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Chapter 10: The Grand Finale

And so Lonoki began to tell his tale.


An evil force was in the forest. 5 young adults were in the forest, one of them was Princess Serenity but not the one who would be reborn as Usagi. The one who will one day be her mother. Another was Lonoki. There were three others, two guys and a girl.

"Serenity! What are we going to do?" said the other girl named Kila.

"I don't know…" said Serenity.

"I can't wait 'till I get my hands on it!" said Lonoki.

"You must control yourself!" said one of the two other men, named Ilio

"That's right Lonoki" said the final person named Miuo.

A creature came out of the woods, and Kila threw a spear.

"What are we going to do?" cried Kila.

"I know of a way!" said Serenity.

"What?" said Lonoki.

"I must seal them, using the Silver Crystal…" said Serenity.

"Serenity!" said Kila.

"You shouldn't do that!" said Miuo.

"I think she's right… it won't take that much energy!" said Ilio.

"Okay!" said Lonoki.

Many creatures swooped Serenity took out the Silver Crystal she aimed it at the creatures unfortunately one was about to attack. Lonoki protected them and got in the way however along with the evil creatures Lonoki was sealed away too.

"Lonoki!" cried Kila.

Serenity fell to the ground weak. "I'm afraid that the creatures' hatred will merge with Lonoki. When he awakens he will be more powerful but full of hatred" said Serenity.

"That's bad!" said Ilio.

"Lonoki…" said Kila.

(Flash-forward over 500 years later to place where Lonoki and the creatures were sealed)

Lonoki could feel the hatred of the creatures with in him it possessed him. He looked up at the moon and grinned an evil grin.

"I can be fully free! If use her power! I can feel her! A pure maiden!" said Lonoki he flew up to the moon.

On the Moon Princess Serenity stared up at the earth, thinking about Prince Endymon again when Lonoki appeared floating in midair.

"So you look just like some I knew…" said Lonoki with an evil smile.

"Who are you?" cried Princess Serenity.

"I'm Lonoki! Just you ought to know since I'll use your power to escape fully from the prison that your mother sent me to!" said Lonoki.

He went up to Princess Serenity but a red rose stopped him. It was Prince Endymon.

"So you have a little prince! I'll be back and tell your mother that Lonoki said "Hello""

He disappeared, both went to Queen Serenity and told her what happened. She told them the story about happened over 500 years before and also told that if he doesn't get Serenity then he would be sealed once again. And so the battle between the Senshi and Lonoki began in the middle of one battle Lonoki cried out in pain and vanished.

"He gone" said Sailor Mars.

"But he'll be back…" said Sailor Jupiter

About a year later the Silver Millennium fell and everyone was reborn

(Flash Forward over 500 years)

Lonoki woke once again… he couldn't feel Princess Serenity not only that but the Silver Millennium was also gone as well. However he felt a presence equal to that of Princess Serenity.

Meanwhile Kikyo and Kaede picked herbs in the forest when Lonoki approached them.

"My, what a lovely and pure maiden." said Lonoki.

"What do you want?" asked Kikyo.

"You!" said Lonoki "You have the power that I need to be free!"

Kikyo readied an arrow "Leave now!" she said.

"I'll be back!" said Lonoki.

He disappeared and Kaede went up to her sister "Who was that man?" asked Kaede

"I don't know…" said Kikyo.

As time went by Kikyo learned more about Lonoki as she had many battles wit him until one day he vanished in mid-battle just like with the Sailor Senshi.

"He's gone…" said Kikyo.

(End flash back)

"So that's what happened…" said Lonoki.

"But it was mistake…" said Super Sailor Moon.

"I absorbed the evil of the creatures who threatened earth at the time I'm not the Lonoki that was friends with your past mother princess!" said Lonoki.

"But he is still in there!" said Blossom.

"What!" yelled Lonoki.

"I can sense it! I can scene he's there still that is… that is why…" said Blossom.

"Blossom?" said Super Sailor Moon.

"Is she going to say what I think she's going to say?" thought Kagome.

"I love you!" yelled Blossom.

"I knew that you were about to say that earlier" said Lonoki who was little distracted.

"I can't help the way I feel for you!" said Blossom.

She gave a not that was unnoticed by Lonoki to Super Sailor Moon, she knew what she meant. Everyone else huddled together.

"I have a plan…" said Super Sailor Moon.

Blossom and Lonoki were still talking to each other.

"You know if you give up! Something good will happen!" said Blossom.

"Yeah right!" said Lonoki.

"You will become an an…" said Blossom who was cut off in mid sentence by Uranus Words Shaking.

"You!" said Lonoki who launched the attack but was surprised she was a few feet away from the attack. "What!"

And so the Senshi began to launch attacks but ran away from where they launched them. After about 10 minutes Lonoki got tired of this.

"I can sense what Lonoki's doing… he heard what I said before Sailor Uranus attacked." thought Blossom.

Lonoki set up a huge orb of power and he launched it "Now let's see what can do you!" said Lonoki.

"Inu-Yasha! Now!" said Super Sailor Moon.

"Right! Black Lash Wave!" said Inu-Yasha using the Tetseugia, a blast hit the orb and hundreds of tornados appeared. Super Sailor Moon stepped up. She held her hands to her chest and her transformation brooch disappeared all that was left was the Silver crystal. Her clothes changed and her tiara disappeared revealing a yellow crescent moon her forehead, she was Princess Serenity once again.

"Beautiful" said Kagome.

"Wow!" said Sango.

"That's so cool" said Shippo.

Inu-Yasha acted as if it were nothing while Miroku was a little disappointed that she was no longer wearing a mini skirt.

Princess Serenity held the silver crystal out. A beam came out and hit one of the tornados. The two powers merged and hit Lonoki head on. Before it hit Blossom saw he was smiling. When it hit he cried in pain and with a flash of bright light he disincarnated.

"It's over…" said Blossom.

Princess Serenity fell to the ground to become Sailor Moon. Tuxedo Mask went to her aid.

"Usako! Usako!" he cried out.

"Usagi…" said Sailor Mercury who was about to cry.

"She's not breathing…" said Sango.

"Don't worry…." said Blossom.

She touched Sailor Moon's and a soft pink glow appeared. Sailor Moon opened her eyes.

"She's alive!" said Kagome.

"Look at the crystal!" said Shippo.

The crystal pillar that Lonoki was on was pretty much still intact after the combined attack however it began to crumble along with all the crystal that covered the city. The sun began to rise and everything was back to normal. Sailor Moon saw something falling to the ground, it was a golden ball.

"Lonoki!" said Blossom happily.

The ball took a shape of a young man it was Lonoki who now had golden wings.

"Thank you!" said Lonoki.

Blossom smiled and both she and Lonoki became balls, Blossom pink and Lonoki gold. Both ascended up to the sky. Sailor Moon, Tuxedo Mask, Kagome and Inu-Yasha looked up.

"It's looks like he's free…" said Kagome.

"Yeah…" said Sailor Moon.

"Hey it's the Sailor Senshi!" said Sota.

All of them froze, of course they hid the fact that they were helping Kagome form her family but not the jig was up or was it.

"Hey what's that over there!" said Sailor Moon pointing the other way.

When Kagome's family was looking the other way they ran like the wind and didn't' look back.

"Very clever" said Miroku.

Sango began to glare at him "Have you done that before?" she asked him.

And so it was like nothing every happened, due to the crystal none of the town was destroyed. Later that day, everyone said goodbye to the ones from the Feudal Era. Setsuna temporally altered the well so that they can return to their proper time. Harkura, Minako, Makoto, Rei and even Sango were glaring at him.

"Now you shouldn't do that!" said Setsuna who also wanted to arm him.

"So what!" yelled all 5.

All 5 lunged towards him, he ran to ran well as fast as he could and made it though. Everyone stared at this.

"He deserved it" said Inu-Yasha.

"It was so cool having you guys here" said Sota.

"Thanks" said Sango.

"Hey Shippo." said Chibi-Usa.

"Yeah?" asked Shippo.

"I'll visit you sometimes." said Chibi-Usa who can go back and forth though time.

And so the three that can't go to the present and were still in the present went back in time. Everything was back to normal… except for the fact that once in a while Inu-Yasha was annoyed by ether Usagi or Minako wanting to touch his ears and also that Kagome began to study with Ami resulting in higher grades.

Weeks later in the feudal era Inu-Yasha realized something "Yeah I can kill Lonoki before he ever attacks" he said.

"I already talked to Setsuna about that she told to do something if you ever brought that up…" said Kagome.

"What is it?" asked Inu-Yasha.

"Sit! Sit! Sit! Sit! Sit! Sit! Sit! Sit! Sit! Sit! Sit! Sit! Sit! Sit! Sit! Sit! Sit! Sit! Sit!" yelled Kagome and Inu-Yasha kept on falling to the ground until he made a huge crater, "Never try to think about doing that again" she said with a hint of anger in her voice.

"All right…" said Inu-Yasha with a little fear in his voice.

The End.

I may or not do a prequel involving Lonoki, I have yet to decide but what for certain is this: I plan to write a One Piece/ Ranma 1/2 crossover next month and sometime before that a Ranma One Shot. Thank you for reading my fic!