Kakashi eyes were gradually glazing over as he listened to Gai's long winded ramblings about the 'springtime of life'. "Should I have stopped them?", he asked quietly. "She's just a kid, barely sixteen and I know that she isn't herself right now."

Asuma looked at Kakashi, "You know Genma and I were together when we had our first kill. Genma was a bit older than me but he took it much harder. We all know what Sakura's going through right now. Maybe he can give her what she needs."

"..but she..."

"Kakashi, she is young but she is not a child. She is a kunoichi and she needs to work through this herself. Let it go." Gai watched his rival, knowing the inner turmoil hidden behind the less calm than normal exterior.

"She is sixteen and he...it's just wrong." Kakashi quickly bit his thumb and began to form hand seals. Pakun appeared in a puff of smoke. "Pakkun, find Sakura. Just make sure she is...OK." With that Pakkun dashed out the door.

Genma and Sakura, still hand in hand walked out the door into the quiet evening streets of Konoha. Sakura stopped and turned to face Genma, pulling her hand free and letting it drop to her side. She looked into his eyes, trying to read the thoughts behind them.

"Second thoughts?", he asked gently.

"No." She smiled taking his hand again and spinning to head off towards the woods at the edge of town near the memorial. She pulled him along, hopping to the nearest rooftop and increasing her speed. They arrived quickly at the memorial where she paused briefly to touch the large stone monument. She turned to face Genma and grinned as she reached up to snatch the senbon from his mouth. Eyes locked with his she slowly ran her tongue along the length of the senbon and slid it into the corner of her mouth. She winked and dashed off into the woods. He stood there for a moment, trying to decide if he should be shocked or intrigued as he responded with an involuntary gasp and slight groan. He followed her into the woods, catching up easily, pulling the senbon from her mouth and throwing them both to the ground. He landed on top of her, pinning her hands over her head, his face close to hers. She felt the warmth of his breath on her face, intoxicated with his nearness inhaling and savoring his scent. She pulled one hand free and wrapped it around the back of his head pulling him to her. Genma didn't resist as she pulled him close, taking control as their lips met. He kissed her gently at first, enjoying the soft suppleness of her lips. She moaned softly as his tongue slid into her willing mouth allowing him to fully explore it's interior. The kiss grew in intensity and passion as she wrapped both arms around his back, pulling his body tightly against hers. The feeling of her willing young body beneath his was quickly driving away any remaining hesitation or thoughts of restraint as his desire rose to the point of desperation. When the kiss finally broke leaving them both breathless, her heart was pounding so loudly she didn't notice a another moan escape her lips as he pulled back. Genma stared into her eyes sliding his body slowly off hers, rolling on to his back and pulling her on top of him. Sakura sat up so that she was straddling him. She could feel his desire beneath her.

Neither of them noticed the slight movement in the tree overhead as Pakkun observed their activities. Satisfied that Sakura was in fact quite well, Pakkun headed back to his master to report.

He found Kakashi still sitting in the same seat, but smelling a whole lot more like like the empty bottle in front of him than like Kakashi himself. "Yo Kakashi..", greeted Pakkun.

"hmm..?", said a slightly blurry eyed silver haired jounin.

"Sakura is fine. She's in heat but she seems to have found a suitable male.", reported Pakkun.

Kakashi jumped to his feet sending his chair flying. He leaned heavily on the table to maintain his balance. He was angry and right now with all the sake that he had that evening he wasn't thinking all that clearly. With both Asuma and Gai passed out at the table there was no one to stop him when he rushed out the door with Pakkun in tow.

"Where are they Pakkun?"

Pakkun took off at a run, leading the intoxicated jounin to where he had seen the couple. Kakashi seemed to regain full control of his unsteady limbs as they dashed across rooftops. He paused when he reached the memorial to make sure his chakra was masked and he was moving silently. He slowly approached Sakura and Genma, growing angrier with each step.

Neither Genma nor Sakura sensed Kakashi as he approached, the couple once again locked in an incredibly passionate kiss with Sakura still astride the lean battle scarred warrior. Kakashi reached for a kunai as he moved closer throwing Sakura off Genma, dropping to his knee and pressing the kunai to Genma's throat in an instant. Genma froze as realization of what had just happened overtook his passion clouded mind. His friend...his best friend, was holding a blade to his throat and he really wasn't sure what was going to happen next. This was not the Kakashi he knew, the brilliant elite shinobi, controlled and unemotional in battle. This was an angry and intoxicated man, seething with emotion and trying to protect someone he held dear.

"Kakashi sensei...Kakashi, please..", screamed Sakura and she ran towards Genma and Kakashi. "Kakashi, look at me.", she demanded when she reached them. Kakshi pulled the kunai away from Genma as he stood up and turned to face Sakura.

"Sakura, you're bleeding.", he said as he turned to face the girl. 'That's what happens when you throw someone into a tree, Idiot.', she thought. She turned to Genma, now standing in front of Kakashi. She smiled slightly. "Genma, can I catch up to you later?"

Genma nodded and disappeared without a word to or a glance at Kakashi.

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