A six year old Harry Potter was laying on his back on his little cot in the cupboard under the stairs. He hated having to lay on his back but if he moved to much to his left or right it jostled his broken ribs causing waves of pain to flow throughout his entire body. His ribs were payback from his uncle for me a freak. Little Harry wasnt sure how those things happened around him they just did. Harry knew that this beating was just a prelude to what was to come. He was terrified that since his "pre- beating" as his whale of a cousin called them, were so bad that the actual beating would truly kill him.

A sudden thought flew through Harry's head that he had never tried before. He knew he had to escape and get away from the Dursleys but he couldnt escape his locked cupboard. His thought was that if he couldn't stop his "freakishness" why not try to encourage it to help him escape.

As he sat there thinking over all the times his abilities had come in to play he quickly discovered that they happened to help him and that when his emotions were out of control. They always did what he seemed to want to whether it be to escape from His cousin Dudley's gang or to humiliate someone in retaliation.

Little Harry Quickly came up with a plan to use his abilities to escape. First he thought that he had to be able to move without blacking out so harry called all his emotions to the forefront of his mind and focused them inward towards where the pain seem to generate from. There was a muffled crack and a few seconds of absolute agony for Harry before there was nothing. The pain seemed to be gone! Harry sat up caustiously and twisted his torso from left to right to test for any pain. When none came he almmost cried in joy, He finally had away out of his own personal hell!

Harry quickly got up and focused his emotions at the lock on the door while willing it to open. With a soft click, the lock popped open. Harry let out a little squeal of joy before covering his mouth with his hands and listening for any sign that his relatives had heard it. When all he heard was a grunt and the creaking of bedsprings that signified they were still asleep he quickly and quietly crept out of the cupboard and towards the front door.

Harry quickly unlocked the door and crept outside. He continued slowly through the yard before he hit the road. There his sped up to a full sprint while letting out a whopp of joy, he was free at last!

After running three two blocks Harry slowed down to a walk. The elated feeling of escaping was leaving leaving a void that was filling fast with worry. Now that he was out what was he supposed to do. Where could he go. Harry quickly answered the what to do question by himself. He had to train his new found abilities. He had heard how horrible the world was from the little television he had seen between chores. If they helped his escape the surely could protect him also.

First Harry had to find somewhere to stay. With that thought young Harry Potter Set off walking with the hopes of finding a place to stay or his dream, a family to take him in. Two days of almost non stop walking and Harry was ready to give up. He hadn't seen another person for two days that was remotely friendly. Every person he had met had looked at him as some sort of criminal. Their eyes portraying there disgust at him, how dirty he was. Little harry felt like crying for his mom. He never felt this unwanted even at the Dursleys.

He was now walking through a forest that had lined the edge of a small town. He had heard rumors that creatures of all kinds were protected in this forest nd he was hoping that it would protect him until he could use his abilities better. He was so weak from hunger and thirst though he didnt think he would be able to do anything. He had refused to steal from anyone on his journey. Inhis mind it wasnt what his parents would have wanted of him.

As his hunger hit a particularly painful cord in his stomach, he tripped and fell over a tree root in the ground. As he slowly pulled himself up from the ground Harry heard growling coming from the bushes to his right. He looked the quickly scooted away from the bushes as a grey wolf crawled out of them. The wolf was five feet high and was salivating at the mouth. Harry, not being that dumb, could see that the wolf was going to eat him. Before he could even try using his fear for his abilities a vine whipped down from the treetops and wrapped around the wolfs midsection. There was a moments pause before the vine jerked and and unraveled sending the wolf crashing through the trees and out of sight.

The vine curled back up in to the treetops leaving Harry alone again to calm his heart. But before he could do that a creature jumped out of the trees and landed three feet in font of him. It looked at him with sparkling sky blue eyes and startewd to move towards Harry.