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"thoughts" flashbacks regular


Ano um or huh(hesitation)

Iie no

Hai Yes

Arigatou Thank you

Ma Well

Nezumi Rat/Mouse

Kuso Damn

Neko Cat

Hentai Pervert

Baka Idiot

Ittekimasu I'm leaving(said from someone leaving)

Itterasshai Take care(said to someone leaving)

Kawaii Cute

Konnichiwa Hello

Oi Hey

Inu dog

Sumimasen I'm sorry/excuse me

Gomen/Gomen nasai I'm sorry

Jyuunishi Zodiac

Mononoke Monster/Demon

Usagi Bunny/Rabbit

Onigiri Rice ball

Tatsu Dragon

Nani What?

Sugoi Wow

Wilted Flower

Chapter One: Prologue-Aichmophobia

"The fear of needles."

Bird's chirped outside the Sohma god's window, their musically lilting notes, floating through the air, breaking the prolonged silence. One small, pure white bird flew down onto Akito's outstretched fingers where she was resting by the open doorway. The god (goddess?) opened her eyes and brought the perched bird closer to her. Surprisingly, it stayed. "It must trust me," Akito thought. "Unlike my beloved Jyuunishi… Iie, they do not trust me. But it's to be expected… Their minds have been poisoned by that mononoke, Honda Tohru."

A cool breeze blew into the room, causing Akito's dark coal hair to tousle. There was a soft, weak sigh and her pale hand reached over to brush it back, causing the startled bird to fly off. She pulled her kimono tighter against her body. You could see Akito's breath in the air: a small wispy puff standing out from the cold.

Her dark eyes darted over to the small bell chime near her futon. Hatori had ordered the maids to install it for an emergency or when Akito needed him. Slowly, Akito willed herself to stand. She limped over to the futon and slumped down in its softness. Then she rang the bell.

Less than a minute later, Hatori knocked on the door and slid it open, sitting down on his legs a small distance away from Akito and placing his medical bag next to him. He had been moved to the office next to Akito's room so that the god could be "properly cared for."

"You called, Akito?"

The god turned around. A dark smile was spread across her features. "Come here my beloved tatsu." Akito outstretched her thin arms, beckoning Hatori to come to her. Gingerly, Hatori rose and walked over to her. His footsteps softly echoed over the wooden floor. He sat down on his legs beside Akito and waited.

Akito smiled, knowing that Hatori would do anything for her. "Come closer," she teased. Hatori shifted his eyes to the floor and scooted closer. "Hai…"

The god carefully sat up on her knees and wrapped her arms around Hatori's neck, draping herself over him. (This happened in the 10 book….at da summer home….Akito was all hanging ovr Hatori….ugh….:shudders: u also c Akito climbing on2 Shigure's lap earlier…..sorry had 2 tell u guys….) She brought her lips close to his ear. "Hatori," she said icily, "New Years is coming up. All the important people are invited. Since Tohru Honda seems to be…important to you all, let's invite her." Hatori immediately froze. His eyes lowered and he closed them. He didn't want to bring Tohru into this, but Akito would make him. His hand brushed against his left eye unconsciously.

Akito saw this movement and knew she had won. "Hai, Hatori," she said, looking at the doctor's tired features with some amount of pleasure at his carefully covered distress. "You'll carry out my request…won't you?"

Hatori really looked older than he was as he closed his eyes wearily and opened his mouth to reply. "Akito…is it really necessary--" :THUD: Akito roughly shoved Hatori onto the wooden floor. Her eyes burned of anger. "Hatori! You DARE to disobey me! Are you going to turn against me like the rest! Well ARE you! ANSWER ME!" Akito screamed.

Hatori sat on the floor wide eyed. Akito raised a hand to slap him, but it was only when the god began to cough violently and lower her hand, that Hatori sighed and stood up. He walked over to his medical bag and withdrew a small needle. "Don't-put-that-thing-in-my-body," Akito hissed venomously. Hatori ignored her and sat next to her with the needle.

"It'll help, Akito," he assured. He raised the needle to her arm and pierced the skin. Akito's eyes narrowed. A few minutes later, Akito had calmed down and the coughing had stopped. Hatori had situated himself behind Akito on the futon as she leaned back and sat on his lap, resting her head against his shoulder.

"Hmmm…" Akito said. "While you're at it, maybe you can bring that neko mononoke to the banquet too, to see what he's been missing. He can sit in a corner by himself, such a disgusting thing. Or maybe…the pain would be worse if he was to be left alone at Shigure's while even that baka Tohru-san got invited?" Hatori remained silent, knowing his opinion was not needed and Akito would decide on her own. Besides, Hatori really didn't want anything to do with her devious such plans like this. "Iie…bring him too. I can have a talk with him while you're at it …So you will obey my order. Bring Honda Tohru-san and Kyo on that day…" There was a heavy, worn-out sigh from the doctor and his aura radiated weariness, resignation, and pain. "Hai…"


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