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The Plot: Remus is in love with Sirius and James is the only one who knows. Now he has devised a plan to get Sirius jealous, in order to make the boy's real feelings towards Remus show.

Couples: LMxRL, JPxRL, SBxRL (don't worry Remus isn't actually a slut in this fic.) and of course JPxLE (how could it not be.)

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This one is rated M for up-coming chapters, so don't fret :)


Operation Seduce Sirius

"You're GAY!"

Remus Lupin and James Potter were sitting alone in their dorm at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Remus slowly nodded, not taking his eyes off the floor. When he finally looked up, he couldn't help but snort. His friend, James, was making a face that made you wonder whether it was a boy sitting in front of you, or a fish.


James snapped out of his bewildered state. "Huh?"

"You are awfully quiet…" Remus was nervous, and James could tell.

"Yeah, yeah. I was only thinking." He smiled reassuringly, making Remus feel more at ease.

"So.. you don't like.. think I'm weird or anything?"

James choked on his laughter. "Moony! You are a freaking werewolf! And a gay werewolf for that matter! How much weirder can it get?"

Remus couldn't help but chuckle. "I'm not making life any easier am I?"

"It wouldn't be as much fun then would it?" James replied, smirking. Then he suddenly grew more serious, and looked straight at Remus.

"How long have you known? I mean, it's not something you wake up and just realize someday is it? How… did you find out?"

Remus sighed. He knew this was coming.

"Well, I guess I've known for a while. But, if you must know, it was in the end of 4th year." He hesitated, blushing. ".. Lucius Malfoy shoving his tongue down my throat and me not minding so much was kind of an eye-opener.."

"WHAT?" James eyes were as big as saucers. "You snogged Lucius Malfoy! How long did that go on! And – How come WE never found out?" James made his way to stand up. "Wait until Padfoot hears about thi-"

"No!" Remus tugged on James robes, not letting him leave the room. "You mustn't let Wormtail or Padfoot know! Please James. I'll let you know, but I'm not ready to tell them yet.."

James calmed down, seeing the look of panic on Remus's face, and sat down on the bed again. Remus continued.

"It didn't go on that long you know.." There was a hint of sadness in Remus's voice. "He decided to end it in the middle of our 5th year. – Said it was too much of a risk." He snorted. "His reputation you know?"

James couldn't help but feel sorry for the boy. "I'm so sorry Remus.." he said, putting his hand on Remus's shoulder.

Remus smiled at the gentleness of his friend.

"I know you never liked him. I'm not sure that I ever liked him. But he was, well, gorgeous..." – James shuddered- -Remus ignored him- "And besides... It was probably for the best, with him graduating that year and all." He fell silent.

James shifted uncomfortably in his seat.

"So did you two.. err.. you know?"

"What? Oh. Oh. Oh god no!" Remus flushed. "I mean, we did more than just snogging, but you know as well as I do– A werewolf mates for life.." Remus turned his gaze towards the sheets, his voice suddenly filled with emotion. "And there's kind of... someone else.."

"Huh? Moony's in love?" James mocked, smiling. Though by the fuming look on Remus's face his mocking abruptly came to a halt.

"Err, anyways, who's the lucky guy?" he winked, eyes twinkling.

"Srrrs…" Remus murmured, blushing furiously.

"Sorry mate didn't quite catch that?"

Remus tried again but only muffled words came out.

"Say again?"

"I- am- in- love- with- Sirius- fucking- Black!" Remus forced out between clenched teeth.

"..Sirius?.. Our Sirius! Padfoot?"

Remus glared.

"Oh." James looked rather thrown at this statement, then patted his friend on his shoulder. "Yeah Moony, you are right." Remus gave him a quizzical look. "You don't make life easy on yourself, do you?"


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