A/N: Yes, a humor from me, Miss Queen of Depressing (again, kidding). Run for your lives! Heh. A friend gave me this idea…and I so ran with it. Hope you enjoy it!

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Ratings: G

Genre: Humor (for once…)

Warnings: Nothing…

Main Characters: Kyou, Kazuma

Additional Notes: Yeah…I'm so not a good cook…

Macaroni Box

"Shishou? What are you doing?"

"Hmm?" Kazuma looked up from the bowl he was poking at to see Kyou's furrowed frown. "Oh…nothing really Kyou."

"The why is the kitchen filled with smoke—black smoke—again?"

The dojo master laughed uneasily, scratching the back of his head. "Oh yes, well…that." Kyou, his arms crossed over his chest, frowned. "I forgot… After all, they put the pesky directions on the side of the box, and then they tell you to cook it! It's impossible to read them after you've cooked them…"

"What are you talking about?" The cat shook his head, shoved Kazuma away from the bowl, and looked in. "What the hell? What is it?"

Kazuma smiled awkwardly as his student poked the bluish-black rubbery mush in the bowl. "Yes well, I never was good at making macaroni…"


A/N: Yes, short. This story is the meaning of a drabble—though I've seen shorter. (I mean that in the fact that it's really short!) I thought it was funny…so I thought I'd post it for you guys! But in return, I'd like some reviews!