Babysitting Trix

A really screwed up story by me

Summary: Taking place before the whole incident with the Ring of Solaria and all those other televised incidents; the Trix Sisters need to raise money for their evil schemes. Icy, Darcy, and Stormy are desperate because as we all know, evil schemes aren't cheap. Then Icy finds an ad for a babysitting job and all the proverbial shit hits the fan.

Disclaimer: I own this story. I know I own this story because it's in a notebook dated 24, May 2005 and soon to be in my stories list. I just don't own the characters.

Chapter One: Desperation

Icy, Darcy and Stormy were sitting around their dorm room at Cloud Tower school for witches trying to find a job. They had run out of money two weeks ago and aside from necessary expenses their parents weren't sending any more. Besides that, none of the them knew how to do a money making spells. And even if one of the trio knew a money making spell the ingredients were too expensive.

"Here's something girls." Darcy announced. "The Hex café is looking for experienced waitresses too help with the evening shift."

"And have our classmates see us working?" Icy snapped her voice dripping with disdain. "Not a chance."

"Besides, even though it's a hot spot for witches, they want friendly, smiling employees." Stormy added. "No matter how destitute I get I swear I will never be a friendly smiling anything."

Darcy let out a snort adjusting her glasses. "We're hardly destitute, mom just doesn't think seeking the Dragon Flame is worthy of her funds. Everything else she sends money for."

"Then why not just use that on the spells to find the Dragon Flame?"

"Because we need to eat and maintain our power." Icy snapped. "Keep looking. There must be a job somewhere."

"How about this one?" Stormy asked circling an ad in orange hi-lighter and handing it to her blue haired sister.

"Hmm, needed immediately three responsible babysitters for three charming children ages seven, four and eighteen months."

"Why three if they're such charming kids?" Darcy asked skeptically. "It should only take one person to watch three kids."

"Who knows?" Stormy replied toying with a plum colored curl.

"Who cares? They're paying us seven dollars an hour each." Icy announced.

"Really? What's the address?"

"1313 Mockingbird LN. The lady is Ms. Emer Morrigan. And the number is…."

Darcy's eyes nearly fell out of her head. "Did you say Morrigan?"

"Yes I did Darcy," Icy's eyes narrowed. "Are you losing your hearing?"

"No, but I think our mother was in a coven with a lady named Emer Morrigan. She's a real sharp lady and a shape shifter."

"Is that so?"


"Well the, I suppose we'll have to try and learn some spells from her then eh?"


"Stormy, hand me the phone. We're getting ourselves a job."


Icy punched in the number and waited until a velvety sounding voice answered. "Hi, This is Icy Trix my sisters and I saw your ad in the paper and we're very interested."

"Do you have any prior experience?" The woman inquired.

"Well, kind of. We take care of an ogre from time to time."

"I see. Well, I guess that's close enough. Do you think you'd be able to come over for a small informal interview this afternoon? Say around two o'clock?"

"Yes of course."

"I'll see you then Icy. And I hope I'm not disappointed in you."

"Oh you won't be."

Both women hung up and Icy turned to her sisters. "This job is crucial to finding the Dragon Flame girls. Neither of you better screw it up."

Darcy and Stormy gulped audibly and began to make themselves look presentable for their interview.

I'm going to just leave it here like an evil cliffy and see what kind of feed back I get before I start working on a new chapter. If I get positive feedback, I'll start a new chapter. I really want to try out a Trix fic.