Our intrepid heroes, having survived the disaster at Pelennor fields, returned in triumph to the safety of the orc camp on the Plains of Morgai.

"You two? This disaster is now complete. Ten thousand of our fellows go under the knife and you two slugs come back unscratched. What did you do to survive? Get lost on the way to the battlefield?"

In a quiet voice, the one orc whispered, "How did he know?"

But, the Uruk sergeant was still shouting and did not hear. "Well, I know what to do with you. Right in the middle of the column, where I can keep my eyes on you. We're moving out."

And, with that, the column set off, the large Uruk always hovering nearby. The orcs kept to a steady trot which quickly ate up the miles. Finally, where the road cut through a ridge, they halted.

Someone had spotted a couple of smallish orcs loitering in the road. The Uruk sergeant moved up to gather them up. Argh and Nargh saw him shouting at the small orcs and hustling them into the column.

"No, not at the rear!" their sergeant shouted at the small orcs. "Three files up. And stay there, or you'll know it, when I come down the line!" Then coming over to our heroes, he added, "I'm keeping all my problems together, so I can keep my eyes on you."

Again the column moved out. They kept in the same dog trot as before. The Uruk came behind our heroes and the small orcs to push them all along.

They kept moving until the road they were on merged with another. The column halted in confusion as different bands tried to use the same road. Orcs milled about and our heroes stumbled off to take a well-earned break.

Argh tumbled over the small orcs who had fallen to the ground. He helped them to their feet and dusted them off.

"Your helm's about to fall off," Nargh told one of them. "Let me fix the straps. There, that's better. You don't want to go running around without your helm. That's what the sergeant tells us."

Argh spotted something in the dirt. "Did either of you drop this?" He pointed to a shiny ring on a chain.

One of the small orcs snatched up the chain from the ground. Without another word, they crawled to the edge of the road and over the parapet into the darkness beyond.

Our heroes stared after the small orcs. Argh turned to his companion, "Nargh, should we tell the sergeant"

"Naw Argh, let them go. They were all done in. Besides, what harm could those blighters do?"