1Ash took a deep breath. He knew that Parker was beginning to lose his mind, and he would eventually have to dispatch of him as he had to do to all those he cared about. Peter was sweating buckets on the bed, he seemed to be in a state of deep hallucination, screaming incomprehensibly about his Uncle, his Aunt but mainly Mary Jane. Peter wanted Mary Jane beside him more than he wanted to live. Ash sighed, he brought this upon the world. It was foolish to believe that he and this kid had a chance of repenting his greatest sin. What good would Osbourne's cash do now? Ash took a bullet and loaded it into his shotgun, which in brighter times he called his boomstick.

"I'm sorry son, I've failed you and everyone." He was going to relieve Peter of his suffering and then realize he had all ways been a coward and end his own.

"Mary Jane- Where is she?!" Peter got violent again and jumped out of bed. The black suit sprung to life again and he pounced out the window, but not before Ash grabbed onto his leg.

"Where the hell are you going costume kid?!"

"Mary Jane! Where is she?!" He swung and swung vigorously into the darkness.

"Where the hell is she?!"

"Get a grip! She's not coming back to you like this !"Ash hung onto the leg with his dear life. The shotgun lay in the leather holster, the round still in it.

"Get off! I can't find her!"

"She's gone! You let her go!" Peter had heard enough, he grabbed Ash and began to strangle him on the side of a building. Ash thought fast and took his good hand and plunged it into one of the eye holes on the costume. As if by black magic the costume expanded and began to cover Ash's hand and pulled in.

"AHHHH!!" Intense pain unlike any Ash had suffered before, it pulled in mercilessly. Peter seemed to come to a bit of sense and released Ash from the grip of the black goo and grabbed him in the strangle hold again.

"I'm sorry Ash, I have to kill you! I have to find Mary Jane. There's no good left worth defending." Ash smiled his equiptment strapped to his back fell to the side.

"Good, Bad, I'm the guy with the gun!" and with that Ash fired into Peter's torso. He winced in pain and let Ash fall to his certain death below, but Ash wouldn't die. Harry Osbourne swooped in on his father's glider and grabbed him.

"Look's like I came in the nick of time" Harry donned the Goblin suit but he did not wear the mask that concealed his identity and gave him his ominous nature. Ash didn't know what to think, here was someone who was a murderer and who went mad.

"Let go of me! Drop me for all I care!"

"Oh no, we've both done too much wrong and now we have to make things right."