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Dark, ominous clouds roiled, boiled, and fluffed up over the island. Robert Muldoon gave off various curse words. "The storm isn't swinging off," he hissed loudly to Hammond. Hammond sighed.

"Why didn't I build an onlander?"

As a loud crack of thunder sounded like a whip across the island's brooding sky, Muldoon said "I'm afraid we're going to have to shut the tour short."

Hammond opened his mouth to protest. "But –"

"It's not worth risking it, John," Ray Arnold muttered, tapping some keys on the keyboard. Clickety click click clickety click click clack.

As the cars began to speed up on the tracks, Hammond's voice cut over the sound of the man on the tape, which had begun to speed up and sound funny.

"Sorry about this, but a storm's being thick-headed and not leaving us alone. We'll try again tomorrow."

Groans erupted from both Cruisers, the paleontologists and the kids equally disappointed. Dr. Grant bashed his fist against the window to vent out some anger and vehemently said a curse word.

Jimmy and Tim stared longingly out the window as they rolled past the T-Rex pen. Suddenly, with a screeching, grinding halt, the cars stopped. Right smack dab in the middle of the fence surrounding the Tyrannosaurus' paddock. The rain pattered woefully against the windows and bubble-dome on top of the car.

Dr. Grant looked around, and seeing as how Gennaro had turned on the radios in the Cruisers, he heard Dr. Grant say "What'd I touch?"

Dr. Malcolm, being the only person left in the car (Ellie had left them awhile back to study a sick triceratops (author winkwink)), said "You didn't touch anything… we stopped."

Gennaro mumbled something about "Maybe the power went out," and clicked the radio off. The kids just stared solemnly out at the pen with a sigh. Now that they had stopped, and the air-conditioning module had gotten turned off thanks to the power, it was starting to get stuffy.

Gennaro tried the radio once more, thinking about saying something to the two in the other car, but the radio wouldn't turn on anymore. Gennaro hit it, muttering curse words under his breath. Stupid danged technology… it never worked when the power went out.

A bleating seemed to draw the kids' attention, and as they watched, a goat rose on a concrete and metal platform, tethered to a stake. Lex's eyes widened slightly, as did Cindy's.

"What's gonna happen to the goat?" Lex asked, her voice wavering. "Isse gonna eat the goat?"

"Excellent," Tim said with a wide grin. Cindy and Jimmy could only stare at the pair of them, words forming soundlessly on their lips that wouldn't take shape.

A slight, faint boom sounded from somewhere slightly far off. The same sound came again, and again, and yet again; and with each boom the sound got louder, and louder, and louder. Gennaro noticed the water cups on the dashboard were quivering, little rings appearing on the surface.

The booming stopped. The bleating stopped almost immediately.

Lex, noticing the sudden silence, stared at the spot where the goat was supposed to be. However, the rain had grown so thick that it blurred the windows beyond being able to see out.

They waited in hushed silence; the rain thinned momentarily, and they saw the goat was gone, with the chain snapped off, the metal post bent. There seemed to be a large, deep claw mark on one edge of the cement, and the grass around the platform was slightly matted with the trail of goats' hooves.

"What happened to the goat?" Cindy whispered, her and Lex's eyes both equally wide now.

A loud thump brought their attention to the top dome; Jimmy and Tim uttered a gasp and Lex and Cindy screamed. The goat's bloody leg had appeared.

A rex's head suddenly appeared in a space behind the electric fence. A pair of claws that were resting on the suddenly un-electrified fence fell off with a loud scream of straining metal. The rex's head turned to look at the strange things just beyond the thin, weak wires.

The wires snapped with loud twangs, and one of the metal holding posts screamed as one of the rex's giant feet pushed it down. It stopped a little ways above the space between the two Cruisers.

The ground shook with a loud, resonating boom as the Tyrannosaurus stepped out from beyond the electric fence. Both Cruisers shook from side to side with every step it took. The giant thing shook its head against the rain and it looked at the second Cruiser as it stepped between them. The metal post was smashed down into the ground by it by now.

As all four kids sat quaking with terror, Gennaro suddenly opened the door and bolted into the woods, leaving the door hanging wide open to collect rain. The Tyrannosaur growled and took huge, booming steps toward the first Cruiser. Tim jumped suddenly and scrambled into the front seat, taking the door and slamming it shut. The Rex, now parallel with the car, looked down at it with a loud growl.

The Rex tilted its head like a dog, its nostrils flaring and fogging up the windows with its steamy breath.

"He left us…" Lex whispered, her voice quivering. "He left us." She gulped. "He left us. He left us!"

"Lex!" Tim hissed. "Shut up!"

"He left us!"

"Shut up!"

A loud noise above the Cruiser brought all four kids' heads up just in time to see the Rex's snout bash down upon the bubble dome on top of the car. It roared loudly as it pulled back up and bashed back down, trying to reach the screaming kids under the bubble dome.

The kids scrabbled their hands and feet against the fallen glass dome as the Rex smashed one corner off it. It gave up trying to reach the children and bashed its head forcefully against the side of the Cruiser, not once but twice. The second time caused the car to roll over on its side, and the Rex simply pushed it over so that is was upside down in the wet, squishy mud.

Placing one gigantic foot on the underside of the car, it began to attack a tire for no apparent reason. As it growled and tore at the tire like a dog tearing at a piece of meat, it began to force the car down into the ground.

Jimmy had managed to scramble out of one of the broken windows that had popped out when the Rex flipped the car over; a large, bloody streak ran from just over his right eyebrow almost to his chin. He stood there, frozen with fear, his eyes darting from the upside down car to the Rex to the other Cruiser.

Dr. Grant suddenly appeared to leap out of the car; he waved a newly-lit flare around, screaming "HEY!".

The Rex gave a monstrous snort and stopped what it was doing. It stared at the new moving object with puzzlement, before leaving the car and beginning to stomp away. Jimmy leaped at the chance and begun to dig the nearest person to him… who just happened to be Cindy.

"I don't n-need your help, N-neutron!" she stuttered, kicking up mud with her heels as she tried to get a grip on the ground.

"Oh yes you do," he hissed loudly, grabbing her left hand and pulling. The Rex didn't appear to be interested; in fact, he was chasing Malcolm. Jimmy stared for a few seconds, almost joyfully. He didn't like Malcolm much, anyone could see that.

A sharp stinging sensation on his face brought him back to reality. Cindy had just got free, and slapped him for not paying attention. Dr. Grant was running towards the car, and as he knelt down to help the others, Cindy and Jimmy looked over the concrete moat down onto the ground that was far below them. Jimmy grabbed up a broken electrical wire, grabbed Cindy's hand, and flung them both over the side. The wire screeched against the concrete as it was yanked downward, and Cindy screamed "ARE YOU NUTS!"

They both hit the ground with a loud, squishy thump, just as Lex's scream punctured the air. They both looked up, startled, just in time to see Dr. Grant, with Lex riding piggy back, grab a wire and begin to lower themselves down.

The Rex had apparently got it into its head to push the Cruiser over the side, because the front of the car appeared over the edge of the concrete. The metal of the car screamed against the concrete much louder than the wire had done, and Dr. Grant and Lex almost didn't make it as the Land Cruiser was heaved over the side.

A loud BOOM sounded from up top as the Rex stomped its foot and roared in triumph. More booms came as it stomped off elsewhere to the south-east.

Now not being able to see Dr. Grant, Lex, or Tim, Cindy and Jimmy shivered and crawled around to a large clump of thick bushes. They huddled up in different corners of the bush and refused to look at each other, too shocked to speak, and sleep soon overtook their weary bodies.

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