Godric's Hollow was a sleepy village, nestled away from the activity of bigger and more important cities. Its residents went about their daily business, hardly noting the changing seasons and years, measuring time to more important things. Things like the latest comings and goings at that strange Potter house.

It was nearly twenty years ago, on Halloween night, when the Potters were murdered. An event that shook the dreary little town on that dreary All Hallow's Day- sometimes known as the Day of the Dead.

The Potters were strange people, always saying something just off, or doing something just slightly wrong. But they lived there, they were part of the village, and their murder sent shockwaves that were remembered years later when a young man came asking questions.

He was Harry Potter, the infant boy who survived the madman's attack.

People whispered as he searched the dilapidated house that none of the villagers would go near. People averted their gaze as he walked past accompanied by a tall redhead and a bookish girl with bushy hair.

They didn't answer his questions at first, about what happened that All Hallow's Eve, not able to quite remember with clarity why they were so afraid. Why exactly they cringed away whenever that night was mentioned.

It was almost like something horrible happened to them...

Eventually the Potter boy disappeared, along with his questions. And life went back to normal.

Sure, there were still the strange reports from the cities... people disappearing, freak weather, and murders. But it had nothing to do with the tiny village, they said. It would all be over soon, they said.

And then, suddenly, it was.

It was like someone flipped a switch and all was right with the world. The people of the village went back to their petty gossip and wondered why they ever believed that something was wrong to begin with.

They barely noticed, a few years later, when the Potter boy came back. They hardly blinked an eye when the abandoned house came to life. They merely smiled politely when they saw him walking down the village streets arm in arm with a pretty redhead.

Godric's Hollow returned to being a sleepy village.

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This is the prologue to an alternate universe, slight crossover Harry Potter fanfiction. It takes place when Harry is about twenty years old, and crosses over with the book Howl's Moving Castle. This explains the people of Godric's Hollow, the village where Lily and James Potter lived. I figure some mass memory modification took place there after Voldemort's attack. The people are Muggles so Death Eaters would have had a field day with them.