to see her rather angry. He backed off and didn't say any more, but continued to brood about it.

As the now large group left the building, two Toyota Land Cruisers painted a sort of camouflage green and yellow with black stripes pulled up beside the steps on electrical tracks. The bright red and black 'Jurassic Park' emblem was emblazoned on the car doors, which were painted to match the rest of it.

And as they all climbed into the cars, none of them had the slightest inkling of what was to come.

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