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Family Vacation of Doom

By Ivaliny

Chapter 1

"Waking the Warriors"

It was early in the morning when Dartz quietly tip-toed into a dark room where someone was snoring underneath loose sheets. He inched closer, but in the darkness of the room he stumbled over a pair of boots, which woke the sleeping form in a panic. He shot straight up with wide, horror-stricken eyes that scanned about the room as he spazzed, hyperventilated, and body slammed himself upon the floor. Dartz watched with mild amusement as Raphael thrashed around on the floor, half way stuck in reality and a dream world. He was always the most fun to wake up.

Raphael, finally awake, stared at the Atlantian in confusion,"Master Dartz, is everything alright?" he asked in a gruff, sleepy voice, then looked at his clock.

"Everything is fine, Raphael. We will all meet in the kitchen. I have something very important to tell you all!"

The muscular man nodded and followed Dartz out of his room, making his way towards the kitchen as Dartz went to another room across the hall. Entering the room, Dartz made a soft sigh, at least he didn't have to worry about a dirty floor to trip over, Alister's room was perfectly neat, besides a few things here and there. The red head slept soundlessy on top of his covers in a comfortable position on his back.

"Alister," Dartz said as he made his way over to his bed,"it's time to wake up."

Alister let out an annoyed groan and rolled over onto his side opposite of the blue-haired leader. Dartz frowned, Alister wasn't usually a hard person to wake up. He bent over the skinny teenager and yelled,"Wake up!" But Alister was ignoring him. Dartz paused, waiting for anything, and Alister wondered if his leader had given up, but he was wrong.

Dartz grabbed Alister's shoulder and shook it,"Wake up. I have something to say to you all, so you had better get up."

Alister pushed Dartz's hand, groaned something to himself, and sat up in bed with his eye brows furrowed, rubbing his eyes. "It's six in the morning!" he protested.

Dartz made his way to the door,"Trust me, you'll want to hear what I have to say," he paused, and then commanded," Be in the kitchen before Valon wakes up, otherwise you will miss out from the important news, and we wouldn't want that, would we?" And then he left. Alister stared sleepily at the door with the best glare he could muster, then groaned, falling backwards, letting his head rest on the pillow once again.

The blue-green eyed Dartz, stood outside of the last door and put a hand on the doorknob. He sighed, reluctant, but ready to get the job done. Picking up a chalkboard, he took in a deep breath and opened the door. His last victim was sprawled out on his bed, arms and legs twisted about as drool dripped down the side of his face. He almost didn't want to wake him. Valon slept so peacefully in a pretzely sort of way, but he had a job to do, and he was going to do it no matter what.

He walked over next to the sleeping Valon, raised the chalkboard, hoping his idea would work like it had before, then scratched his nails along the green surface, letting out a horrible screech that filled the whole room. Dartz had to close his eyes, trying his hardest to choke back the gag and chill that crept up inside of him. He finally stopped and let out a sigh of relief, but then frowned. Valon hadn't moved at all. He poked the boy wondering if he was even alive.

The two Doma Warriors in the kitchen cringed, grimaced, and jumped at all of the tactics their master was doing to Valon. The house bumped and squirmed, but soon it fell silent and still. Raphael and Alister looked at each other in curiosity, both wondering if Dartz had succeeded yet.

Dartz had tried everything from shaking him, playing loud satanic music, yelling, to singing show tunes, but nothing worked. He felt defeated. The only thing Valon did was snore louder and drool more. He put his hands on his hips and looked about Valon's unbelievably messy room looking for anything to use. Then and idea came to him.

He bent down over Valon's ear and in an authoritative voice he stated,"Valon, this is the food god!" Valon stirred in his sleep, making a slight moan. Dartz smirked.

"By the power vested in me, I order you to wake up and eat breakfast. Your master," Dartz cringed, then added the nickname the Aussie often used for him, "Dartzy, has important news for you." Valon smacked his lips and smiled at the mention of "Dartzy". The blue-haired leader smiled triumphantly. He was waking up, but not enough.

"The food god has a special treat for you. A soft, chewy, perfectly warm, bagel is waiting for, Valon." The youngest of the warriors flipped over onto his side facing Dartz, cuddling his pillow, letting out a quiet, "Mmm..."

"Sweet, gooey, strawberry-ee, cream cheese is being spread over it right now. You must hurry, Valon, otherwise Alister will eat it, and you will be left with nothing! The food god is being very generous."

"Generous..."Valon mumbled,"cream cheese...bagel...mmm!"

He sat up in bed in a zombie state and looked about the room, eye crusties and drool covering his face. He gave Dartz a surprised look and rubbed his eyes.

"Why are you here in my room, and where's the food god?" he asked looking about sleepily.

"The food god told me to tell you to meet in the kitchen with 5 minutes, otherwise you will suffer the wrath of the food god!" Dartz said pointing at Valon dramatically, and then left the room with a smile on his face. That was fun, he thought, I'll have to remember to do that again! He quietly slipped into his own room and closed the door.

Four minutes and fifty-six seconds later, Valon stumbled his way into the kitchen where Raphael was pouring himself his third cup of coffee, and Alister leaned against the sink, arms folded and head sagging while he "rested" his eyes. Valon sat down at the table and slammed his head down, ready to fall back to sleep, mumbling something about bagels.

Dartz walked in with a mischievous smile and his hands behind his back. "It is always so nice to see my children finally awake."

Alister's head drooped farther down then it shot straight up with eyes wide open, and his brown eyes focused on Dartz, glaring at him.

Dartz ignored the glare and rested a fatherly hand on Valon's shoulder, which woke the young teenager again. "Isn't today such a wonderful day?" Raphael took another sip of his coffee, quirking a blue eye towards the Atlantian leader.

"Such a wonderful day infact," Dartz continued," that I've decided today is a perfect day for a surprise one day vacation!" Alister straightened up and Valon lifted his head while Raphael set down his steaming cup of coffee.

"A vacation?" Alister asked,"You've never given us a vacation before, so why now?"

Dartz chuckled and threw an arm aroudn the skinny read head. "You guys need a vacation desperately. I need a vacation. A vacation will so us some good. You all have been working so hard for me lately, you just need a short break from it all, Dartz paused, his eyes gleaming," and I'm sure you've all forgotten what a vacation is."

Valon only paid half attention to Dartz, still fuming slightly about bagels and cream cheese.

"Forgive me, Master Dartz, but I don't like vacations," Raphael said after taking a big gulp of his coffee.

"Ah, Raphael, that's where you're wrong! You'll love this vacation," he paused, bringing out four slips of paper behind his back," because we're going to Silver Dollar City!"

At the mention of Silver Dollar City, Valon shot straight up, leaning a little too far back, tipped the chair backwards, and started to hoot and holler excitedly, jumping up and down. Alister rolled his eyes at the Aussie's excitement, and Raphael let out a long hard sigh. Dartz smiled at Valon. He loved it when his children were happy.

"Woo-yeah!" Valon hollered. " I saw a commercial for Silver Dollar City and it looked awesome!" He jumped up and down next to Raphael," They have these awesome rides!" he looked over at Alister," and really good shows!"

Valon continued running around hollering,"Oh and I hear the food is some of the best you'll ever eat!" And with that said, he ran like a maniac towards his room to get dressed.

Dartz chuckled,"I guess we'll be leaving soon. You two get ready, and Raphael take the cooler by the door to the Cadillac once you're finished."

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