Brittle Glass

By: Pakkrat

Chapter 1: Beast Boy's annoying…

Note: Promised you all a romantic Slade/Raven fic without an end-of-the-world drama, where here it is. If you could read "Flickering Shadows" which also has Slade/Raven but some great action.

Sitting at the commons table a pale skinned girl sits and reads her hard binding book with a steaming mug of tea. The aroma of the tea soothed the girl's nerves nearly as much as this book, an epic little story she enjoyed every now and again. She wears this leotard and hood always, but only because she had a feeling crime might play up tonight. Still, she had a change of clothes ready for the late evening; she looks up and is slightly surprised, it was late evening! 'Aw…' the purple haired short cut girl, of purple amethyst eyes stood to lay down her book with a marker at her current spot. She had a prior engagement she needed to keep. This lady, by the way is named Raven.

Raven is a teen titan, the dark anti-social one everybody nearly forgets when the news plays on. However, her team didn't forget her especially after the past week. Raven makes towards the hall to her room when a large metal guy jumps up from the couch, "Hey! Rae, what you up to?" Raven swerved only to have him speedily dash off the couch to the hall, holding a wrench set he asks "You want to go supe-up my baby? We can talk and…" Raven finagles around the blocking tin gladiator called Cyborg snapping "No Cyborg, I'm busy!"

Cyborg watches as the green hummingbird flies over his head with a game, dropping it on Raven's head she stops to grab it. Looking at it she moans the green bird turns to a green boy, Beast Boy, "Hey! I got this cool fighting game, how bout you and me go…" the green changeling's lips are grabbed and he's pulled out of the way, "Not interested."

Cyborg and Beast Boy blink, then the next one to get involved was Starfire, the orange girl and friend of Raven. "Oh, there you are friend and companion of the same gender! Allow me to introduce you to," Starfire holds open her hands, "Plushie Puppies! They are huggable and adorable, and have loving phrases from whence they speak!"

Raven now looks on these things her eye twitching, she says, "Starfire… no." she makes a move but Starfire floats in the way, "They are very relaxing and enjoyable!"

"Damn it no!" Raven's eyes glow and the Plushie Puppies falter with their heads to the side, I mean, their heads are on the side of their bodies. Starfire looks tearfully as Raven floats faster to her room, inches from salvation! Then the last one, masked and in his red judo outfit was Robin, "Oh, hey Raven I just…" Raven screams slamming the leader on the wall "NOOO!" and floats through her door into the room locking it. Robin peels off slowly to then look on his other three friends sort of twirling their feet and whistling. Robin glares before asking "What happened?"

Starfire stands pushing her fingers together, "We were concerned for Raven as after the incident of her father, she has not completely confided in us as of her feelings."

Cyborg nods, "Yeah Rob, we just figured we might be able to get her to open up a little there's no way after that she's not a little upset."

Beast Boy chimes in "That and they made me because…" Cyborg and Starfire glare on Beast Boy, "What… oh… um, I mean I was worried too…"

Robin sort of gives them a snarl but slowly he melts to a smile, "Okay listen, we all just need to let her have some space, Raven deserves that more than ever." The others seem to moan and Robin shrugs, "Hey, it's either that or take a chance these little plushies aren't the only ones without heads tonight."

The three now take a gulp and step away slowly. Robin smiles before turning to the door worriedly, Robin raps his fingers on it asking "Raven? Are you okay?"

The door opens and darkness seems to be all that's there, but a voice asks "Are you?" the door closes again, Robin shrugs, "Maybe, maybe not, the more important thing is if you aren't you should talk about it."

The door opens; the voice asks "What happened to leaving me alone, I thought I deserved it." The door is still open so Robin says "You do deserve your privacy Raven. Just remember we're here if you want to talk about it."

Raven seems to be quiet a little while debating what to say, "Thank you." She says that and closes the door. Robin grins, "Sure thing."

It was a dark room and nothing remotely enjoyable looks at this form. He's sitting there alone, like usual, but some times he wonders why the hell that is. Well actually that's obvious, he was a murdering madman, what better reason for being alone? Looking at the clock he sees the time, not too late or early, just right to go out. Should he though?

Letting off his steam earlier he was sure he could probably keep from a fight… probably. Taking to his training sessions he calmed down a lot. That and after a small recess of watching old clips of his most talented battles, and the battles of his adversaries, he had let loose a little. His one eye seems to scan this morbid room and finally it relays to his mind, 'God… you're a boring bastard…' he stood up grabbing a long black trench, wrapping it tightly he exits in his outfit under this coat. His mask he undoes and let's lay at the table, and to the side of that mask he now picks up a black eye-patch putting it on he smiles, "This will be just fine I guess." Slade motions to the door grinning, "Who knows, maybe I'll find 'True Love'." Slade chuckles as he was joking to himself who in their right mind would give a man like this the time of day?

The door opened with Raven exiting with her casual wear on. She looks kind of nice, though roughish in the clothing she chose. Black jeans and a black top with 'Daddy's Little Girl' in the front, that was so far from the truth but Raven went for a more delved reading, it was mentioning she was a demonic being not right to be with anyone. Hell, that was an understatement; she was damned to be alone. To know only once she found happiness with someone and that only lead to… Raven shakes her head, she's being erratic.

Raven hears Cyborg whistle in jest mainly, she looks good alright but Cyborg is not interested in her like that. Neither is Robin since he has Starfire and Beast Boy, well, he's just annoying. Sure he had his moments, and time again someone mentions how sweet he is to her or how cute they may be together, but soon enough he makes a mistake that really hits home with her. Like what he says in 3…

Beast Boy asks, "Hey, where you headed?" 2…

"Out, I'm going out." 1…

Beast Boy smirks as she's at the door, "Try not to end the world while you're out this time, okay?" Houston, we have the crap hitting the fan…

Beast Boy was lying on the couch watching some television when it and he are lifted in the air with "Azarath Metrion Zinthos" chiming the room. The sofa lifts up and slams Beast Boy under it, he squeezes his head out seeing Raven's glowing eyes, and some tears before she leaves the tower. Beast Boy blinks asking, "Dude, what did I say?"

Cyborg walks over and lifts the couch; Starfire helps up Beast Boy as Cyborg snorts, "Something stupid, as usual."

"Dude! All I said was… it was a joke man!"

Robin was sitting at the table reading a paper, he had some things he was inspecting, "We know Beast Boy, but the joke wasn't a good one."

Beast Boy shrugs, "I thought it kind of was funny."

Raven is hurrying, or rather storming with fists bearing and teeth clenched. After all that happened he said that, he actually said that! The nerve, the blasted nerve of saying a thing like that! Raven barrels so fast down the walk she bumps into a figure, "Azarath Metrion Zinthos!" she screams faster than usual and bolts up her fist to the face of some man. The man stammers back screaming as his head bends up with a crack, he felt that for sure.

Raven stood there a moment with her fist in the air looking at the figure lying on their back stretched out. Her face now faults with her jaw wide. "Oh my Azarath…" she steps over to the man and looks him over; he's breathing so he's not dead. The punch was mixed with her powers, she could have killed some men in that hit but he seems resilient. She noticed his face, the white hair did not fit the face of what seems a relatively older man, but not so old to have all this white. Then the shaven chin, he must have just recently shaved as he has a small shaving-cut on the lower crest of the chin. Then the eye, she notices his patch and motions a hand over to it.

The man now moans, Raven jumps back and off her crouched position, "Um… are you okay?" she asks with slight worry she has the titans in a criminal charges case for assault. "Assess moving zebras?" Raven blinks to those words, the man is rubbing his head and she gulps, "Oh no, I gave you brain damage!"

The man grins slightly, "No my dear, more like what you said, Assess moving zebras. I never heard a person scream that, let alone before hitting someone."

Raven lets out a pant of relief, he didn't hear her chant. Raven stands up and offers a hand but he's already up on his own. Raven blinks, he's a fast healer too especially after that hit. Then, he's towering over her with his hands on his hips. He shows a playful leer as he asks, "So, who is it that struck me with such a magnificent punch?" Raven shifts slightly, she has an alias, time to use it. "Rachael, Rachael Roth. You can just call me Raven though, everyone else does."

"Raven," The man puts his hands at his tailbone and circles her, she's confused but stays still like a recruit at boot camp, "You're the first person in a LONG time to put me down like that in one punch, you work out?" he grins slightly, "Actually, I can see you do a little but nothing drastic."

Raven looks back seeing his eyes on her butt, "Hey! Watch it!"

"I was." The man grins, "By the way it's Wilson."

Raven raises a brow, he smiles saying "Slate Wilson, it's my name. But most just call me Wilson, or Will. I prefer Wilson as I'm not much of a Will."

Raven nods, "I see, Will." Will grins as she chose to call him that, "So now that we exchanged names I guess we'd better be off on our merry little ways." Will nods, "I agree though I did enjoy meeting you my lady."

Raven smirks a little before taking to a door near her; this was her little private place. The little coffee house and pastry spot with people who were quiet Goths who sat there, sat listening to some music band or poetry sessions as they spent their time reading or making the lesser conversations with people. Raven then notices someone else's hand, she looks up to Will who looks just as surprised, she asks "You come here?"

Will nods, "It's a way of saying I'm interacting with humanity without actually doing it." He smiles handsomely, "The only people here who talk normally only talk with the ones they enter with. Not a place for real interaction, is it?"

Raven smiles half smile, "I enjoy it for that one reason." She looks at the door and then Will, "You… wouldn't want to join me tonight would you?"

Will looks at her, his eye seems a slight surprised and then calmed, "Why," he bows his head and arm under his side, "I would be most honored to sit with you."

Raven blushes a little asking "Could you not do that, it's embarrassing."

Will stands and shrugs, "You let people bother you too much my dear, who in their right mind would be so obsessed with you?" he stops and smirks, "Well, aside from your beauty it's not like you're a teen titan or something." He chuckles as he enters the building. Raven sighs as she was a teen titan… "Hey, wait a sec." Raven blushes a little more, "He said…?"

Three figures stood on the roofs watching, one slightly taller he growls lowly and tosses a cigarette on the ground, "Damn the target has met with someone!"

The other, smallest one has a slightly squeaky voice, "Gee, did hell just freeze over or what?"

The other figure chuckles before being punched in the head by the larger one, this figure speaks in a deep Irish accent, "That was not so kind a thing to do laddie,"

"Shut up!" the first, leader figure snaps out, "You know what's going to happen if… he finds out we don't finish the job!"

Note: I am not going to make a giant deal on the end-of-the-world like before. But I did think it would be cool to have something around a group of criminals in this story. You will see later, but for now its Review time! What did you all think, was this better than Flickering Shadows?