Helping hand

Highsmith-Rainey Memorial Hospital

Almost an hour after finding out that his youngest son had been involved in a dirt-bike accident, Gilbert Hardy found himself entering a deadly silent waiting room; where Matt, Amy, and Trish were seated surrounded by Mark and Glenn Jacobs; the owners of the race track that Jeff frequented every now and then on the weekends.

"Hey...any word yet?"

After taking a second to stand up and hug his dad, Matt outwardly replied that the doctor had just come out to see them, "He said while Jeff only suffered a minor concussion-due to the fact that he was wearing his helmet, at the time of the accident-he's still going to need surgery on his right shoulder and physical therapy for the next couple of months afterwords."

Shit... Gilbert commented to himself; knowing full well that the insurance company would probably only pay for a small portion of Jeff's medical bills-leaving him to pay, not only, for the majority of the hospital bills but also for the entirety of Jeff's physical therapy bills, as well. I guess I'm going to have to look for a second job to cover that and the rest of the mortgage until Jeff gets back on his feet again.

As if reading his thoughts, Mark spoke up for the first time since Gilbert stepped into the waiting room, saying: "If it's okay with you, Mr. Hardy, me and my brother would like to help you pay for anything the insurance company doesn't pick up while Jeff's in the hospital. Usually we have all of the racers sign agreement clauses saying that we're not liable for any injuries they get while their on the track. But seeing as how Jeff's brought in a lot of business these last couple years since he's been racing there and also has helped us out a lot around the track during the weekends, we would really like to help him out anyway that we can...if that's okay with you, that is."

Although Gilbert was never one to take charity from anybody, knowing that anything the two men were willing to offer him right now would be-as his late wife called it-a blessing in disguise caused Gilbert, after thinking about it for a second, to quickly take both Mark and Glenn up on their offer.

"As long as you're sure it wont set you two back none."

"Don't worry, it wont," Glenn piped up, from the couch where he looked to be going over his books right now; probably-Gilbert assumed-to make sure that they did in fact have enough money to cover Jeff's expenses with, "Just send us over any bills they send you and we'll cover it and the ones for Jeff's physical therapy."

After saying a grateful "will do," Gilbert turned his attention back to his other son asking if he had been in to see Jeff yet.

"Not yet..they said we can after they move him into a private room-but that could take a while so can I borrow your car to take Trish home and get me a change of clothes, as well? I should be back in an hour or two."

Figuring that there was no way Matt would let Jeff spend the night alone in a hospital room caused Gilbert-without even arguing about it-to toss his eldest son his keys; afterwords asking him to bring Jeff back a set of night clothes as well. "Something tells me your brother might not want to sleep in just a hospital gown tonight."

After smirking slightly at this comment, Matt asked Trish and Amy if they were ready to go-and after the two girls told Mr. Hardy they'd be back tomorrow to check on Jeff-they quickly followed Matt out of the waiting room; leaving the three grown ups alone to wait patiently.

Something tells me this is going to be a very long night

Sorry this was such a short chapter-the next ones will be longer, I promise.