Note: I was VERY bored when I wrote this and it is my first fan fic so that is why it is so terrible

Ch.1: Punching Jack Ryan is Fun

Brightling:Hi, I'm Dr. Brightling-

Clark:I thought you were in jail!

Brightling:You thought wrong! Anyway welcome to Tom Clancy Survivor, This millennium's contestants are:

Jack Ryan

John Clark a.k.a. John Kelly

Dimingo Chavez

Julio Vega a.k.a. Oso

Dimitry Popov

Sean Grady

The Archer

The Major

Misha Filitov

Robby Jackson

Alex Dobbens

Sean Miller

Bill Murray

Ed Foely

Alistair Stanley

And Jeffery Pelt

Brightling:Now why don't we go below deck where Jack and Clark are picking the tribes?

Clark:I get Vega




Clark: I pick The Archer


Clark:I want the Major

Jack: Robby

Clark:Yo, Stanley, Get your butt over here!


Clark:Sean G.


Clark:Sean M.


Brightling:I'm not in this you REMF

Jack:Ohhhhh, okay I get Alex

Alex:What! That's it, I'm gonna kick you ass Jack!

Alex uns over and starts punching Jack

Alex:That's what you get for picking me last you REMF!

Brightling:Now Jack since you picked second you get to pick you island. You can choose: Island 1: A fertile island with many deer and other animals to provide food, as well as many fruit trees and several supplies of fresh water. Island 2: A tropical hellhole that is infested by hundreds of alligators and other tropical predators. Or Island 3: A mystery island!

Jack:Island number 3.

Brightling:Your island is just like Island number 2, a tropical Hellhole!


Clark:I'll take Island 1.