Chapter VII: I Do, I Do, I Do

Roy Mustang's Apartment


Who really cares what time it is?

Riza rolled over and into something warm and hard. Opening one eye carefully she saw Roy looking down at her. Instantly she did a physical check. Hairclip yes, sweater yes, pants yes, shoes no, gun… where was her gun? Wait why did that matter so much.

"Well I can see you're awake now, I had no idea you were such a late sleeper." Roy stated with a laugh. Riza sat up slowly her head wasn't hurting anymore, that was a good sign.

"What happened? It's all sort of a blur."

"We ate and you fell asleep, and you kept on babbling on and on about how much you were in love with me, and that's pretty much it, but the night isn't over yet." Roy was grinning from ear to ear. Riza glared at him.

"That wasn't it was it? What ever we did it has to be against the rules! No! Your skirt chasing has gone too far!" Riza stood up and practically ran to the door. Roy grabbed her arm, just as she opened the door.

"Hawkeye, if you walk out that door I'll file this as fraternization and get you transferred. Is that what you want?" Riza looked up at him.

"No, I don't want that, but I don't want to be another little bimbo for you to play with." Riza stated looking him straight in the eyes. Roy smiled again.

"What's so wrong about it, we don't have to tell anyone a damn thing. Don't you know, I can't conceal it
Don't you see?
Can't you feel it?"
Roy's voice was soft as he started. Riza shook her head. Okay now the insanity was getting to be too much. Why was her brain turning this extremely serious discussion into a friggin' musical! WHY?
"Riza, let's try it.
You love me, don't deny it!"
Roy rested a hand under Riza's chin and lifted her gaze to meet his again.


"Say I do?" Roy offered. Riza smiled and gave in.

"I do, I do, I do, I do, I do!
Oh, I've been dreaming through my lonely past
Now I've just made it
I found you at last
," Riza hugged Roy who kept right in time with her.

"So come on
Now let's try it
I love you
Can't deny it
'Cause it's true
I do, I do, I do, I do, I do
" Roy kissed her quickly and Riza then sang along filled with happiness.

"Oh, no hard feelings between you and me
If we can't make it
We just wait and see
So come on now, let's try it
I love you, can't deny it
" After another kiss the last chorus came like breathing and their voices filled the tiny drab apartment.

"'Cause it's true, I do, I do, I do, I do, I do
Love me or leave me
Make your choice but believe me
I love you, I do, I do, I do, I do, I do!"
Collapsing on the floor in laughter and kisses Riza was the happiest she had ever been, it was wonderful to have Roy holding her and kissing her everything, all the tension of days past was gone and…


"Ouch!" Riza shouted as she landed on the bedroom floor. It was quite dark in her bedroom now. Had everything been a dream? Her head was suddenly pounding like mad again. Maybe her headache was making her hallucinate.

"Thank God, what if I really had told…" She stopped as her hand felt around for the bedside lamp that should have been there on her nightstand, where it always was.

Click. Suddenly there was light in the room. Riza spun around and look over the edge of the bed timidly. What she saw made her duck back down again.

"Oh shit…Oh what am I going to…"

"Riza? You alright?" The voice of a sleepy Mustang drifted down from the bed and then without warning his face appeared in front of hers.

"EEP!" She screamed. Roy covered her lips with his to silence her.

"Get up here, it's getting cold, not to mention it's the middle of the night." Roy demanded lovingly and picked her up and set her on the bed next to him. Riza stayed on the edge of the bed and clutched the bundle of sheets, which was all she had on. There was a bunch of black chunks of things and to wake up in this situation and she noted now that she wasn't even in her own room. It was Roy's. Okay so it was obvious she was insane. Whipping around she looked at Roy.

"Am I crazy? What's going on! The last thing I remember is kissing you in your living room, but that was a dream right? Right? What am I doing here!" She demanded. Roy raised an eyebrow,

"I think when you slipped and fell this morning you hit your head a little hard, don't worry about it now, you've had a big day just go back to sleep." Roy hugged her tightly. She was probably having some weird amnesia or something and had no idea what all had happened.

"When it's a little later today we'll take you to the doctor got it? Just don't leave me here, don't reject me. Don't take back what you said." Roy whispered. Riza nodded against his chest.

"I'm really confused but I won't take it back I won't take back anything. I do remember saying I loved you, and that's all that matters right?" And all the crazy ass songs and some other weird things, but loving you is all that matters. Riza added mentally as she lay back down curled up next to Roy. Just like the musicals and plays, no matter how outlandish they always had a happy ending and that's what makes the show worth watching.


And that's all there is to it! Hope you enjoyed it!