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Chapter One: Poppy Seeds

Max got out of her place, she was in a frantic mood. Original Cindy has been trying to calm her down all morning, but without any success.

"Damn boo! You gotta relax! It's days away before you get your freakin' meal done, so why don't you sit, and sip your coffee like a normal girl?" Max was looking everywhere for poppy seeds, and Original Cindy was going to break her neck. Max was so stressed out, it was very annoying. "What are you looking for?" She asked Max, thinking she wasn't probably going to stop until she got what she needed, and since she was getting on her nerves this morning, turning upside down the whole kitchen, Cindy decided it was a dead end with Max. "Max, I know you're nervous for that cooking your doing in 3 days or so...but please, it's 8:00 in the morning. You're NOT going to cook now?!" Original Cindy asked in disbelief. 'She's crazy over that man!'

"Where's the poppy seeds I bought a few days ago?" Max asked, totally ignoring Original Cindy's request to stop her Food Mania. She was cooking for Logan next Saturday, since the diner she had planned for him had highly failed, and she wanted it to be perfect.

"I took them." Said Original Cindy to Max, who suddenly stopped her search and stared at her. "And baked them."

"Are YOU fucking kidding me boo? Did you know how long it took me to find those poppy seeds?" Max almost yelled at her.

"I made some muffins with it, look, there in the freezer!" Cindy said to Max, opening the door to show them to her. "I didn't know it was for THAT!"

"I need poppy seeds for the recipe!" Max said, in defeat, sitting on a chair. "I'll never be able to pull that off. I need to follow steps, and now there's one step missing in the freaking recipe! I'll screw up and I'll stay forever with the sticker "Max can't cook" on my face." She said to Original Cindy, while doing the gesture of the sticker stuck on her forehead.

"Come on Max...You can kick 10 butts with one kick! You surely can cook a diner for your boyfriend!" She said to her, knowing perfectly Max was going to deny the whole 'boyfriend' thing.

"He's not my many times do I have to tell you this? It's getting on my nerves!" Max said defensively angry.

"And YOU'RE getting on MY nerves! Can you be so BLIND not to see how MUCH each of you CARES for one another?...Original Cindy is just so tired of all this game! You're just plain stupid." She said to Max to make her react. "Both of you!"

"WHAT?!" Me? Stupid?!

"Yes YOU boo! Now go buy your freakin' poppy seeds before Original Cindy turns white for listening to your denials one more time!" She said to Max, who got out of the room wanting to kick her best boo's butt.

While riding her bike, Max was talking to herself, frustrated by the morning's events.
'The nerves of her this morning! Who the hell does she think she is to tell ME that? Me? Stupid? What is she talking about? And I'm sick of her telling me Logan is my boyfriend, because he's NOT, and as I can see things go, I'll be freakin' dead when it will happen! He's always pushing me away...well, not always, but...' Max stopped her thoughts, knowing inside of her that they were both to blame for not having done a move toward each other since the car kiss. 'Caring about me MY ASS!' Max said to herself on the way to the store. 'He wanted to blow his fucking brain out! What does THAT say to you boo about him, huh?' She was raging inside for whatever reason, all of the above and all the ones she missed to mention. 'I'm just an employee to him! Why do you even care Max? Huh? Never mind...And I'm still here busting my ass for him! And why? WHY?! He'll eat, say thank you very politely and leave, and then everything will stay the same!...Do I want something to change? He cares, I know deep inside he does, but it would be nice for him to show it sometimes! Oh yes, he saved my life at Cape Haven, so what? Give him a freakin' medal!' She stopped in front of the grocery shop and got in. ' I'm trying to make a nice meal for him and he better not bail on me or I'll kick his cute little ass without him see it coming!...Did I just say cute? Only a damn earthquake or a tornado will keep me from doing this diner ...Is that clear Logan Cale? You better not pull another Eyes Only Conquest or I'll defenestrate all your computers and you with them! Now, where are my damn poppy seeds?' She took a breath, claming herself, until she saw the poppy seed's place empty. 'I'm going to kill Original Cindy!.......Relax girl! Gosh...this whole thing really is getting on my nerves! Maybe boo was right...Well, we'll think about it another day. Now I have to find some freaking poppy seeds.' After all, nothing had happened with Logan to make her angry. Since they had come back from the *vacation*, everything was all good, they even got more comfortable with each other. She was taking this meal challenge way too seriously and it was affecting her brain.

She got out of the grocery shop, and her pager beeped.

"Shit! Logan...I forgot! Damn! I forgot!" Max was supposed to go look at the sister's Church last night, and with the entire food thing she was trying to do, she forgot to go. 'He must have been waiting for my call this morning...'
"Damn you Logan for making me such a nervous wreck!" Max started her bike and headed to the church, preferring not to think about the reason why Logan was making her in such an unstable mental state. "I better go do it right now, this way I wont have to answer his 'Why did you forgot?' question." I don't even know the answer myself...or do I?
"Oh shut up!" Max said to herself, wanting to stop the thinking.

There have been 6 suicides from the Sisters of the Jesus Church since last month, and Matt had asked Logan to take a peek at it. They weren't able to find any evidence it was murder at the police station, and Matt knew Eyes Only could do something with it and that he probably would solve the mystery, so he called Logan.

When Logan had talked to Max, she had snorted over the mention of God.

" I don't understand how you can give your life to God." Max had said to him. "How can you fall in love with God? That is plain stupid..." Max thought religion was bullshit.

"Never underestimate the power of Religion. Nor the power of the Church." Logan had replied to Max. "Those women find peace in God, so what can I tell you? It's their choices. They devoted themselves to the love of God, praying to him, asking for forgiveness and compassion. Love." The diplomatic Logan had spoken again.

"I'm having enough trouble loving normal people, so a Spirit? " She rolled her eyes to the roof, before she realized what she had just said and then, got them back staring at Logan.

"Love is the strongest feeling ever existing, and the more complex too. It can drive you to Heaven, and then to Hell in a flash. But while you're in Heaven, you see Angels..." He had said to her, smiling.

'What are you trying to say Logan...' Max had thought. 'And please stop looking at me so dearly.'
"Why should I believe in God, when I know I was made in a laboratory with probably no soul to save? God never helped me not being tortured by your Dr.Vertes and company!" Max had said back, still hurt by the fact that Logan had played behind her back. "And he never did anything to help Eva either, nor all the X5 when our Dear Daddy ordered us to do despicable things you wouldn't even dream of thinking and all we wanted was to die. I did anyway, I can't speak for the others." Only an idiot wouldn't see that Max was deeply hurt.

Logan had looked at her without saying a word, knowing nothing could get him out of this one. 'She's still mad at me for this...'

"I'm sorry." He only said, not knowing if it was because of Dr.Vertes, or for having wanted to put a bullet in his brain, or for all of the things Max lived at Manticore. So, they just stared at each other without saying anything. Sometimes words aren't necessary.


Max got in front of the Jesus Church and opened the big doors in woods that were in front of her. It was very beautiful and calm inside, and there was a few sisters sitting in the front seats, praying. She walked a few feet and turned left, where she had just seen a door. She looked around and there was no one watching her, so she pushed the door and got in. It was the stairs to the second floor where the organ was, she climbed them up carefully, and when she was almost done, she heard a voice. A male voice, and it sounded like he was talking to himself, but when Max silently approached her head to be able to see what was going on, she saw a tall man, about 50 years old, talking to one of the sisters, who looked like she was into a trance. 'What the hell?' Max thought to herself.
There was a recorder on the table, near the man, who was wearing a dark grey suit. 'I have to get that recording machine for Logan...' She didn't understand all that he was saying, because it was a language she had never heard before.
She looked around for clues and saw the big Jesus Christ statue, which was pinned on the beam in front of her. She walked near the banister and looked down, all the sisters had their heads down into a prayer, so she wasn't about to be seen. Max studied the height of the second floor in comparison to the first, and came to the conclusion, that with the fall, nobody would get hurt, and it would definitely stop the little game the man in the grey suit was playing. Max jumped to the ceiling, holding on to a beam if the church's roof, and gave the Jesus statue the biggest kick she could find breaking it away from where it was pinned, and making it fall down on the wax floor with a crash. The enormous sound of the statue landing, was added to the surprised cries of all the sisters, who were now standing in shock looking at the Jesus statue. Max hid herself from the man, who stormed out of the room, and who ran down the stairs.
Max walked into the room, where the woman was still sitting on her chair, not seeing her at all, focusing on some space invisible to Max. She took the tape recorder machine, and opened the window, to jump to the roof of the building next to the church.

"That will get them occupied for some time!..." She said to herself, unable to stop laughing from the faces they had when the statue had fallen. "Those poor sisters thought that the Wrath of Jesus was upon them!"
Max found herself trapped on the roof, with no escape to go. There was only a window from the jewellery store, which had been shut with wood. She started to break it to go in. "A girl's gotta get herself out of this mess!" She jumped into the room, who was more of the attic of the store, and who was full of jewelry boxes. "Holy shit?!" Max said out loud, giggling over the holy part, since she had just kicked Jesus' butt.
She was very tempted to take something while lurking at the boxes with great desire, stealing a necklace could feed her during 8 months, but she decided that she must not. 'Plus, Logan wouldn't like me using Eyes Only's work to fill my pockets. Plus...he's feeding me when I'm hungry...What is all that Steal&Logan crap about?' She asked herself at the end, opening the door to get the hell away from there, but she came face to face with a police officer who put a gun to her head. 'Great!' She kicked the gun away from him, taking it in her hands and unloaded it in a flash. An other cop surprised her and she jumped and kicked him right in the stomach, making him cry for help.

"Seems like God isn't helping you Big Boy?!" Replied Max when she heard the man say 'Oh God' in a breath, and then she punched him right in the face.
She turned around to go down the stairs, but the first cop grabbed her ankle, which made her stumble, and then tumble down the stairs, her face smashing right in the opposite wall, snapping her unconscious.


Max woke up tied up to a chair, a few minutes later. She looked around suddenly in alert, 'Enemy territory.', but she saw that she was in front of a desk who's name marked on was Det. Matt Sung. She closed her eyes in relief, and then remembered what happened. 'What a stupid move I did there! You're to blame for this Logan Cale, making me focus on you instead of on the objective!' She yelled in her head, who was hurting like Hell because of the bump she got from the fall.
A man walked near her, and sat down. He was about 45 years old, fat, and not in a good mood.

"Look missy, we do not know who you are since you don't seem to have any papers on you, so why don't you tell me?" He said to Max in a very annoyed tone.

"Where's Detective Matt Sung? I want to speak to him only." She asked the man, feeling the hurt increasing on the right side of her head, where the big bump was starting to swell.

"He's on vacation...Why? You know him?" he asked, as if to say 'you know him because you're here often'.

"On vacation…This is great...Can I make a phone call then?" 'I have to talk to Logan.'

"Why sweetie, do you need a lawyer?" He said back, sounding like he was singing.

"I didn't steal anything and if you looked in my pockets, you would have known!" She shouted back at the man who was lurking at her with perversity.

"No, I didn't look, you were sleeping, couldn't touch you then. And what kind of a thief would you be if you were stealing around the city with papers on you?...but I'm starting to wonder if a strip search would be of necessity." He said, studying her.

"You touch me with one finger and I'll kick your ass so hard, you wont be able to sit on hit for the rest of your life! Now let me make my phone call, that much I know I am entitled to!" Max was furious, again. 'Outch!…my head…'

" The little girl has a filthy mouth...Fine, call your pimp or something." He got out of the room after untying her hands. She couldn't really go out of there easily anyway.

Max dialled Logan's number, and it took 2 minutes before he answered.
"Hiya!" He said in an unusual happy voice.

"Glad to see someone's having a better day than me!" She said to Logan.

"Max! What a surprise...I was starting to miss you since you didn't call yesterday." He said mockingly, knowing it was her when the phone had rang.

"Look Logan, I usually enjoy myself playing games, but now is not time nor the place. I'm in jail." She said, not very enjoying the smile she was sure he was wearing right now. "They arrested me from a jewellery store." 'And I'm not in the mood for a lecture.'

" Oh!…Are you okay? Did they see your barcode? Did they took pictures yet?" He wasn't smiling at all, and he was more afraid of what they might find on Max than playing games with her.

"I'm fine now. And no they didn't take pictures, I just woke up. I was trying to escape when I tumbled down the stairs…and I crashed into a wall like a bird not looking where he's going." She said discouraged of how she completely messed up her mission. 'I guess he's not smiling after all.'

Logan was biting his tongue very hard not to laugh over the image of Max crashing in a wall. 'At least she's alright.'

"And what do you think I can do to help?" He was already trying to contact Matt from his computer, but he couldn't help but make her sweat a little, since he was pissed that she'd been stolen in a jewellery store. 'Why does she always have to do that?'

"Anything! Damn it Logan! Get me out of here!" She yelled into the phone, thinking he was actually letting her rot in there.

"Why? If you decided to steal, you should face the consequences of your act." He answered back, in a bad mood. 'Why isn't Matt answering my e-mail?' He scratched his head.

"For the record, I didn't steal. But thanks for the vote of confidence Logan." She stopped talking to him and turned towards the police officer that just returned to the office, smiling at Max, walking near her. "I'm warning you to get your filthy hands off of me one last time!" She shouted to the man. "You won't strip search me in this life time!" She said, fire getting out of her eyes.

"Here goes my dream..." Said Logan to himself in a very low voice, giggling. "Max...what's going on?" Logan asked, out of concern, and sorry he had accused her of stealing.

She waited for the man to get out of the room again to speak.
"Don't you go think I didn't hear the first part, and secondly, I was addressing myself to the pervo who was staring at me like I'm fresh meat!" Logan decided to drop any comments, since he had forgot Max had super hearing faculties. "I went to the place we talked about, and I got stuck on a roof with no place to go, but to break and entering the jewellery store, and I got caught." And then she stopped talking.
"And then you fell…" Logan added.

"Yeah, thanks for refreshing my memory…" She said, not knowing if she should laugh at herself or not. "And I have a big bump on my head too." 'Make him sweat Max…it's his turn!'

"What? Are you okay?" Damn…

" head is swelling though." 'And I have a fucking headache.'

"Where's Matt? I can't get a hold of him on my computer…He'll get you out." Logan said affirmatively.

"He's on VACATION!" Max said the lasted part louder.

"Oh...that's true...he told me, I just forgot. Damn! Do they have a warrant against you?"

"I don't know...Logan, can they really do a strip search on me?" She asked, a little embarrassed, but she didn't know what it took for them to be able to do that. "He said they will strip search me if I don't give them what I have...The thing is that I don't have anything since I didn't steal, but that's hard to believe when you find a girl hiding in the attic of a jewellery store...But what about my barecode? And I have something else I found at the church...I don't think they know I have it on me, since I put it in my b...hmm..." It sounded awkward to Max to mention her bra to Logan, so she didn't say the word, but she figured he would understand what she meant, and he did.

"Oh..." He said softly, but then realized she had talked about the strip search again, and earlier, he had thought she was joking. "WHAT? Strip search?! Max no, they can't...You didn't try to get drugs out of the country or something!…The only reason he would do so, is because he wants to enjoy the view...No, no, no, it can't happen, and it won't...I want to talk to him, give him the phone." Logan said to Max, more demanding than asking.

"What will you say to him." She asked back, curious.

"A guy's gotta have secrets too...Give him the phone and I'll talk to him." Logan didn't want to reveal all his good methods of persuasion. "Do it Max!"

"Fine." Max said, and then yelled at the police officer to take the phone since someone wanted to talk to him. He looked at her and took it reluctantly. Max watched him saying only "...Ahan...hmm...okay..." during 5 minutes, and then hung up.

"You can go now, and I better never caught you again." Max stared at the man in shock, and walked away from him, hoping she would never have to see him again. 'Lets get the Hell out of here!' She stormed out of the Police Station in a flash.

'What did Logan say to him? It took him 5 minutes and the guy dropped all charges against me.' She wondered, glad to finally get out of there. 'He'll never seize to amaze me.'

She took a breath of fresh air, and tried to relax herself. She had to walk a long way back to her bike. She looked at her watch. 3:00PM.

"And ALL I freakin' wanted this morning was those damn poppy seeds!" She shouted out loud into the air, furious she had missed the entire day.


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