Whole-wheat Bread

"Chicken with cucumber, Tomato, mustard and ketchup or eggs with cress," Hannibal declared without showing if he liked it or not.

"And all this on whole-wheat bread?" Murdock sounded clearly disappointed. "I thought we were getting something from Hamburger Heaven."

Face smiled. "Well, it's no salmon, but it should be alright."

"C'mon on guys. You told me to prepare food, I prepared food." Amy stood in the middle of her living room, had her hands stemmed to the hips and looked at the four men.

"Not even butter or mayonnaise," Murdock went on.

"What do you guys think, I'm eating? I have a figure to maintain. When you are organising food, it's always Hamburger or Hotdog, now I prepared food and I prepared what I think is just right."

"The sister is right, man," BA now interfered. "It's good food, it's healthy."

"Sure you also have a figure to maintain," Murdock mocked. BA just growled at him and clenched his ringed fist.

Hannibal shrugged. He took a chicken sandwich and started eating. He just ate without showing whether he found it tasty or not. Amy wondered if the Colonel had any physical desires at all, except for cigars. He was possibly just taking in food, because it was necessary to subsist.

Face sighed and also started eating a chicken sandwich. BA took a plate and put two sandwiches on it. Amy smiled at him and the muscle- and gold-packed man smiled back at her.

"Not too bad, Amy," Hannibal suddenly said between two bites. "Could get used to it."

Murdock still looked suspicious at the healthy sandwiches.

"Eat, foo'," BA ordered him. "Junk food just makes ya' brain mellow. Amy's food only can do ya' good." He washed down a mouthful of food with a good swallow of milk.

Murdock pulled a face and took an egg sandwich. "The next time I'm organising food."

"What'll we get than? Frozen hotdogs?" Amy grinned sarcastically.

"Come, sit down Amy," Hannibal suggested. "If you're not hurrying to eat, BA will have finished all your nice sandwiches." Amy flopped onto the couch between BA and Hannibal.

BA overheard the comment, while he ate his second sandwich.

"Whole-wheat bread," Murdock started again. "This will upset my digestion, I think. My stomach isn't made for such kind of food."

"Murdock is right," Face agreed.

BA chuckled. "What man, ya afraid to let rip in your expensive suit?"

Hannibal tried to hold back a grin, but Face watched him.

"Hey what's so funny?" Face complained.

"Don't ask me, Lieutenant. I'm shitting like a clockwork anyway, unlike others in this room." Hannibal gazed to him and Murdock. His smile had turned into a toothy grin and BA could barely hold back laughter.

"You guys are really funny. You're not the ones who have to do with all these society people. If I would wear a green rubber suit and look ugly anyway, I also wouldn't care about what I'm eating."

"Sometimes I really wish I would have hired someone with manners at that time," Amy muttered while chewing.

Hannibal laid an arm around her shoulders. "That's all part of the jazz, kid. enjoy."

Amy rolled her eyes in mild annoyance and a sonorous laughter filled the room.