Chapter 46

Knowing Sam all too well, Janet went by her friend's lab to collect her for lunch. The guys were already at their table, so Sam and Janet quickly got some food as well and went to join them.

As soon as they reached the table, Janet leaned over to Daniel, kissing him soundly on the lips. Looking pointedly around the room, she grinned at those that had obviously chosen to have lunch at this time in order to see SGC's newest couple with their own eyes, and finally sat down next to a slightly red Daniel. Sometimes, she thought, the SGC could be worse than any yellow press.

Chuckling, Jack waggled his eyebrows, saying, "You know, it'd be easier to take a picture of you two and post it on the common notice board."

"But much less fun," Janet dead-panned.

Laughing out loud, Jack replied, "If you say so, Doc. It's just that Danny-boy here seems to be a bit embarrassed by the whole open affection thing."

"He'd better get used to it," Janet replied matter of factly, absently patting Daniel's hand in reassurance.

"Hey!" he protested immediately, "I'm sitting right here!"

"I know, darling" Janet replied sweetly, leaning over to give him another kiss and effectively cutting short any reply he might have. "Besides, once they find out about those two," she added evilly while pointing at Sam and Jack, "Nobody will care about us anymore."

Grinning, Daniel replied, "Yeah, I can't wait for that to happen." Then, as an afterthought, he looked questioningly at Sam, "By the way, what did Jake say about you and Jack ... uhm ... you know?"

"Having hot, wild never-ending sex?" Jack clarified in a loud whisper, waggling his eyebrows at Daniel – who in return blushed even brighter than before. "Or about us being together in general?"

"Nothing," Sam answered, rolling her eyes at Jack's reply and slapping his thigh under the table.

"Ow!" Jack complained, rubbing the spot where she had hit him.

"Behave," Sam ordered quietly, sending him a look that clearly stated 'or you sleep on the couch tonight'.

"Nothing!?" Both Janet and Daniel questioned at the same time disbelievingly, ignoring the little banter between their friends.

"Yeah," Sam repeated thoughtfully, "Nothing."

"Is that good or bad?" Jack asked, suddenly slightly concerned. He knew that Jake liked him and they already did have the I'm-the-big-brother-talk. Then again, Jake wasn't the kind of guy to not comment on it as soon as he found out about it. And, thanks to Caity, finding out he did in a rather spectacular way!

"That depends," Sam answered cautiously as a rather frightening thought started to take form in her mind.

"On what?" Jack asked confused.

"On what he's planning. I haven't really thought about it, but he didn't talk to me after Caity called him yesterday. Neither did he come to my lab today, something he'd have done no matter how busy he was, unless he's planning something else." Sam said slowly, while thinking what her brother might be up to.

"On what he's planning?" Daniel asked curiously, repeating Sam's words.

"Oh yeah," Sam answered. "The more I think about it, the more I'm sure he's up to something."

"Something good?" Jack asked hopefully. Because, really, Jake loved his sister. He'd never do anything to embarrass her, right?

"Probably not," Sam admitted sheepishly. She knew her brother all too well – and right now the thought crossed her mind that maybe, just maybe, she had him on the receiving end of her childhood pranks once – or twice - too often.

"Uhm, guys?" Daniel suddenly interrupted Sam's train of thought, pointing towards the entrance where both Jake and Dave Dixon had just appeared.

"Colonel Dixon and your brother seem to be rather pleased with themselves," Teal'c stated matter of factly.

"Uh oh," Sam replied, "That's not good."

"Do you really think he'd do something in here, in the middle of the commissary?" Janet asked sceptically. She knew how much Sam meant to Jake and was absolutely sure he'd do nothing to hurt her. Besides, the two weren't doing anything suspicious, just cueing for food like everyone else!

"You're probably right," Sam answered, although her tone betrayed those words. She was anything but sure they'd be safe here.

"Come on," Jack tried to cheer her up, "We can wait and worry about if and what they might be up to, or we can actually eat our food before it gets cold. Besides, being humiliated is so much more fun when you've got a full belly."

"Indeed," Teal'c replied, heartily tucking into his food. He didn't need to worry about anything, after all. However, he also made sure the small, high resolution digital camera he bought on the internet a couple of month ago was within easy reach and ready for action. So far he had managed to keep it a secret even from his friends, enabling him to make some rather interesting discoveries. The day after he received it, he accidentally activated it in a briefing, taking a rather boring picture of legs under the conference table. Ever since then he took it everywhere in the SGC, and, having disabled the flash, unknowingly taking pictures – and enjoying the often weird looking but sometimes blackmail-worthy results at night.

In the end Sam was able to relax again as Jake and Dixon were joined by the rest of SG13 only minutes later, and after coming by their table to say hello, they settled two tables down, digging into their food as well. She soon enjoyed her meal again, not to mention the gently caresses Jack managed to sneak in - more or less unnoticed - under the table.

It was a sign of just how much everyone was relaxed at SG1's table, that only Teal'c saw the little lights of the surveillance cameras going off. Catching Dave's eyes at the same time, he nodded ever so slightly, telling him he knew something was up, yet he didn't intend to interfere.

For now.

A short while later Janet and Sam had finished their dessert and were quietly giggling about one thing or another while Daniel and Jack just looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders, when Teal'c saw General Hammond enter – or rather sneak into – the commissary. It definitely looked like the show was about to start.

Smiling to himself, Teal'c leaned back and relaxed – though not without taking several sweeps with his camera under the table to see if his friends behaved properly, yet hoping for a bit of black-mail material there as well - waiting for the things to come.

Meanwhile, Jake was still contemplating the best approach when – almost too cliché – a couple of marines gave him a better opening than he would ever have been able to construct himself.

"Dr Pullman! Finally seen the light and retreated from the battlefield, I assume?" Major Kerrington asked non too quietly as he passed Jake's table.

Jake simply rolled his eyes while the rest of Kerrington's team snickered and chose a table nearby. However, those in hearing distance of this comment went quiet, too stunned to say anything and too curious to miss what might come of it. Because one thing was for sure, if they heard the remark, then SG1 did too. And there was not one single person that didn't know who the comment was directed at.

Of course, given the nature of the SGC's mission, once one part of the commissary went completely silent, everyone else started to wonder what exactly had happened and in less than a minute everybody's attention was around Jake's and SG1's table.

Sighing theatrically – loud enough for everyone to hear – Jake got up and walked towards his sister. The commissary was so quiet, that his footsteps were almost unbearable loud in his own ears. But he had do what had to be done. In the end he only had his sister's happiness in his mind and if he had a bit of fun with Jack – okay, and Sam - in the meantime, well, that was a nice bonus.

Quickly covering the short distance to her – he didn't want to give Sam an out after all – Jake stopped, smirking down at her.

Then, surprising everyone in the commissary, he knelt down on one knee, taking Sam's hand in his, gently kissing her fingertips.

Sam would have laughed at the murmuring suddenly filling the room if she didn't just happen to be the one everyone was focused on. So instead she settled for a quick eye-roll at Jake, who gave her his best 'I'm over the heels in love with you'-look in return.

And then he started to speak.

"Samantha, I loved you since I first laid my eyes on you. Not one single day has past since then, in which my admiration and love for you hasn't grown."

During that short statement the commissary went from quite murmurings to stunned silence to surprised and shocked gasps. Although, those having bet money on a future Sam and Jake relationship were actually starting to grin.

"Your smile is enough to light up the room and your genius saved all of us more than once – or so I've been told," Jake added, getting a few chuckles on the last bit.

Using his free hand to gently tuck a stray strand of hair behind her ear, he continued, "You're are highly regarded by so many people not only in this country, but also beyond our planet, making me prouder than I can ever tell you."

By now, every single soul in the commissary held their breath again to not miss anything that was said. However, several people nodded their approval to Jake's latest comments. And Teal'c kept on taking hidden pictures.

"You travel amongst the stars and using and adapting alien technologies with a naturalness that amazes me every day anew. You are so unbelievable strong, you fought and won more battles than I'll ever know – and even if you loose a battle, you just come back stronger to win the war. You are my hero and I can't imagine ever losing you," Jake added seriously, though with his eyes shining proudly, meaning every single word he said.

Even though she didn't want to, tears started to gather in Sam's eyes, but they weren't falling, yet. Under the table, Jack gently squeezed her hand, knowing how much her brother's words meant to her.

Almost to choked up to speak, Sam gently stroke Jake's cheek and could only whisper in reply, "I love you too, and you won't loose me, Jake." Her voice stronger now, she added mischievously, "You'd get into way too much trouble without me."

"Hey!" Jake protested pouting, while everyone else was smirking or snickering.

Knowing he'd have the final laughs on his side though, Jake quickly continued, "As I was saying, I loved you since the day we met. However, desperate times call for desperate measures and seeing that the kids want me to buy them all sorts of things I'm in desperate need for money."

Taking a break to let everything sink in – and having referred to the kids instead of my kids sure added lots of speculations for the bystanders who promptly responded with shocked gasps and the like – Jake finally winked at Sam and, standing up but keeping her hand in his, continued, "Therefore, I'll just settle a couple of bets and collect my money."

All of a sudden, the warmth and gooiness caused by Jake's loving words vanished from Sam's body. When she tried to get her hand back from her brother, he just grinned at her evilly and simply held onto it tighter. At the same time Jack couldn't do anything but squeeze Sam's other hand in reassurance, telling her they were into this together, no matter what. Besides, he didn't have choice anyway.

Haven given everyone time to think over his last sentence for a couple of minutes, Jake asked grinning, "I presume everybody here remembers the lovely show of affection between our beloved Doc Frasier and Dr. Jackson last week?"

Smiling at the confirming wolf-whistles from several people in the room, Jake asked no–one in particular, "So I suppose you wouldn't mind a little add-on to the SGC's love stories?"

Sam's weak, "Yes!" was easily drowned out by several "No!", "Go on!" or "Kiss her!" coming from all direction – including Daniel and Janet, which earned them disapproving looks from both Sam and Jack.

"Well, beloved Samantha, you heard them. I can't do anything against it, it's what they want," Jake told his sister, grinning mischievously and kissing the back of her hand.

At this point, Ferretti had enough and decided to help out Jack, because he sure needed it by the look of things! So, standing up, he shouted in the general direction of Jack's table, "Come on, Jack! Do something! Don't let that lover-wannabe take your girl away. You're giving the Air Force a rather bad name here!"

Groaning at Ferretti's interference, Jack nevertheless stood up to face Jake and tried to – unsuccessfully – stare him down.

"Finally," Jake commented dryly, loud enough for everyone to hear and causing quite a few people to almost choke in shock.

Then, after a second of astonishment, the commissary was filled with more or less quiet questions flying around.

"Is he mad?"

"Didn't he know who exactly he was up against?"

"Is he tired of his life or something?"

"Is this guy for real?"

"Who is this guy?"

"He's so dead!"

Waiting a short time for Jack to do something, anything really, Jake sighed and held up his hands to quieten everyone down. Which, amazingly enough, worked. Turning back to look at Jack again, still getting no response from him though, Jake finally threw his arms in the air, exclaiming exasperated, "Oh fer crying out loud, Jack! What else do I have to do to get you to act?"

"Yep, he's definitely mad."

"… and tired of his life."

"… and deader than dead."

Rolling his eyes at the comments coming from all around him, Jake continued, "Come on, Jack. Do you want me to actually spell it for you?"

When Jack had stood up a few moments before, he managed to make short eye contact with Sam – something Jake hadn't noticed. However, he and Sam had one of their infamous silent conversations in which Jack told her he had an idea, asking her to play along, to trust him. Which, of course, she did.

So, going with his plan, Jack just stood there, slightly in front of Sam, shrugging his shoulders and raising his eyebrows nonchalantly at Jake.

Jake sighed. Great, now Jack was being uncooperative too. He had to give it to him though, Jack was doing the one thing neither he nor Dave had expected – and that was staying calm and doing nothing, therefore leaving the ball in Jake's court. And judging by the slight smirk on Jack's face, he knew that Jake knew what he was doing. Bah.

Sighing again and shaking his head at the two people in front of him, Jake said overdramatically, "Fine. You win. Congrats."

This, of course, baffled most people in the room. Huh? Jack won? Just like that? After that long declaration of love for Sam – which she reciprocated, too - while Jack did nothing? Nothing at all!

Trying to hide his smile at the confusion written over so many faces around the commissary, Jake set out to deliver his final remark. "But would you please, please end everyone's misery and confusion and actually go ahead and kiss my little sister senseless?"

"If you insist," Jack replied smirking.

Then, turning Sam around in his arms so she'd face him, he dipped her low and started to kiss her. It only took this initial contact of their lips to let both of them forget their surroundings and their kiss quickly became anything but chaste and innocent.

It took a while for Sam to realise that the roar of the surf she thought she was hearing – despite not being anywhere near the sea – were actually people cheering and wolf-whistling. It took another couple of minutes of blissful kissing that she realised just what, or rather who, they were cheering and wolf-whistling at!

Blushing brightly, she tried to gently push Jack away and to get both of them in an upright position again. "Jack?" she murmured against his lips and after getting no response, she repeated, louder, "Jack?"

"Hm?" he replied distracted, finding her bottom lip far more interesting than whatever she was trying to tell him.

"Commissary," Sam whispered breathlessly. Why was that a bad thing again? Oh god, Jack was way to good with his lips.

It took a while for Sam's words – or rather word – to reach Jack's brain, but once it did, he reluctantly let go of Sam, after stealing a final and more gentle kiss.

As soon as Jack released her – well, at least her lips - Sam buried her head in the crook of his neck, that way giving herself another minute to catch her breath and, more importantly, getting ready to face the crowd. Or maybe-?

"Dream?" she whispered hopefully into Jack's ear.

"Nope," he replied, using the opportunity to brush a soft kiss on her cheek. He couldn't help himself, but now that the cat was out of the bag, he couldn't stop kissing and touching Sam.

"Damn," Sam said whole-heartedly.

Chuckling, Jack only hugged her closer, then he turned and ended up looking directly into Jake's eyes.

"Is that what you had in mind?" Jack asked cockily, raising his eyebrows – and the crowed roared and cheered in agreement.

"Well-" Jake started thoughtfully but was interrupted by a way too gleeful Daniel, commenting, "Actually, 'Get a room!' comes to ones mind!".

"Hear, hear!"

"Great show, Jack!"

"Good one, Daniel!"

"It's about damn time!"

Once the room had quietened down a bit, Jake continued ruefully, "As I was going to say, I could sure have done with a bit less of a show." Then again, he was pretty sure he was alone with that particular opinion.

"Hey! You said, and I quote, kiss my little sister senseless! And now you complain about me doing exactly that?" Jack replied in mocked shock, adding – or rather grumbling – "Spoil-sport."

"Ja-ack!" Sam groaned embarrassed, deciding to better stay right where she was. Hidden against Jack's shoulder.

And then, suddenly, someone actually connected to dots.

"Whoa! Wait!" Ferretti shouted, immediately having everyone's attention on himself. "Did you just say little sister?"

"Sure did," Jake replied grinning.

"No kidding?" Ferretti asked in astonishment, somehow having become the spokesperson for everyone else.

"Nope," Jake confirmed.

Before Ferretti could reply to that though, Dave stepped in.

"Okay, now that we have established the Carter's plan to take over the SGC," he started, getting some chuckles for his efforts, "we can move to the more important things."

"What's that?" Ferretti asked confused when Dave didn't continue on his own.

"Videos!" Dave exclaimed happily, holding up his digital camera and pointing to his team members that were strategically standing around the commissary, holding up cameras as well.

"Oh god!" Sam groaned quietly, while the room broke into loud cheers again.

"Ssh," Jack replied just as quietly, rubbing her back gently. "Just play along and we'll be fine."

"I'm not so sure about that," Sam replied sceptically, lifting her head from Jack's shoulder and looking into his eyes.

"Trust me. It will be fine," Jack tried to reassure her, gently kissing her forehead. "Okay?"

"Okay," Sam finally agreed, "It's not like we have a choice, anyway."

No sooner than she said that, the commissary quietened down again and Dave continued, "Now, I know some might be thinking, why go to good 'ol me for this nice piece of art when you are friends with the guys and gals manning the security cameras?"

"Well, it's a valid thought, isn't it?" Someone asked.

"Of course," Dave continued grinning, "However, as the security cameras in here unfortunately malfunctioned for the last 15 minutes or so, I'm afraid that option is out of the question."

"Sneaky bastards!" One of the marines commented good-naturedly.

"Why, thank you!" Jake replied, bowing slightly as if he was on a stage and bowing to his audience. "Of course, the two lovebirds get their copy for free, but I'm afraid everyone else has to pay!"

"However," Dave picked up where Jake had stopped, "As I don't want to end up dead in some forgotten closet-"

"I thought more along the lines of alive and naked in here, but please, continue," Jack interrupted cheekily to the snickers of their audience.

Swallowing hard, twice, Dave continued, "Uhm, as – like I said – I value my life, all of the money from the video sale will go to a charity of Lt. Col. Carter's and Col. O'Neill's choice."

"So, everyone interested email me or Col. Dixon their request and, once you paid, you'll get the video," Jake finished for Dave, pleased with the outcome of this lunchtime.

Teal'c couldn't help himself but admit that this was a rather nicely planned ambush and he always admired good plans. He might just have to go and see those two and offer the unique pictures he took with his camera – in return for his own copy of the video, of course.

Before the people in the commissary could start talking again, General Hammond – to the shocked surprise of almost everyone - stepped out of his hiding place and went straight to Sam and Jack. "It's about damn time," he commented good naturedly, "Congratulations!"

"Thank you, sir," both Sam and Jack replied, though Sam was the only one blushing.

"Though as much as I, and everyone else, I'm sure, enjoyed your little show earlier, I hope repeats are only going to take place off-base from now on," General Hammond added smiling, yet also being serious.

"Yes sir," Sam replied, and, after hitting Jack playfully on the arm, he too, agreed.

"Good. Now, as much as I love to stay, I have work to do," General Hammond continued. Looking pointedly around the room, he added, "And as I am sure, so has everyone else."

Even though as everyone did as General Hammond suggested, it took quite some time for the commissary to clear out, as everybody had to go by SG1's table, congratulating Sam and Jack. While there were a few suggestive and implicative remarks, all were given in good nature and Sam had to admit that Jack was right – even the Marines showed nothing but support for them.

Unfortunately, even SG1 and Janet had to go back to work, so – after checking the security cameras were still out – Jack kissed Sam again before him and Teal'c headed to the gym to have some fun with the not-so-new-anymore recruits. Daniel quickly hugged Sam before he, too, had to go back to work. With Janet being the only one left, Sam decided to take the long way – via the infirmary, that is – back to her lab, so she and Janet could have a chat. And boy did she need it! But, in the end, she had just as big a grin plastered on her face as everyone else witnessing what was soon becoming to be known as the 'Love Luncheon Monday'.


Later that day, Sam was focusing on the readouts of her latest test on the alien device she was currently working on, a sudden knock disrupted the silence of her lab, startling her. Though nobody was there when she looked up. Shaking her head, Sam was just about to start reading again, when suddenly a make-shift white flag appeared in the door.

Wondering what that was about, Sam waited and sure enough, the flag was followed by an arm and a leg, both covert in white clothing. Shaking her head in astonishment, she sighed deeply, saying, "Hi Jake."

Sam couldn't help herself but start laughing when her brother fully entered the room. He was wearing white scrubs that must have come from the infirmary, basically impersonating a white flag himself. He was even wearing a white hat!

"Forgive me?" Jake asked, giving her his best puppy-dog eyes impression.

Sam didn't reply straight away but raised her eyebrow at Jake, her posture clearly saying something like 'Why should I'?

"Please?" Jake pleaded, kneeling down and raising his hands in a begging posture.

Snorting, Sam rolled her eyes, holding her hand out to him, "Come here."

After releasing his sister from an extra-long bear-hug, Jake gently moved her an arm-length away from him, scrutinizing her from head to toe.

Finally, he grinned, saying, "Yep. That's what I thought."

"What now?" Sam asked slightly confused. She'd let him scrutinize her without even batting an eyelid, but the least she could expect was a proper explanation. Right?

"You are essentially beaming with joy," Jake clarified rather pleased with himself.

"Don't be silly," Sam replied dismissively, yet also blushed at her brother's words.

"I'm not being silly, I'm serious. You are simply glowing with happiness from the inside. Which, by the way, is a very good thing. Jack is really good for you," Jake continued, giving his sister another hug. "And if you tell anyone how sappy I'm right now, I'm going to deny everything."

Laughing, Sam boxed Jake on his chest, freeing herself from his embrace. "I'll just sell the video to everyone in the SGC."

"Smart-ass!" Jake answered grinning. "Guess I deserved it, though, huh?"

"Do I really need to answer that?" Sam asked, eyebrow raised provocatively.

Smirking, Jake said, "Come on, you've got to admit that the gossiping around here was getting ridiculous! Did Jack tell you how Dr. Felger approached him about me on your last mission? I mean, I was laughing so hard, I could have hurt myself! And poor Dave actually did pull a muscle when I told him the story! And that was just the tip of the iceberg. So, as you can see, we just had to do something before anyone could get hurt seriously."

"Just promise me to never grow up completely, okay?" Sam commented, suddenly feeling rather sappy herself.

"Never!" Jake replied, giving her his best boyish grin. "So everything turned out okay?" Jake added, and somehow both knew he wasn't just talking about today.

"Yes," Sam started, her voice wavering a tiny bit. Taking a deep breath, she repeated in her usual strong voice, "Yes, I'm fine." And she truly was. True, the loss of her son still hurt every single day, but now she could remember all the good times they had and draw strength from it. Thanks to her family and friends, she had her life back under control.

"Good," Jake replied. Then, getting a far-away look and smiling gently in reminiscence, he continued, "Do you remember what Mom always used to say when we got hurt or felt miserable?"

Reflecting Jake's smile, Sam cited, "Whatever happens in your life, just remember this one thing, the power of love will give you your best times and help you through your worst times."

"Exactly. And if I'm not mistaken are your good times about to take you home," Jake replied, turning in time to see Jack, already in his civvies, entering the lab.

"Did I miss something?" Jack quipped curiously, feeling like he just interrupted a rather intimidate moment between brother and sister.

"Naw. I was just about to leave," Jake replied, kissing Sam's forehead before leaving the room. Just as he passed Jack though, he continued, "Take good care of her, okay?"

"I intend to," Jack replied just as serious, going over to Sam, taking her into his arms. "For the rest of our life."


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