Here's the first chapter of the sequel to Invincible, Athena.

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Chapter 1: Not My Kellie

Zuko stood at the bow of his ship, staring at the sea. How he hated it. But it hadn't always been this way. Why, just two months ago, a 12-year-old girl had made him love the ocean. It's peacefulness, it's calm, it's serenity, now it made him sick.

Ever since Kellie had disappeared from his arms while he had slept, Zuko had been even angrier, and far more dangerous. All simply because he missed a child…

Why do I even care about her? She was a mere child! Zuko questioned himself.

Why? Because, for the first time in two years, she made you smile. She made you happy, her laugh was like dying and going to Heaven…

Stop it! She was a mere pawn to capture the Avatar that slipped through my fingers like grains of sand!

No she wasn't. You know what she meant to you. And what she still means to you.

"Still miss her, Prince Zuko?" Zuko turned around to see his Uncle Iroh standing next to him, also staring at the sea.

"I don't miss her, uncle. I don't even remember her name." Zuko said without expression.

You liar. You search for an excuse to say her name, especially after that first night, when you said her name. Kellie.


"Well, I'm not so sure about that. But if you truly care, if you truly want to see her again, then the opportunity to see her will come before you know it." And with that sentiment locked in Zuko's mind, Iroh went below deck, leaving his nephew to contemplate what he had just said.

What did he mean? If I wanted to see her again, the opportunity to see her again would have came two months ago, when she first disappeared!

A single tear slid down Zuko's cheek, unnoticed, and into the ocean, to show just how much he missed Kellie.

"What's this? The Prince of the Fire Nation, the Nation close to victory, crying?" A female liquid voice sounded from the water below.

Zuko looked down, and saw a blue mermaid with purple wings that sprang up from the water, looking up at him.

"Who, what are you?" Zuko demanded.

"Me? I am Kierra, Goddess of the Water," the mermaid introduced herself.

"What? But how could you have a body? You're still a sprite!" Zuko exclaimed. Kierra still hadn't let the world know she had matured.

"Ah, yes. I WAS a sprite, up until two months ago, when a young girl, no older than 12, allowed me to mature." The Goddess explained.

"Who was the child?" Zuko asked, suspicious.

"I'm surprised you don't know the answer yourself. After all, she was on your ship for a month and a half." Kierra replied simply. Zuko stared at her, then one name escaped his lips.


"Very good! Prince Zuko! You figured it out!" Kierra said, clapping her hands, and sarcasm bleeding in her voice.

Zuko looked at the Goddess.

"You miss her, don't you, Prince Zuko?" Zuko could only nod.

"Well, I can help. I can send you to her." Zuko was dumbfounded.

"REALLY!" Zuko was ecstatic.

"Yes, really. Just close your eyes, and let me do the rest. And when you get there, tell Kellie I miss her." Then Kierra began to sing a song in a language long since lost, even to the Great God, and Zuko closed his eyes. The ancient words flowed through him as he felt a whirlwind of sensations as his body was sent across space and time.

Zuko opened his eyes and looked around. The room was white, with a white cabinet, a bunk bed, a small bookshelf, a tiger, and there was someone sitting in the chair a few feet away from him.

The girl appeared to sense Zuko's presence and turned around. She screamed. She got out of the chair and looked at Zuko. Zuko scanned the girl, and felt heartbroken.

This wasn't his Kellie.

Whoever this girl was, her hair was too long to be Kellie's. And was that, purple in one of the front bangs? Also, her skin wasn't pale. It was dotted with freckles. She was also too tall to be Kellie.

"Who are you and how'd you get into my room?" The girl demanded. Her voice was too deep to be Kellie's. Zuko felt his world come crashing down.

This was not his Kellie.

But something, in the way the girl demanded his name, felt vaguely familiar. He couldn't place it.

"Well?" The girl put her hands on her hips. Zuko suddenly recognized her.

"K-k-Ke-" But Zuko couldn't spit out the name, because the girl charged at him, punched him in the good eye, and everything went black.

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