Chapter Five---Daddy

Fujin gently pushed her son into Squall's office and closed the door behind him. Arien was confused. Was he in trouble? The man in front of him was mommy's teacher.

"Um...Hello Arien.." Arien smiled and waved at the man. He must not be in trouble.

"...I...I guess I'm you're father...Arien." Arien looked at him and looked at Seifer out the window and then back to Squall.

"My daddy?" Squall smiled ever so slightly and nodded.

"Seifer daddy too." Squall pondered this. Arien looked at Seifer and he looked at Squall.

"Daddy." Arien was looking at Seifer now but ice-blue orbs identical to Squall's quickly focused on him and smiled.

"Daddy!" Arien walked over to him and pulled on one of the many belts around his thigh, holding his arms up. Squall frowned and picked the boy up tentatively. Arien studied him for a moment and then smiled, pointing to the door.

"I want mommy." Squall carried him out the door and Fujin looked at the pair surprised. Seifer looked upset.

"Daddy!" Small arms were flung around Squall's neck and Fujin couldn't help but notice how crushed Seifer seemed. However, that changed when Arien struggled out of Squall's arms and ran to Seifer, holding his leg tightly.

"Daddy." Seifer smiled and bent over, holding the boy close and Fujin smiled, looking to Arien.

"I guess he's got two daddy's now."

Squall smiled.

"I guess he does."

Fujin moved back into Garden shortly after being placed on active assignment along side Seifer. They were granted one of the larger suites next to Squall's. Seifer was certain the Commander would throw an absolute fit. But he didn't.

"Welcome back Fujin." He smiled very slightly and very briefly before he was tackled around the legs by Arien.

"Hi!" Squall raised a brow.

"Hi..." Seifer only laughed as he started unpacking the final box. Shaine bounded in and plopped himself on the couch.

"Shaine? What are you doing here?" Shaine grinned.

"I didn't want to miss the show!" Fujin frowned. What show? She turned to look at Seifer only to find him kneeling in front of her, an open box in his hand.

"Seifer..." He smiled.

"What do you say?" His voice was low and soft as he slipped the ring on her slender finger. All was still.

"...Yes!" Fujin threw her arms around him, laughing as he fell backwards with her. Arien joined in, not really knowing why everyone was so happy. Squall leaned against the doorframe, a smile tugging at his lips.

"Congradulations, Fuu." Fujin stood and very suddenly, hugged him.

"Thank you."

"Hey Squall? Seeing how this is a happy ending an all... I got one favor to ask you." Squall glared at the blonde suspiciously. No, he was not getting a raise.

"Would you be the best man?"


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