Don't Own Naruto! I Just love it!

A few words first:

Warning! This is just for the fic Village of Angels and is not meant to be applied in life although I based it on some of the beliefs me and some other people along with some animes. So if you really watch a lot then you'll notice a few similarities.

In life, each person has a dream

A dream that defines our lives and gives us a sense of purpose

A dream that we share with those that are close and precious to us

There are times that we forget what price we pay for our dreams

For in our path sometimes we break the dreams of others

In our wake we leave people that are robbed of life and hope

But for those whose dreams are broken a challenge arises

To stand up and pick up oneself and be new person

To overcome what ever is hurled at thee

Like a thunder god rising from the underworld to reclaim his throne

That is what it is like to pick up the pieces of an old life

To find a new meaning, to meet new people and help make other's dreams come true

In our path renewal let us remember that we are there for we have learned

Learned from the mistakes of the past and avoid repeating them

For if we do not learn from our path then we are not worth anything

Since we are only copies of those that once lived in the path

We are no longer what we are meant to be, a human being

Each of us is not meant to follow a foretold path

Each of us follow a path that we chose, to say that it is fate is a blasphemy

For if it was fate then, then why give a person the ability to think for himself and decide

We are humans, we are the ones that are able to think and become better

If we do not think and fix ourselves we will never grow and become what we were meant to be

We have the will to think, we have the will to decide for we are humans

It is merely a test of how well one's will is

It is shown in the choices that we make

What is easy is not always right

What is fun is not always right

To test one's will is to see what is wrong in oneself and try at least to change

May it be in one's choices or attitudes

From being a lazy person that avoids responsibility now one welcomes it

When one sees himself in the hospital he does not break or cry

For there is always a chance at life no matter how one sees it

It is just a matter of how one lives it

You can die and run, but you'll never get what you want

If you stay and fight despite the pain and the tears you will see one thing as you lift your head

"You are strong" some one will say as you see then sun rise

It is easier to live and survive the storm rather than help it destroy or run from it and hide from it

End Notes

This is one of the backbones of the Village of Angels rewrite. You can comment on the reviews if you want, but don't expect a response in the form of physical alterations of this. Although I will apply most of your comments and suggestion to the fic itself instead.

Sorry, If the rewrite is going crazy. I won't be able to work on it as much as I want since I have tighter schedule with my studies now that last term.