Girl next door

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Authors Note: I know that Matt is three years older than Jeff, but this is a AU fic where Matt and Jeff are TWIN brothers--with nothing else in common--except for the fact that they are both seniors in high-school. Enjoy!

As Jeff opened the front door to his house, he couldn't help but furrow his eyebrows slightly as the sound of grown men chanting "Var-si-ty, Var-si-ty" hit him in the face.

"What the hell?"

After sitting his book-bag down on the ground, he quickly made his way towards the direction in which the sound was coming from and after doing so, he just as quickly changed his facial expression from one of confusion to one of surprise as he came face to face with his father, uncle, and brother Matt standing in the living room, screaming their lungs out at, what Jeff guessed, was his brother's big news.

"Var-si-ty, Var-si-ty!" Matt continued to yell, causing the older men to chant along with him as well, until they each--one by one--noticed that they weren't the only ones in the room anymore, "Jeff! You're never going to believe it. The coach says that I've gained enough weight over the summer that I can finally start Varsity next week--I finally made it, man! Woo!"

Even though he wasn't as big of afootball fanas his father and uncle were, Jeff couldn't help but smile--knowing that this was Matt's big moment to shine. "That's great, bro. I guess all those nights of pigging out on ding-dongs and ho's-ho's until three o'clock in the morning finally paid off for you, huh?"

Knowing that Jeff was just messing with him caused Matt to chuckle a little before excitedly replying: "Yeah, I guess it did--but I'm going to go and call Amy now. I can't wait to tell her the news. She's going to flip!"

After watching on proudly as his oldest son--by three seconds--quickly made his way up the stairs to his room, Gilbert Hardy turned his attention towards his youngest son and outwardly replied that he guessed this news caused for some sort of celebration. "I think I'll skip putting some burgers and fries on the grill and make your boy's favorite for dinner--Macaroni Casserole."

Mmm... Just the sound of the words Macaroni Casserole made Jeff's stomach growl.

Hopefully by the time Matt gets finished stuffing his face with it, there will still be enough left over for me to grab some, as well.

With that thought in mind, Jeff casually asked: "Do you need any help in the kitchen? I finished most of my homework during school, so it wont be a problem."

After jokingly commenting that that wouldn't be necessary since his brother-in-law had already volunteered to offer his services, Gilbert continued with: "But if you really want to help, I'd appreciate it if you took some of those paper plates we have in the kitchen over to our new neighbors across the street. I promised Mrs. Stratus that I'd bring a couple over for her and her daughter sometime later today."

Even though he felt that to be an odd request, Jeff outwardly agreed to do the favor before making his way into the kitchen to get the plates and then a minute later making his way back towards the outside of his house; trying to inwardly figure out where he was when his new neighbors had moved in.

They either moved in over the weekend while Matt and I were at our grandparents or earlier today while we were both still in school.

With that thought in mind, Jeff quickly began his trek across the street. But interestingly enough, as soon as he placed one foot inside his neighbor's yard, he suddenly froze in place; deciding that he had been wrong before.

They defiantly must've moved here sometime today 'cause I defiantly would've remembered seeing her in school today--hell, the entire school would've.

As if feeling someone staring at her, the petite blonde--who was sitting on the porch in front of Jeff--looked up from the book she had been reading; surprised when she noticed the stranger standing just a few feet in front of her. "Can I help you?"

After completely snapping out of his thoughts, Jeff pointed a blind finger towards the bag of plates he had brought over from his house. "I live across the street. My dad sent me over to drop off these plates for you and your mom."

As if he had said something funny, the female in front of him instantly started laughing before outwardly replying: "Oh yeah. Your dad came over earlier and my mom mentioned to him that she was hoping to make our first night here special by cooking a big meal, but unfortunately none of our plates would be arriving until tomorrow, so he offered to bring us over some--I'm surprised that he remembered."

Knowing that if she had said that to anyone else, they would've outwardly replied "I'm glad he did," caused Jeff to open his mouth to do the same. But fortunately before he could embarrass himself, the petite blonde spoke up once again: "Oh sorry, I don't know where my manners went. My name's Trish."

"Jeff..." Jeff outwardly replied, while shaking the hand that Trish had extended to him. "It's nice to meet you."

"It's nice to meet you as well," Trish cheerfully replied back, before quickly turning around as the door behind her swung open and an older woman carrying a small baby appeared.

This must be her mom and sister.

"Hey Trish, I'm-" The older woman began, but after seeing Jeff on her porch she instantly stopped in mid-sentence. "Oh sorry, I didn't realize we had company."

Before her mom could disappear back into the house, Trish quickly replied: "Mom, it's okay. This is Jeff--he came by to drop off the plates that Mr. Hardy promised us."

As if she had just been watching her daughter do the same movements a few minutes ago, Mrs. Stratus let out a small laugh--which Jeff instantly noticed wasalmost identicalto her daughters. "Oh, I had almost forgotten about's a pleasure to meet you."

"The pleasure's all mine." Jeff politely commented, while watching on as Trish stood up; taking the gurgling baby out of her mother's arms.

"You're heading off to work now?"

"Yeah, I don't have to be there until six, but I'm not sure how bad the traffic will be so I want to leave now just in case I get stuck on the highway for a while." The older woman responded back, before turning her attention back towards Jeff and outwardly telling him that it was nice meeting him again. "Once everything is moved into the house, you and the rest of your family are more than welcome to come over for dinner sometime, okay?"

If you knew how much my brother ate, I betyou wouldn't be saying that. Jeff inwardly thought to himself before outwardly replying: "We look foreword to it" and then afterwards watching on as Mrs. Stratus said one final good-bye and then proceeded to get into her car; making her way out of the driveway a few seconds later.

"Well, I guess that just leaves you and me tonight, kiddo. What should we do...paint our nails, do our hair, or stay up until midnight watching old Disney movies?"

As the little girl in Trish's arms started happily gurgling, Jeff couldn't help but zero in on the smile that Trish was wearing on her face. It defiantly could break a few guys hearts.

Especially mine if I keep standing here watching her.

With that thought in mind, Jeff quickly cleared his throat before outwardly replying that Trish's sister looked just like her; a comment which made the female furrow her eyebrows in confusion before outwardly retorting: "Oh, she's not my sister--I'm an only child. This is my daughter, Allison...Allison, meet Jeff--he's our new neighbor."

As Allison began to happily gurgle once again, Jeff couldn't help but widen his eyes in surprise--afterwards trying to hide his shock by putting on a fake smile.

"It's nice to meet you, Allison...unfortunately, I have to cut our conversation short 'though cause I need to start getting home. I have a lot of homework to do."

"Oh." Trish slowly replied, with--if Jeff had been paying close attention, he would've noticed--a small hint of disappointment in her voice. "I guess we'll see you later then?"

While handing the plates--he had brought over--to the petite blonde and giving the little girl in her arms one last look, Jeff mentally wondered what could've been, before outwardly replying: "With how small this town is, you'll defiantly be seeing me later."

A comment which caused Trish to slightly chuckle before waving good-bye as her and Allison watched on as Jeff turned around and walked back to his house; interestingly enough never turning back around as he did so.

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