Brittle Glass

Chapter 13: No More Parties

Raven… Teen titan… and the love of Will…

"I'm none of those…" her voice echoes into the darkness, "I'm nothing… will forever be nothing…"

They moan, and wail in an echo of lost nothingness, they are a creature… a breed… and the seek…

"This is… not where I… belong…"

They are beyond age, demon and angel fear them, life cowers from them…

"What's happening…"

There are worlds that transcend the worlds of man, the dreams of gods… the worlds of…

"Help me… please…" She whispers, "Will… save me…"

That is when she is here, a diner. This little rustic diner has her looking around, confused… "Wait… where am I?"
"Here." She turns to the man with the long trench, shades, and he's eating a slice of pie. "Where that is… I don't know. I think you made it because they almost had you."

Raven looks confused, but as she turns outside the windows… she jumps up knocking a cup of coffee from the countertop, an endless sea of darkness and golden orbs look at her… scratching at the walls, and she gasps, "What are they?"

"They are the ones who become nothing, who have no will anymore…" He turns removing his shades, to show two glowing orbs of gold, "I know, for I am one of their kind."

She is startled, and looks at him asking "What are you… they, those things and you looking for?"
The figure puts back his shades and says, a smile, "I'm looking to end the nothingness… but they, they want to end everything else. I suppose…" he eats a piece of pie and smiles, "You would say it's you both of us are here to see."

Slade stumbled back his head slapping to the stone wall, what on earth… the large foot smashing next to him now awoke his senses, the monster… almost forgot. He took staff in hand and banged it's knee but little could that do with a huge muscle-toned limb like this now ripping from the wall and to cradle of Slade, taking him in tow by two clawed hands which now toss him incredibly across the room. Slade smashes into a table with some décor, shaking his head as he swung around looking at the monster, Nemesis, stepping slowly toward him with a sick shine to it's fangs and slicking maul via the monster's whip-like tongue.

One can only imagine the beast's thinking, the thoughts of hate and rage. It growled as it got ever closer and attempts to soon reach for it's prey, but there was a honking, and Nemesis turns to the collapsing wall where a large black limo smashed in and rammed the monster several feet in the air. It screamed and fell hard, before standing erect from the waist up like those horror-film creatures of old would looking intently to the driver.

Wintergreen called out his window, "This would be a good time to perhaps leave?"
Slade gave a snort, no way he's retreating. Especially not without… "RAVEN!!!" he turned to see her on the floor, huddled, and he growls as he slams his fist on the trunk, "Wintergreen! I want my OLD gear!!!"

Wintergreen turns, and frowns but flips a switch it was a long time since he had that gear…

Nemesis was on his feet walking slowly, stopping a moment as he ROARED in rage his fangs sending a torrent burst of foul-odor. However, it's the bullets riddling him next that made the roar slowly end to a little grunt of irritation. Slade stood as his own outfit, but there is a line of ammo along his chest, a rifle aimed with a red light and now he cocked the lower-chamber to load a grenade, "You just don't know when to quit…" he aimed and fired as the grenade howls, then jams into the hole he made with the bullets to the chest where it explodes leaving a giant rift in the monster's chest, it stumbles back and head slacks almost like it is dead… but, it stood erect with a gleam in eye and grin from those teeth, before the flesh melds over and bone grows to have the hole gone, muscular abdominals and pectorals showing the places the hole in it's chest seemed to be. Slade, with a twitch, asks "Wintergreen… could you?"

The door opens and Wintergreen gave a nod with a large barreled gun, that he had pressed into the window to keep it balanced, "With gusto, sir." And he fires the rounds that nearly knock him back, and they did throw back Nemesis with the force.

Slade gave a nod and he ran around the limo aiming to one goal, Raven… his Raven.

Joker had a little trouble understanding this, but he asked the only one who in his opinion might know, "You!" Wade turns to Joker, "What the HELL is going on here?"
"Fine you should ask such a way…" Wade said in a manner of tone that seemed darker than usual, "You see, hell, is exactly what is going here. A personal hell, for one man…" he walked slowly toward the battle up ahead, saying, "You know I think I'm going to set up the final-act. See you around smiles."

Joker grabbed his face, irritation, agitation and unknown destination he growls "Why is it things are never easy? Can't I just kill people and BE left to the killing?"
About then Robin screams, "JOKER!!!"
"Oops, guess not." He mused as he turned with his band of miscreants, "Listen, I'm not sure what's going on… but I know I came her for Robin and his friends! SO first one to bring me the Teen Titans, gets the reward of not having me kill them!!!" He fired a starter pistol into the air, "Psychos, GO!!!"

Robin turned to Raven then the impeding march of maniacs, "Everyone! Protect Raven! Don't let them near her!!!" he took his Bo-staff in hand and ran with his eyes narrowing on the goon closest to him, a massive rib-cracker swing sends him to the path of a bull which gourde him before then trampling thru.

Cyborg tosses a chair, but fires his cannon making it splinter into the small group of goons, where he now leapt into and screamed with massive swings of his teen-fist-o-fury! With his fists now were bolts, Starfire dived in and fired making little work of the ones with weapons, not letting them harm her friends. The teens were on top of their game… until…

"Foul ignorance, of the youth, of the non-believers of god's word!" a swirling mist took them by surprise and bound them with chains of shadow, like ones Raven would use. "You, have no right to challenge the will of my god, my master…" he, Preacher, stood forth and held his book in hand with staff in tow, "Look upon ye and repent! Lest be devoured by the beasts that are yours to be feasted upon!"

The titans were now stuck, and Robin snarls, "For a holy-man you sure seem unholy to me!" He scrambled to his feet but the chains now made hooks taking and latching the ground. Robin screams torn to his knees, and now bowing to Preacher, he snarls, "I ever get my hands on you…"

Preacher has a smile on his face, "Boy, you shall never harm we who do not exist. For we, are of the Nothingness, and we are impervious to your beings of creation."

Gluttony, who has been quiet had a grin, "Hey you missed one." He waddled toward Raven asking, "Can I eat her?"

Preacher did not care, he nodded as Covet said "Sure tubby! Go to town!"

Gluttony was delighted, and his belly-button… grew wide? That is when it rips and a mouth of fangs, with tendrils seems to expand wide enough to take a person inside. Gluttony chuckles asking, "What you think this birdie tastes like?" his tendrils took her ankle, "Chicken?"
Covet, with a snort, only shrugged as he was waiting to see his partner do what he does best. Gluttony's stomach was immense when, from nowhere, leapt a figure into the stomach? Gluttony is chuckling as it seems like suicide, but then he feels ill. His skin, and flesh, begins to smoke and he screams as he stumbles, his tendrils wailing about. Soon he roars in pain as he bursts into white flames and in his place, there now stood Slade in his soul-self. He turns to Covet who already storms on him in rage, and Slade snorts before taking and snapping his fingers onto Covet's face soon burning him into ash too. His next target, Preacher…

"Well, it seems the beast has taken a new prodigy. I will not be so easily beaten…" Preacher raised his staff… and… he vanishes with a shadowy swirl.

Slade stood there… then, he blinks, "He just… ran away?"
Raven whimpers in her state, and Slade turned to reach for her… but the flames, now active he fears what they will do. Suddenly, they disappear, he's not sure how… or why, but he sighs in relief taking her in his arms. Robin screams, "SLADE!!!"

Slade turns, and narrows his eye to the boy, "She is in danger… I can't leave her here, like this."

Robin narrows his own eyes in dramatic challenge, and warning… "If you harm her…"

"I will not put her in danger, or else…" he looks to her, a sadness in his eyes, "I will forfeit the last remaining piece of my world…"

Robin is still chained with the others as Slade ran with her, he sighed… now what?

Raven was still so nervous… "What am I here for?"
"You're the one who came here, I just helped set you…"

Raven growled, irritated with that response, "How can I get out?"
"You know the way, though there are two… don't take that one," he motions to the door the monsters, those… Nothings seem to be hoarded at. "I wouldn't if I had the choice."

Raven glared, and thought… "What made me come…" she tensed, "Slade… Will is…"


She blinked, and turned to the unusual man, "Will is…"

"Will…" he spoke once more now sipping his coffee.

She looked at him, and raised a brow, "No, Will is actually…"

"Will…" He said one more time now as he placed the cup down and turned to her, "For in the end, you are you not just the person but the hero, for they are one, and you are that one. He is he, for he is that one and thus, you are two and something special as one."

A moment, and Raven just faulted her face, "Huh?"
About that time, she felt someone calling her… seeking her… and she knew, "Will?" She followed to the back where she found the back exit… she was now looking to the man, he only drank and ate. "Um… thank you, I guess?"
"Sure… anytime…" he sipped once more, and she left. This time now he folded his napkin to pat his lips… and said, "Looks like I was right after all…"

She woke slowly as now she has to be on the roof, where she slowly realized she's being held. Raven's eyes look to the one holding her, "Will…" she smiled, but a moment of his mask… "Slade!" she screams, a black force bucking his arms and then allowing her to fly from his arms. She stood, energy rolling from her muscles as she snarls looking at him. "How could you… you're a sick, disgusting monster Slade."

Slade… no, Will looked stunned, "Raven…" he shunned his eyes from her, "I wanted to tell you my dear, so many times I wanted to tell you what was the truth."
"But you didn't!" she growls like a rabid hound from hell, "You lied to me! You lied about your real identity!"

"THIS is my real identity! Will, that's the REAL me! Not the man who attacks you and your friends, Slade Wilson… it might be my name, but my name is no more important than the one you gave me."
Raven slowly looks at the ground… she lied too, about her name and all… but, was that the same? This was SLADE! THE SLADE!!! The mad man, the psychopath…

"I won't fall for your tricks…" she whispers, trying to validate her fears…

Slade, or Will tries to think what to say to explain his need of her, but only… "Raven…" she looks to him, "If you leave me, my world will mean nothing. You are the last GOOD thing I have in my wretched life. Without you, my love… I think my world will shatter like…. Like…." He looks to her, seeing her look at him in anticipation, "Just like brittle glass…"

Silence… a long, and deep silence while the two look to one another. Raven's energy has stopped rolling off her, her eyes look to him with great need. She needs him too, but… can she REALLY be with him? Then it sinks in…

"For in the end, you are you not just the person but the hero, for they are one, and you are that one. He is he, for he is that one and thus, you are two and something special as one."

Raven runs to him and clasps to his chest, crying, "WILL!!!"

Will holds her, tightly, as if he had lost her for almost all his life… without her his life was that though without her. "Raven… oh, thank the gods you're here…"

The two are together, silent. Then someone applauds. They turn eyes daring the one who dares intrude and enter the man in black, Raven is puzzled, but Will says, "Pakkrat?"

Raven turns to her lover, "What?" she then turns to the man in black, "Is that his name? Wait… I thought he was just some figment of my…" she now felt ill as there came a deep moaning all around them. Something, somewhere caused her to sense immense emotional irregularities. "What is… this?"
The man in black shrugs, "Oh those? I think those are your powers being affected by The Nothings…" He smiles a bit as Slade holds her tightly, "Good, hold her tightly. Because you two have much to be close with one another for."

Then, from the shadows came a figure behind the two that seemed an elongated skirted lower-torso, and upper chest with long arms. It bobbed side to side as it came close one glowing golden eye it's only distinct feature. As Slade and Raven turn, the man in black went thru them and clasped the creature by the head crushing it with all his might. A moment it dissipates… and the man says, "This is the last we'll meet… from here on, they will not stop till one or both of you are dead."

Robin is freed and he scrambles up, "SLADE!!!" he charges toward where the madman had gone. But that was no help as a shot now tore into his shoulder. Screaming Robin grabs the grazed shoulder, and turns to the long-nosed smiling mad-man Joker. "You…"

"Gee, here I was thinking you forgot I was even alive!" Joker twirls his cane as it also was a gun, and standing on it he leans with it mockingly in a sense of aristocrat demeanor, "You sure look the same, but more… well, let's say CRAZY than when we last met. Must be all that teen-angst I hear about." He saw how the other Titans were now coming off the floor, "Oh, but look we have a FUN gang-o-misfits! The Teen-Titans all up and about, minus the one… mind you." He cackles as he soon flips the cane and fires several rounds toward the teens.

Cyborg, his metallic hide was enough for those bullets so he blocks the bullets for his allies. Robin screams, "Beast Boy, table now!"

Beast Boy nods and turns to a gorilla to take one table and toss it, while it is going Robin screams, "Starfire!!!" he looks to her, and blushes… "Um… uh, use your bolts…"

She nods and tosses her bolts as Joker rolls from the table. Two or three miss, but the lucky one strikes Joker's cane making him drop it so he turns and runs into the kitchen.

She screams jumping up with joy but Robin swings his cape around her, "Star… don't do that…" he is blushing madly while she looks down. And she sees her upper dress hanging from her waist and his cape held her top covered, while her bikini-top was… well, on the floor at her feet.

Star blushes as she takes the cape to her chest, "Um, yes I understand now… thank you." She turns to a table cloth and wraps it like a long cape over her top. Then, offers back Robin's cape.

Robin took his cape and ran while he was headed toward the kitchen, he snaps his cape on again. "Titans, GO!!!" and he kicks in the kitchen door… to be slammed out from a large stove-monster?
"OH looks like some-one's trying to play with the boss!" Baby-bop scoots out with his strange Stove-armor with plates as arms, and forks/spoons/knives as fingers. "If you can't tell… with my imagination, I can materialize material around me like anything I want." Baby-Bop chuckles a dark manner, "Now… how about we PLAY!!!" and from his armor fired flames of incredible heat. However… he has a metal-man smash his armor and then yanks Baby-Bop out holding him by the scruff. The armor falls apart and Baby-Bop squirms and kicks his legs.

Cyborg, with a smile asks, "You know anybody by the name of Gizmo?"

Beast Boy runs saying, "We gotta go!" the others were ahead of the two. "Or else we…" and then there came a sound-blast sending Beast Boy flailing backwards. Pitch came in and smiled, "Aye, there be a heaping helping of my hospitality!!!"
Cyborg frowns and tosses Baby-Bop into Pitch's head, "How bout mine?"

Pitch fell to the… well, pitch… and has to say, "Big trouble in little china…" before blacking out with his miniature partner saying, "I hate you…" before zoning out.

Cyborg goes to Beast Boy and asks, "You okay man?"

Beast Boy rubs his head, "Yeah… just…" he looks up and pushes him out of the way of the speeding limo before they both look as it rams out the building with a large zombie-monster chaces after firing rounds of ammo. To that, Beast Boy remarks, "Dude… if this is okay I'm not sure WHAT the hell is going to be unusual!!!" he then holds up his hand, "Isn't this Starfire's bra?"

Robin and Star ran into the kitchen where first a barrage of knives, with pans and even a rolling pin seemed to be every turn. Joker bolts out into the streets while they follow and he stops at the end of the alley, "You kids are persistent to be sure. Yet, in the end you should know you never should just follow a mad man." He turns with a device in his hand, "After all… you never know WHAT is going to happen!!!" and he pushes the switch to cause the alley to explode with immense force. He, the Joker, ran into his van and drove off leaving his "partners" to their own demises and such.

Robin pushes off the rubble holding Star's shoulders, "It's okay Starfire, we're…" he blinks, her shoulders felt kind of… nice… "Um…" he blushes and looks at her, then scrambles up screaming, "OH MY GOD!!! I'M SO SORRY!!!"

Starfire pulled her cloth tighter around herself blushing, "It is quite alright, you were protecting me friend Robin." She smiled to him, still a bit embarrassed, "Should we continue chasing The Joker?"

Robin shook his head, then… "Oh no…" he slaps his head, "RAVEN!!!"

On the roof, the man in black smiles to say, "You should run…"

Slade asks "Why are you helping us?"
"It's helping me." He says calmly, "If I keep you from this… maybe, what I have become means something. Then I won't be a Nothing anymore." He cocks his head, "Go, they won't stop. Where there is something the Nothings will seek it. Just go."

The two, confused, ran for it while leaving the man in black. He sighs, asking, "Where are you?"

He turns and smirks, "Oh…" there is a black form, tall and over him that has a dual set of the glowing eyes, black wraps seem to flow around him as his arms clasp the man in black making him slowly dissolve away, "I was expecting you to find me…" the man in black chuckles to himself, "I can't wait till they kick your immortal…" and he dissapeared in the darkness...

Slade and Raven were partially off the large roof and heading to the one next door. That was when…

There is a song playing off a boom-box, Slade stops dead with Raven, "I know…" Slade turns up to the figure of Dead-Man Wade his long coat open showing the red and black outfit, a red mask over hid head with red pendulum like patches around white eyes now all together in his outfit this was… the real, dead man. "You're still around being a pain in my…"

"I love this song… Blood Red Sandman… from my favorite group Lordi. You know what?" he leapt down and charges Slade screaming, "It always puts me in the mood to KILL someone!!!"

Slade pushes Raven back with his sword at the ready, "Damn… alright! Let's finish this!" Slade swings as he clangs with Wade, the two backing to then charge. Wade flashes a strike but is unable to connect, he rolls and swings for Slade's leg. Slade, in a leap passes the strike to then land and swing around stabbing his sword into the ground taking the jacket. Wade pulls out and rolls forward to stand, so with him Slade stood so they can stand even with blades ready.

Wade smiles asking, "What's the matter? Has it been THAT long since you killed someone?"

Slade screams and swings as Wade dodges and evades each attack to then pull back sending a strong forward stab to Slade's chest. Slade barely turns on his side, to slice his sword to the forearm of his enemy, then running past he turns back sword straight up, at the ready. Wade looks at the mark and sighs as it heals, "You're going…" he turns screaming, "TO PAY FOR THAT!!!" and he swings like mad with both swords while Slade blocks and weaves thru the mad attacks. The two stand off a second, on one and another's heels.

This is when Raven calls her powers, "Azarath Metrion Zinthos!" and sent parts of the roof hurling at Wade. Wade sneaks a knee to the chest of Slade, there he tosses his rival into the coming debris while rolling from it. Slade is struck and hurt, a bone snapping out than back with his power. Raven stops to now feel a fist to her face, Wade snatching her by the neck and tossing her, snarling, "Stay out of this you witch!" he turns and immediately leaps into the air thrusting his blades down on Slade, Slade rolling out from them, to allow the mad-man Wade to pull his blades and slash around himself narrowly taking a limb from Slade.

Slade stood, to block and then smack at one sword that was upon him. Then he ran strafing his sword with Wade beside him, the two countering one another while in run. They skid to a halt, and slash Wade's two blades each blocked over and over by the one of Slade. Slade screams, "Give it up!" he then spins with his sword taking the one sword from the Dead Man, "We're not going to solve this like before! We are NOT the same men anymore!"
"LIAR!" Wade swung down as his sword imbeds the roof. Slade, spinning again slashes but Wade rolls back on his bottom, then to a sprawl kneel he rams Slade knocking the sword from Slade as they tumble the roof several feet punching and kneeing one another.

While they battle, Raven slowly gets up and sighs. This was getting to be tiring. She saw how they fought and worried, Slade is not going to be killed… he's immortal, well, except his head. She then realized, "Slade…" she smiles, taking the sword that belonged to Slade in her energy, "SLADE!!! Your sword!!!"

Slade kicks off Dead Man and takes his sword to spin around, and stab Dead Man in the chest before saying, "This time…" Dead Man grabs for the blade but it is out, and now swinging in the air, "STAY DEAD!!!"

There is a snap, a pop… and the head rolling on the ground. Slade steps slowly panting and huffing, his mask was off… torn in the brawl. He turns to Raven with red blood on his face, his chest… and smiles to her. "Raven…" she smiles to him, "Thank you my…" then, her smile is horror. Slade turns and blinks there was no one there. He then feels the knee to his stomach, someone took his sword and jammed it in his chest forcing him back and into the roof. Pinning him, Slade screams while he then feels the sword being pushed left and right DEEP into his flesh. Slade feels the blade be ripped out, then jammed in repeatedly with his chest being stabbed over and over into the roof.

After moments, Raven sends her attacks but the body leaps on her without it's HEAD! Yes, then it slaps her before then taking her by the ankle and throwing her clear across the roof into a ventilation chute. There, the body takes one sword, then the other and slides them into sheaths. Slade watches in confusion… no, even HE can't do this! His body can not withstand the separation of the head! How is it still moving, acting without a head? Then he looks to the head as it sat there, the mask was missing showing the clean slice of the neck, the smiling visage, as it says… "Peek-a-boo!"

"How… can you…" he spits up blood, it's not possible…

"Well, I see you're confused." Wade is picked up by his body, "You see…" then, placed stump-to-stump the neck melds back to the body, "Cancerous tissue grows at an alarming rate Slade. When I was mutated, it seems the cancer I was trying to heal, in truth intensified my own healing factor. I'm like one giant tumor, and boy you know how hard they are to kill. Leave one piece, they keep growing and growing." Wade has to laugh as he moves toward Raven, "I guess I win again… huh?"
"NO!" Slade tries to move but his chest was badly injured, "Leave… her out… of this…"

Wade only smiles while he tosses her on his shoulder, "I can't. You brought her into this." He then snidely adds, "I'll see you in hell Slade… see you, with your little girlfriend here. We'll be having a good time till then, I mean a REALLY good time!" and he leapt off the building screaming with hideous laughter.

Slade cries her name, her to awake… but, all he then can do is taste the blood rolling in his mouth before, all goes hazy… and he falls back unconscious.

Hell… that's where he was… without her…

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