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Chapter nine: Revelation

Eileen was following the fur ball along the dark walls of the Saint Jean-Baptist church. Her walk was a little unsteady because the pain in her right shoulder was radiating everywhere in her body. She had rip off a piece of her shirt to be able to make a tourniquet to help stopping the bleeding. It wasn't profuse, but she had lost enough blood to make her weak. Because of the dark, Eileen wasn't able to see a lot of what was in front of her, so her right hand was touching the wall and she was following Furby, listening to the noise the little rat was making while running. She had been walking for what she thought was half an hour when she crashed into a wall.

"Ouch!" She said out loud. She looked down and felt a hole in the wall of the size of a hand. The rat had disappeared in it. "Well, thank you very much, Furby", said Eileen sarcastically, "You knew that I couldn't go through that hole! Now how am I supposed to get out of here?" She stopped talking and thought of the front door. "Dear God! I must be the dumbest thing on earth!" She started to walk along the walls, hoping she'd find the room where she was before. She turned around, and followed the trace of her left hand on the wall. I'm so tired.

When Eileen got to the big front door, she couldn't open it. There was a huge lock on it, and there was no way it could be broken by a human hand. I'm stuck in here. There's no way out! But there is one for sure! They are coming in and out of here from somewhere! But which way do they take? I took this one and it was a dead end. Eileen looked around the place, there was a small hole in the ceiling and the light was coming through it. She could see her surroundings a bit. "There's a door there." It was about 5 feet tall. My god, was it a dwarf that built that church?! Maybe the Spanish or the Mexicans are small people. I can't remember who built the church. Well, it's true that people were small back in the days…but a 5 foot tall door isn't something you see a lot. Anyway, stop rambling Eileen, you're annoying yourself. She opened the door and it was a small corridor that was before her eyes, dark as black oil.

"I don't have a flashlight or matches. How can I walk in this? I can't see a thing." Eileen stopped talking because she heard  noises. Someone was coming, or maybe they were more than one, she couldn't tell. Is it the wackos again? She got in, closed the small door behind her and sat down, praying they wouldn't find her.


Max and Logan were following the Asian man until they saw the Saint Jean-Baptist church. There they understood what Harry meant by the old church.

"Of course, said Logan, this church must be the oldest here in Seattle, and it's been close for 15 years." He explained to Max. "I should have thought of it."

"Alzheimers happens when you focus too much on the lady trying to hide herself from a mad man, while her…( she hesitated)… partner here is making jokes of her being on his lap." Max said smiling at Logan.

"Yeah…" He said, hiding a smile. "But usually, I can focus on two things at the same time…even three."

"Oh is that right?! Well Mister Multitask, we should pull over and get out of the car before the Artist sees us."

"That's what I was doing, didn't you see?" Logan said as he was parking his car two streets away from the church.

Max smiled and opened the door to get out. "We'll have to be careful you know, these guys are nuts." She saw Logan take his gun and placing it in his jacket's pocket. "I hate guns…"

"I know Max but we have to be careful as you said, and I can't be your Superman, so this piece of metal can save us. I'll use it only if we truly need it. It's there just in case."

 "Yeah, alright. But just in case.

 "I promise." Logan said.

They were careful not to be seen by the man and followed him until he reached a trap behind the church, above the cemetery. It was looking like one of those traps they used to make in the early days to protect your family against tornados. He had the key to the lock. They watched him going in and then he looked at his watch, stared somewhere as if he was waiting for someone to appear, and then got in, letting the door an inch open. Nice.

"Logan, you can't come in." Said Max. "There are stairs."

"It's okay, I'll find another way." He answered back, turning his chair and wheeling away from Max. "Be careful."

"You too." She said before disappearing. It was a very dark corridor, she could see it, but a human eye would have trouble seeing anything. Max slowed down a bit, because she didn't want to walk faster than the Artist. It wouldn't be a good thing for him to find out she was there. Better keep it quiet for a while. She stopped. There was a noise, it was a female's voice. Eileen's. Oh shit!


Eileen was almost asleep because she was so tired and it seemed like it had been hours since she got in there –even if it had only been a few minutes. She woke up when she heard a sound coming near her and then she felt someone grabbing her.

"What the hell are you doing here?" Said Kim the Asian man. She let out a cry of pain when he grabbed her by her broken arm.

"I was taking some sun." she said. Oh dear this is never going to stop…


Logan tried his best to find another passage to go in the church, but there was only the front door he could think of. He tried to unlock it. Didn't work. "Dammit! I know Eileen's in there! I have no other choice then, I won't stay here and do nothing." He got his gun out and fired. The lock exploded and he was able to get in. "Good thing it's a silencer." He didn't want to alert all of the neighbourhood. He rolled in.

He hadn't gone a few feet when he heard someone. He went slowly to make as little noise possible, but it was hard on an old floor to stay silent while wheeling. He got the gun in his hand, ready to shoot, and then he looked. There was the Asian man who was forcing a pretty messed up Eileen to stand on her feet. She looks awful.

"Where do you think you were going like that missy?" He said to Eileen in a strong accent. He didn't look very happy. He took his gun out, and it was then that Logan decided to show himself.

"Hold it right there!" Logan yelled to the man pointing his gun right between Eileen's eyes. "One move and I swear on my mother's grave I'll shoot, and I won't miss you." The Artist stared at Logan, daring him to shoot, but Logan was ready to pull the trigger. The guy dropped the gun and kicked it towards Logan. He was even more ready when he saw Max coming slowly and without any noise behind them. He tried not to blink, instead he looked at Eileen, who was barely conscious.

"What did you do to her? She's bleeding." He asked him, wanting to break the silence to give Max some time to get near them.

"A bullet in the shoulder." He answered, pretty much proud of himself.

 "What about a kick in the head?" Max said just before smacking the hell out of him. He fell unconscious. "Jerk."

"Well done." Logan said while aiming his gun away from Max's face. "She's in pretty bad shape."

Max bent on her knees and checked Eileen's vitals. "She's alive but her pulse is weak. We should get her to a hospital soon or she'll die Logan."

"I know. We should go." Logan's face changed when he saw Lacroix's face, and the gun he was aiming at Max who had Eileen in her arms.

"Not so fast folks." Lacroix said staring at Max. "You're a strong woman I see."

"How clever." She hadn't stopped walking towards the front door.

"Stop or I'll shoot." He meant his words, and he ignored that he had Logan's gun aimed at his forehead. Funny how people think that people in wheelchair are harmless. Huge prejudice.

"She will die." Max said matter-of-factly, as if he cared what would happen to Eileen.

"I'm touched." He sounded so genuine. "I'll cry my eyes out before going to sleep tonight."

 "Shut up!" Max said.

"No. You shut up!" He answered ready to shoot, but he didn't have the time to do so. Logan did it first and he got the bullet right between his eyes. Max's eyes became wide open and she stared at him. He was still in the position to shoot again.

"Logan…?" Max asked softly. "Logan get the gun down, he's dead now." She put Eileen on the floor and walked slowly up to him to take the gun out of his hands.

"He was going to shoot you…" Logan answered back weakly. "I…couldn't…I…" He started to say.

"I know." Max softly said. "Give me your cell phone, ok? I'll call Matt. Don't worry, Matt will understand. It was self-defence, Logan."

Max called Matt and told him to take care of the 911 for an ambulance to come and take Eileen on the nearest hospital, because she didn't want any trouble with the police right now. She didn't need to have her picture and Logan's in the Streets of Seattle paper. He said everything was taken care of. Bless that man, she thought.

She came near Logan after being sure that Eileen's wound wasn't bleeding too much and she talked to him. "You did what you had to do, Logan. Remember at Cape Heaven? It's the same thing." She had tears in her eyes to see him feel so hurt. "You just saved my life, Logan, and Eileen's. I didn't think he was going to shoot but you know me? I always think I'm the Supergirl. You were right, he would have." She sat on his lap and put her head on his shoulder, both of them waited in silence for the help to arrive.


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