He can't remember the day his heart became hers.

She was so beautiful. He couldn't describe the way her locks of red hair framed her perfectly rounded shoulders, or how her intense brown eyes often stared into his. Ginevra Weasley was the most wonderful creature in the world.

And she loved him back.

Of course, he was older than her, but Ginny had made it quite clear early on that age paid no matter and that she didn't care. That had made his heart soar to the stars-the exact feeling he had each time they kissed.

Oh, how he loved Ginny.

Although he wasa muggle-born, and she a pureblood, they found no line too great to pass, and did so in a carefree way. Months, wonderful months, were spent staring each other down lovingly and sneaking kissing in every hiding place imaginable.

It was like Heaven.

Only, he fell from the sky.

Reality hit like a sudden storm with lightning- his beloved Ginny was in love with the hero named Harry Potter.

And there was nothing he could do.

So, shrugging the tears away from his eyes, he lowered the knife and softly and silently knudged the knife onto his skin, relishing at the sight of red...

And Dean Thomas drained his sorrows away in the spilling of his own blood.

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