I originally started posting this story at the name SteelFang a while ago, and I have now decided to post it here as well. The story gets better as it progresses. Feedback is appreciated.

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Nomad Homesystem

Nomad Battlemaster Ulri Xiamee watched in amazement as the human called 'Trent' activated the hypergate, the same one that the great Fathers had disappeared into so long ago. It was not possible! The Fathers had hidden the great artifact where it could never be found! Ulri's mind retreated from his senses and began to ponder furiously. How could a small pack of humans penetrate the solar system's protective sphere, slip by the internal defense grid, and bring down the shield around the city and activate the gate? The odds were overwhelming!

Before he could ponder this further, a sudden lurch forced Ulri off-balance and snapped him out of his state of deep thought. The hypergate had begun to pull him in. Being the commander of a mighty battleship, he pushed the engine to full power and managed to bring the massive ship to a standstill. But the gravitational pull from the gate was steadily increasing, and the great ship quickly succumbed to the backwards pull. Ulri screamed aloud in dismay as he, along with hundreds of other nomads, fell into the hypergate and sped through a tunnel, awash with color, moving at an incredibly fast speed.

But Ulri's scream caught in his throat when he reentered normal space. A new ship dominated the frontier in front of him. It was tremendous, easily five times longer than any nomad battleship. It was clad in dark red chrome and, adding to its fierce look, possessed a fluctuating red aura around it.

Neither the mysterious ship nor the nomad fleet moved, creating a strenuous silence. Each had taken the other by surprise.

The red ship broke the silence first. Turrets along its lateral line warmed, glowed, and with a horrible rattling belch, discharged their built-up energy, fiery red orbs trailing oily black smoke, directly at the nomad fleet. Ulri Xiamee gaped in horror as one of the bursts impacted upon a nearby cruiser. Blue light illuminated the scene as the cruiser exploded. Fighters, plated with the same red chrome as the larger ship, appeared out of nowhere and began picking off the nomad fighters like flies, their weapons and engines shrieking like a thousand tortured souls. The giant enemy ship's turrets warmed and discharged again, this time directly at Ulri. Ulri panicked and jammed his ship's throttle as far as it would go, straining his ship to the breaking point in order to dodge the incoming cannon fire. But alas, his ship was too slow to move in time, and two of the destructive orbs caught the large craft on its side, breaking it in two. The once great battleship dissolved into nothing as an angry red fire quickly consumed it, and Battlemaster Ulri Xiamee screamed as he died.