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"Wow! It's beautiful; you really did all of this"? A very surprised Buffy said. "Kinda, a contractor fixed most of it but I did the decorating." A slightly blushing Spike exclaimed.

They walked through the living room a Buffy saw that it had an old Victorian style to it. With it's dark blue walls, oak wooden floors, the huge fireplace with a matching oak mantel. There wasn't a lot of furniture in the room, only a three person couch and a love seat. But they were enough to top the room of with. But what caught Buffy's eye was the painting above the fireplace, of a woman maybe in her twenties sitting on a bench surround by roses and lilies. Buffy walked up to the painting and slightly gasped. Spike walked up behind her inhaling the scent of vanilla that surrounded the beauty before him. "She sure is beautiful, isn't she"? Buffy asked the man behind her. "She sure is." Replied Spike not referring to the woman. Buffy turned around a saw that two deep blue eyes were staring at her. She blushed, and turned back around. "Was she your mother"? Spike stepped beside the blonde wonder. "No, it was here when I bought the house and I thought that since it was such a nice painting that it should be shown off." There was a silence for a while, neither of them not knowing what to say and neither of them wanting the other to leave. "So shall we see that rest of the house, pet"? The man that smelled of smoke and leather asked before her. Thankful that she wouldn't have to leave so soon, nodded gratefully.

They had seen all of the rooms which were fully decorated and painted wonderfully. Buffy had complimented all of the rooms to her fullest extent. And Spike was happy that she had liked them. They were now walking down a corridor in comfortable silence. "I know that we just met and everything love but if you need a place to crash or anything you can come here and take one of the rooms, I won't mind." Spike asked cautiously because he didn't want to upset or scare the girl. Buffy looked at him questionly and then smiled." Thanks that'd be great since me and family don't get along very well, I usually just crash at my friend Willow's house." She rambled on till she spotted a door at the end of it. "What's in there?" She asked nodding her head to the door and then looking curiously at it. "To tell you the truth love I've never even seen that door." Spike walked up to the door and looked inside it was dark and you could a feel a draft coming from it. All of a sudden the door slammed shut. The two blondes jumped back and looked at the now closed door. "It must've been the draft coming form the room that closed it." Spike shrugged it off and walked back down that hall. Buffy waited a second before rushing back after Spike. They made their way down to the living room. Buffy glanced at the clock on the wall and sighed. "Well I should get going; my friend's Willow and Xander are waiting for me. Thanks for letting me see the house." Buffy said. Spike looked at the blonde goddess getting ready to leave. "It was nice meeting you, next time when you're here you should bring your friend Willow and your boyfriend Xander along with you. I'd love to meet them." Buffy looked at Spike and burst out laughing. "Oh that's funny. Xander my boyfriend." She kept laughing and the man confused man looked at her with an eyebrow raised. "Spike, Xander isn't my boyfriend. Right now I'm trying the stag thing, but if the right someone came along I'd change my mind." She looked in Spike's eyes. They exchanged small smiles and a final goodbye. Once she was gone Spike let out a breathe that he didn't know he was holding in and the image of the blonde came to his head and he gave a small smile, walked into the kitchen a turned off the light and went to bed.

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