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Draco Malfoy was not having a very good day. He obviously did not know that he was going to be having a bad day as he woke up on the right side of the bed exactly the same way he had been doing for the past twenty two years of his life.

The moment he woke up, he felt extremely refreshed. He felt full of boundless energy and anyone who crossed his path was sure to be scared of the wide smirk that covered his face. But as he walked across his room towards the bathroom, his foot caught on the edge of a rug and he tumbled to the floor, his head smacking the ground. As he got off the floor, he rubbed his head and was mortified to find that he was bleeding. Horrified, he rushed into the bathroom to look in the mirror and sure enough, there was a tiny scratch along with a fresh bruise in the middle of his forehead. The scratch he could get rid of but not the bruise for sure. He scowled at his reflection as he proceeded to finish his morning pleasantries.

It was shortly after this that the second mishap occurred. As he got out of the shower, he reached towards the counter for a towel to wrap around himself. In doing so, he promptly slipped on the ground and landed flat on his bum. That hurt a lot.

Exactly twenty minutes later, Draco Malfoy stormed down the stairs of his manner into the dining room with an ugly scowl on his face. The bruise on his forehead was more pronounced now and seemed to be about the size of a galleon. He was walking very funnily as though he couldn't move his legs properly. He threw himself onto a chair at the table and yelped as waves of pain shot through his bum. Slamming his hand down on the table he yelled, "MOPSY! I want my breakfast!"

A house elf appeared to the side of Draco and snapping its fingers, a plate of hot eggs with strips of bacon appeared in front of him. A fork and knife appeared on one side of the plate while the Daily Prophet appeared on the other side. He grabbed the newspaper from the table and while opening it, reached for his fork. Unfortunately, he missed the fork and instead grabbed the scrambled eggs, which coincidentally happened to be scalding hot. He let out a very unmanly shriek and flung the eggs across the table as he nursed his tender hand.

The house elf, Mopsy, appeared mere seconds later and asked, "Is master alright?"

"Do I look alright?" he snapped staring down at his hand, which had an ugly red welt across it. When Mopsy cowered with fear, Draco scowled at it and snarled, "I'm fine." Without one word, he got up from the table and walked away muttering to himself that the world was out to get him today. He would have tried to fix the burn on his hand but he was never the one for healing spells or things of that sort. Besides if it left a scar, he could always make up a story about how he was attacked by a dragon and how he escaped with only a welt on his hand.

Scowling even more, he walked into his study and over to the fireplace. Unfortunately, he had to go to work today just like every other normal person. He could have lived rather comfortably off the fortune his parents had left him but it looked bad for his image. He didn't do anything very stressful in the least. He worked in the spells department. As silly as it sounded, it was a rather hard job. There were two parts to it. One part was filled with people who wrote the actual spells along with the explanation behind how it was supposed to work while the other department checked over all of the theory and actually performed the spell. Draco was in the latter. Throwing floo powder into the fireplace, he barely even flinched as green flames roared in his face. He muttered Ministry of Magic and disappeared.

Draco stepped out of the fireplace in a dignified manner rubbing nonexistent soot off his robes. His stomach growled a few seconds later reminding him how in his pain, he had completely forgotten to eat his breakfast. With an even more morbid scowl on his face he stalked over to the main desk of the Ministry of Magic, surrendering his wand over to the girl at the front so that she could register it in order to say that he had come in. It was a rather useless procedure in Draco's opinion. The girl nearly cried as he snatched it out of her hand a second after she had finished registering it. He didn't even hear when she started calling his name.

He opened a door at the far end of the ministry and took a set of stairs that was going down. It would take him at least ten minutes to get to his office as the ministry wanted all these new spells as heavily protected as possible until they could ensure that they would hurt no one. Ten minutes passed rather slowly and Draco cursed himself multiple times for ever wanting this job. As soon as he reached the door to his department, he saw a bright red paper on the front of the door. Peering at it, his scowl intensified even more. The office had been infested with rats so they had moved to another location on the sixth floor of the ministry until the problem had been resolved. Draco had been so caught up with this that he failed to notice that a rat was nibbling on his boots. He looked down and yelling loudly, kicked his foot out causing the rat to fly into a wall. It squeaked and ran away somewhere.

Draco kicked the door out of rage and quickly made his way to the sixth floor. He was going to be very late and his boss was not going to be happy.

Approximately fifteen minutes later, Draco made it to the sixth floor panting. He made a beeline straight for an empty desk and sat down on a chair cursing silently under his breath. Today was definitely not his day. He felt like murdering something. A thick stack of papers lay on the desk and just as he was about to look at them, a hefty looking woman stormed towards him and yelled, "MALFOY! WHERE ON EARTH HAVE YOU BEEN?"

Draco scowled at the woman and replied as calmly as he could, "No one informed me that the department had moved up here."

"That's not my problem is it?" she asked nastily sneering at him. Draco looked at her with a mildly disgusted look. She had a faint mustache above her upper lip and an abominable looking double chin and every time she spoke it would wobble back and forth reminding Draco of a turkey. He was shaken out of his reverie as the woman, who was his boss, yelled, "ARE YOU LISTENING TO ME, MALFOY?"

He nodded tearing his eyes away from her chin. "Good," she replied. Picking the papers off of the desk and shoving them into his hands, she said, "Your work for today. See to it that every last bit of it is finished. Only then will I let you go home." Draco watched with revulsion as she walked away. Looking down at the paper on top, he groaned out loud. He remembered what he was supposed to do today. Yesterday his boss had told him that he was to review a spell made by the one and only Hermione and Granger. He had completely forgotten about it until this very instant. And, to top that off, he was supposed to meet her for lunch to discuss it with her. He scowled and began rifling through the papers. Hopefully there was something wrong with the spell he thought nastily. That way he would be able to rub it in her face and make her cry. He was in desperate need of torturing someone and who better to torture than the know-it-all?"

Much to his dismay, he found nothing wrong with the spell, which made his day seem a lot worse than it already was. Obviously there was nothing wrong because she was Hermione Granger, the One-Who-Could-Do-No-Wrong. And secondly it was a rather elementary spell that she had created. It was plain to see that she had been asked to make this particular spell as Draco had been the one to proofread almost all of her spells. Most of the spells she created had to do with highly advanced magic such as bonding people together, highly effective protection spells, and things like that. But this one was the dumbest thing that he had ever seen. It was spell for growing strawberries on a wall. He could tell by the sharpness of her handwriting that she had not at all been very pleased to create something so juvenile and useless in Draco's opinion.

Sadly enough he would have to tell her that there was nothing wrong with the spell at all. It really did put a severe damper on his mood.

He looked up at the dingy looking clock that was hanging in the room and found that it was nearly 12 o'clock. Most of the other people he worked with were already gone for lunch. He grabbed his wand off the desk and stuffing Granger's notes into his robes began his walk down to the main floor of the ministry so that he could floo to Diagon Alley where he was supposed to meet her. One thing that he really liked about his job was that they gave out really long lunch breaks. Three and a half hours to be exact. The bad thing was that he was expected to be at work promptly at eight in the morning and was only allowed to leave after seven in the night.

Draco stepped towards the fireplace on the main floor of the ministry and throwing the floopowder into the fireplace, yelled, "Leaky Cauldron!" He stepped into the fireplace ignoring the thrilling sensation that he usually got every time he used the floo system. As he stepped out of the fireplace into the Leaky Cauldron, he saw a sudden motion through the corner of his eye. Without warning something catapulted into his stomach throwing him backwards onto his bum. He bit his tongue, not wanting to yell out in front of everyone. He tasted blood. He scowled angrily as he saw a small child push himself off of Draco's stomach. The child seemed oblivious to any damage he had done. As he shot past Draco, he bumped against a pitcher of butterbeer on the counter above Draco. Since Draco was in fact the unluckiest man alive, the pitcher fell onto his head, knocking him unconscious.

He woke up nearly half an hour later in a hard chair, feeling something cold being pressed to his forehead. A few seconds later, his forehead erupted in pain and giving out a spectacular yelp, fell out of the chair and onto the ground. Clutching his bottom, he whimpered as that too erupted in pain. He vaguely heard a sigh above him as a pair of arms carefully pulled him back onto the chair. "Malfoy, Malfoy, Malfoy."

He opened one eye only to see Hermione Granger peering at him with a pitiful expression on her face. She reached towards his forehead with something in her hand but he slapped her hand away before she got to him. Scowling at her he said, "Don't touch me."

She stared at him and replied with a faint smile on her face, "Your forehead's cut up though."

Draco scowled at her and said, "What's it to you?"

She frowned at him before leaning back in her chair. Hermione surveyed him for about ten seconds before she said, "Are you alright?"

"Do I look like I'm alright?"

"No," she stated simply.

"Ten points to Gryffindor!" replied Draco in an obnoxiously loud voice. He touched his forehead and winced. It wasn't bleeding for one thing but it hurt like hell.

"I would thank you but seeing as we're not in school anymore, it doesn't do me any good." She smiled brightly at him, showing him her uncannily straight and white teeth.

Draco stared at her not sure what to say in reply to that comment. Finally he said, "Are you alright, Granger?" Just to be rude he added, "I've always questioned your sanity but really, I think there is something wrong with you now."

She beamed at him and replied, "I am feeling fantastic today, Malfoy."

"Joy," he muttered, rolling his eyes at her.

"Would you like to hear why?"


"Well, I got up this morning to a phone call from my friend who lives in Greece. It turns out that she's pregnant and she wants me to be the godmother to her child!"

"Perhaps I should recommend your friend to a doctor I know. She must have lost her mind in deciding to name you the godmother of her child."

Hermione ignored him and said, "Then after that, I got a call from my mother who said that she found out that she has a half sister. I felt so happy for my mother." Hermione smiled even wider and said, "I have three more cousins now."

"I suppose that they are all horrible and ugly looking just like you," he spat.

"That's not all," replied Hermione with an elated look in her eyes. "I was promoted this morning."

Draco sat up ignoring the pain in his bum and asked, "To what?"

"Well, they call it a promotion but it really only gives me license to work on more complicated spells."

"Well that's fine and dandy," he snapped. As he looked at her face he noted to himself that she was glowing. "It seems as though my luck has been switched with yours for some odd reason." He threw her a nasty scowl.

She completely ignored him and replied, "Oh no, that's not possible. You see, on normal days I never have pitchers of butterbeer fall on my head or have little kids run into me. I'm never that clumsy. Sure I drop books on my foot once in a while but that's about it."

Draco stared at her, perplexed to no end by her odd behavior until he finally came to a conclusion. "Did Weasley proclaim his undying love for you?"

"Better he-" she cut off and stared at him, her cheeks growing slightly red. "That's none of your business, Malfoy!"

He sniffed at her and pulling her spell papers out of his robe threw them on the table. "Your spell."

She looked at the papers with a mildly bored expression and said, "Oh...the strawberry one."

"No errors at all but next time I suggest you choose something different to make a spell on."

"I didn't choose it," she replied thrusting the papers back at him. "My boss did. And I'm fairly certain that it was a spell that she was planning to use for herself." It was no secret that Hermione's boss loved strawberries. He brought strawberry juice to work, had strawberry ornaments all over his office, had a strawberry garden at his home, and even called his child strawberry. She coughed slightly and said, "It works though?"

"Do you really need to ask that?"

"I just wanted to hear you say it."

Draco scowled and replied, "You think you're so smart, eh?"

She smiled sweetly at him and stuck out her hand. "Once again Malfoy, thanks for the wonderful work." He took her hand in his and lightly shook it before dropping it. He stared at her as she flashed him a smile and exited the pub to Diagon Alley. She had thanked him for his wonderful work. Merlin, she was completely bonkers.

Draco looked down at his wrist to check the time. It was barely even one o'clock. He still had over two hours to kill. His grumbling stomach alerted him that he hadn't eaten anything since dinner the night before. So he made his way into Diagon Alley. As soon as he got tot he brick wall that led to Diagon Alley, he suddenly could not remember which bricks to tap. He could have asked someone in the pub which bricks to tap but he was already feeling overly humiliated so he was forced to wait until someone came through the wall for him to go.

Once in Diagon Alley, he settled himself at a cafe that was right next to Eeylops Owl Emporium. He began to wonder after a while if it really was wise to eat at a place so close to an owl shop. He got his answer a few seconds later when an owl flying overhead chose to relieve itself right onto his head.

Draco had a calm expression on his face as the people around him burst into laughter. He grabbed a napkin from the table and proceeded to wipe it off his head, trying to stay as cool as he possibly could. That was when he realized that there was something wrong with this whole situation.

He was not twenty two years old for one thing. Despite any inner desires he had to be younger, he definitely knew that he was not twenty two. He looked down at the napkin with the owl poop on it and watched with a frown as it disappeared. He threw the napkin onto the table and watched as the table faded away.

Draco knew for a fact that he did not work for any spell inventing department of the ministry. He was an Auror, which was a much more respectable job that reading over spells. He also knew that Hermione Granger would never have created a spell to make strawberries grow on walls. She hated strawberries.

Hermione Granger was not going out with Weasley either.

He also knew that no matter how bad a day could get, his day could never get as bad as he had dreamt it. He was never the recipient of so much bad luck. Perhaps a bad hair day here and there but apart from that, nothing else.

And he knew that he definitely did not have a house elf named Mopsy.

Diagon Alley started blurring in front of his very eyes until Draco could see nothing but the color grey. He blinked and realized what had happened. He was having one of those fully conscious dreams again. He hadn't had one in a while. In fact he had almost forgotten about them until now. The last time he had dreamt, he had seen Hermione and he had...kissed her. Draco felt warmth spreading throughout his body as he thought about her. She was as kind in dreams as she was in real life.

He blinked suddenly and found himself in an ice cream shop staring at the back of a head with very bushy hair. It was a little girl who barely came up to his waist. Draco looked around and raised an eyebrow. Shelves upon shelves were stacked with cartons of ice cream of different size, shape, and color. As he continued looking around trying to figure out what he was doing here, he felt a tug on the hem of his robes. He looked down and saw the little girl looking up at him with wide brown eyes.

"Excuse me sir, could you get me that green carton up there?" she asked in a high voice. Draco looked where she was pointing and sighed. It was one of the cartons all the way at the top of the shelf. Knowing that this was a dream and that he could do anything in dreams, he lifted his hand towards the carton and smirked as it shot off the shelf and into his out stretched hand. He handed it to the little girl and managed to give her a weak sort of half smile.

Just as he turned around, he felt something cold smack the back of his head. Draco slowly turned around, eyes narrowed and a scowl on his face. The little girl was staring at him with an unseemly wicked smile plastered onto her face, her frizzy hair sticking up. He couldn't believe that a mere child like this girl would ever do something as vile as what she had just done. That was when he saw a slight glint in her brown eyes and he knew that she was going to throw more at him. He ducked just in time.

Cartons of ice cream flew off the shelves to her side as scoops of ice cream threw themselves at Draco without any of her help. She laughed as a glob of ice cream smashed into his nose. Draco felt his heart stop right there. He knew that laugh. Even if it was a child's laugh he knew whose laugh it was.

"Granger?" He asked tentatively, watching as her eyes narrowed at him. "...Hermione?"

He watched as the child began to grow from a child of about four to a girl about twelve years old. "Do I know you?" she asked with a slightly nasty edge to her voice.

Draco stared at her for he had never heard her use a tone like that when they were younger. "Yes, you do."

She looked at him with a calculating look in her eyes. "You look kind of like this one nasty boy at my school."

Draco nearly scowled at her but said, "Draco Malfoy?"

Her eyes widened as she heard his name. "I..." She suddenly began to grow again. This time she seemed to be in her early twenties. She squinted at him and asked, "Malfoy?" He nodded. "You look so...old."

Draco scowled at her this time and snapped, "I'm not old you bint, I'm..." He trailed off and shook his head. He didn't want to argue with her right now. Walking up to her, he grabbed a hold of her shoulders and shaking her slightly said, "Granger, it's me, Draco. I need you here right now." He looked into her eyes and when he saw nothing familiar in them, he took a chance as slowly placed his lips on top of hers.

Nothing happened for the first second or two but after that, he felt her lips grow warmer. Pulling away, he let go of her arms and watched as her face grew sharper and her hair grew tamer. He reached towards her but pulled away at the last second.

She watched him, holding her breath. "Draco?" she asked timidly. He nodded, a smirk forming on his face as he took a step towards her. She stepped away from him with an unreadable expression on her face. "How do I know that this isn't a dream...that-that I'm not just making this up?"

Draco gave her a half smile and said, "You're staying at Charles's house, aren't you?" She nodded. "They had some British guests over for lunch and you escaped from wherever you were and gave them a message to find me."

She looked at him doubtfully and replied, "I know all this already, Draco."

He immediately took her face in his hands and pressed his lips to hers in a heart stopping kiss that left her breathless. When he pulled away, he smirked softly and asked, "Was that real enough for you?"

"I suppose so." She looked straight into Draco eyes marveling at how pretty they were, for a lack of a better word. She knew his eyes if nothing else. Even if she had despised him before, his eyes were always pleasing to look at. She knew without a doubt now that this was real for when she dreamt his eyes had always been just a plain grey that did him no justice at all.

Draco rubbed his thumb across her cheek and smirking, asked softly, "Just one question. How did you find your way around that place if you can't see a thing?"

Hermione stared at him with a frown on her face. "I-I'm not blind anymore, Draco." His jaw dropped slightly and she said, "Your father cured me."

"Don't call him that," he snapped. "He is no father of mine."

"I know," she replied softly, touching his face. They stared at each other perfectly content with where they were for once in their lives. Even if it was in dreamland, it was heaven.

"I still don't know what he wants with me."

"You're still in the library?"

She nodded. "The window is now barricaded by magic resistant metal," she said sourly.

"For what?" he asked bewildered.

"Well, I'm guessing that it was my accidental magic that shattered it in the first place then I jumped out of the window and escaped using a spell I learned from one of the books."

Draco snorted and said, "Once a Gryffindor, always a Gryffindor."

Hermione punched his arm and said, "The strange thing is that he-your father- wasn't angry at all. In fact he told me that he wanted me to learn more things."

Draco frowned and asked, "He hasn't done anything...funny to you?"

"No. Nothing except forcing me to eat when I wasn't hungry but that's all."

He looked at her with a puzzled look on his face and finally said, "I think he wants you to find something for him."

"That's wonderful except for the fact that he didn't tell me what I was supposed to be looking for." Hermione sighed and said, "I just want all of this to be over, Draco."

He rolled his eyes and replied, "So do I." He frowned and asked, "By the way, where are Potter and Weasley?"

She bit her lips and said, "No idea. They should have been back by now. Perhaps they decided to prolong their trips." Sighing, she looked Draco in the eyes and asked, "What now?"

He gazed at her steadily and shrugged. "I don't even know what he wants with us."

"He wants to hurt you, for one thing," Hermione said quietly. "Perhaps he views your fighting for the Light side during the war as betrayal of some sort." She placed a hand on his cheek and said, "He knows you very well Draco. He knows that with me gone you are hurting."

He looked down at her with cold eyes and said, "This isn't fair. Nothing us ever fair any more." Draco took her hand and said, "Mother, my aunt, and I, we'll figure out a way for you to escape from there. Stay alert for anything that comes your way, will you?"

She nodded and asked, "Are you leaving now?"

He shrugged and replied, "I don't know...I don't want to if that says anything."

Hermione smiled widely at him and said, "You're too kind." She pressed her lips to his then pulling away and asked, "How are you doing this?"


"Finding me in your dreams."

Draco's grey eyes darkened as he replied, "I haven't the faintest idea. My aunt doesn't believe me though."

Hermione raised an eyebrow. Draco could already see the gears turning in her head as she tried to figure it out. "Have you tried it on her or your mother?"

Draco gave her an odd look and said, "No. I never thought about that."

"Try reaching out to them." Hermione patted his cheek and said, "I'll try and find out as much information about it as I can. After all, I am living in a library."

Draco nodded as she pulled away from him. "When should I try to reach you?"

Hermione rolled her eyes and replied, "At the manor, they have an unbelievably stupid rule. Every single light in the house goes off at nine o'clock and everyone must be up by six. Any time between then should be fine."

When he saw a bitter gaze come across her face he asked, "What?"


"Tell me."

Her cheeks grew slightly red. "At nine o'clock my body gets stuck to the bed and I cannot get out of it until six the next morning." Draco started laughing only stopping when she cuffed the side of his head. She sniffed at him and said, "Now, since you obviously have some work to do, would you mind transporting me back to erm..."

"Your own dream world?" he asked.

"Yes. I'd prefer some place exotic if you could manage it."

Draco turned to her with a smirk on his face and kissing her on the tip of her nose said, "Exotic it is."