This prologue isn't the greatest thing in the world...but the story itself is something that popped into my mind as I read The Half Blood Prince just after it came out. It just sort've...formed itself, so now, here it is...The SEQUEL to Harry Potter and the Digimon Frontier! I hope you all like it!

TIMELINE (IMPORTANT) - Since the original HP/DF took place during Harry's sixth year, for the sake of this story the events of The Half Blood Prince happened in seventh year. Just…trust me, this'll be interesting. Very interesting.

Since the original took place during Harry's sixth year, for the sake of this story the events of happened in seventh year. Just…trust me, this'll be interesting. Very interesting.

Warnings: Er…nothing, really. Friendship. A lot of it. And some intense fighting, but other than that…nothing.

Disclaimer: I don't own Digimon Frontier, nor anything related to Harry Potter. Just a normal girl with an overactive imagination, folks. Enjoy.


Prologue: Friendship

It was pouring down rain.

Well, that's all you could really say about the Shibuya area of Tokyo at the moment. Almost all activity had ground to a halt in lieu of the impossibly thick curtain of rain. One would be hard pressed to see their own hand in front of their face, and not a soul would be out on the streets in this kind of maelstrom.

That is, none except for one young man who stood on the sidewalk outside of Shibuya shrine, slightly concealed beneath a dark umbrella as he gathered rain water in a large wooden bucket.

His smiling face was young enough that many would not call the young figure a man. Indeed, though he was eighteen and therefore legally of-age in many different contexts of the term, his large, doe-like blue eyes made him look much younger than he was, to the extent that some would swear he had not yet reached the age of fifteen. His hair was just a centimeter less than shoulder-length, dark and shaggy, falling over his face in a kind yet mysterious manner. In one hand he supported a dark blue umbrella, the other holding out a wooden bucket that had previously held a large amount of sake, carefully collecting rain water with calculating eyes.

He was dressed a bit strangely for this time period, a long, flowing robe with wide sleeves, a white top half tied beneath a pair of gray-blue pants. It was the garb of feudal Japan, but as this was the Tokyo of the mid-21st century, anyone who would have seen him, if they could, would have told you that he was a priest. Or, more accurately, he was a priest's apprentice, in training to reach his full rank.

His name?

Kimura Kouichi.

Kouichi was humming slightly to himself as he carefully watched the lines marking the edge of the bucket. Fresh, perfectly clean rain of the season's first monsoon, intermittently laced with the power of Susano-o himself. It would be the perfect base for healing salves and power-enhancing potions, increasing their effectiveness ten fold…

"I think that should be enough for now, Kouichi-kun."

The young man jumped a foot, nearly dropping the rain water he had been collecting, and turned quickly to face his teacher. Hakaishi-sensei was half a foot taller than him, holding a smaller back umbrella over his own head. His long ponytail mostly gray now, though there were several long, thin streaks of black still poking through. His deep brown eyes shone as he smiled at his apprentice warmly.

"Are you sure, Sensei?" Kouichi asked, turning to his teacher. "There's still a lot of room left, and it's not going to let up anytime…"

"If we wait any longer we won't be able to carry it in!" Hakaishi laughed, taking the handle of the bucket in one hand and leading the younger man up the steps of the shrine. "Now come on inside. Your mother will never forgive me if you catch cold on my watch."

Kouichi smiled, helping his teacher carry the water into the main shrine, setting it beside a number of glass bottles meant to store it. He had contracted with the shrine almost immediately after graduating from high school and finishing his wizarding training. It hadn't taken much time at all, and after only a few months he was already more at home than he had been in years.

"By the way, Kouichi." Hakaishi spoke, lighting a few of the incense candles around the wide, rice-papered room. "The crows are acting unusually smug. I take it you haven't heard back from that friend of yours in England yet, have you?"

"…No." Kouichi's soft whisper was tinged with worry. He had kept contact with Draco Malfoy for over a year now, ever since the exchange program to Hogwarts had ended. However, Draco had not written back in going on two months now, and Kouichi was growing very concerned.

Actually, this new development was just increasing his anxiety. Even before the sudden drop of communication, his blonde friend's letters had become increasingly shorter and more desperate. Kouichi had previously expressed his worries to his teacher…that his friend had gotten himself into some sort of trouble, something big.

"…I see." Hakaishi sighed, sitting down beside his stay-hot tea set, his legs folded easily beneath him on the zabuton. He poured both himself and his apprentice a cup of steaming hot green tea, taking a long, thoughtful sip himself. "Have you consulted the Kami about your worries?"

Kouichi nodded, settling in opposite of his teacher. Kami were, of course, the center focus of any Shinto priest's life. Part of him liked to believe that the fire-and-mirrors-style Divination practiced by the shrine was more accurate than the Western versions his brother had learned, but part of him was starting to have doubts.

"What did you see?"

"…Nothing." Kouichi whispered quietly, taking a sip of his own tea. "Just…shadows. I couldn't tell what they were."

"Hm…" Hakaishi nodded softly, closing his eyes a moment in thought. There was a long stretch of silence before he set down his cup again. "Well…There's no point in worrying. If something happens, you can deal with it when the time comes."

"I know." Kouichi sighed, a slightly pained look on his face. "It's just that I…I…"

He was suddenly cut off by a loud CRACK from outside, and it wasn't thunder.

Both student and master were instantly on alert, wands snapped out from their respective hiding places within folds of cloth. Hakaishi was on his feet first, Kouichi rising into a crouched low position as his teacher made the way to the sliding paper doors.

"Kouichi, stay back." Hakaishi warned softly, bracing his hand on the edge of the door. The apprentice didn't have to be told twice, as any wizard with three years of experience would recognize the sound of Apparation.

For a moment the two held their positions, then Hakaishi whipped the door open and bared his wand, aiming into the darkness like a samurai with his sword.

The only thing unusual outside was an unsteady, unfamiliar breathing and some very heavy footsteps. With another crash, this one accompanied by the huge flash of a lightening bolt, the slim-built figure was illuminated with a blaze of white-blonde hair.

Kouichi drew in a sharp breath. "Draco-kun!" He exclaimed, racing forward.

The blonde gave him an unsteady, uncharacteristically unrefined smirk. "Hn… Kimura. Do you know…how long it took…to track you down?"

He wavered unsteadily. Kouichi pushed past his master just in time to catch the foriegner as he fell forward. "Draco-kun!" Kouichi gasped, shaking him lightly. "Draco-kun! What happened? What're you doing here?"

"Shut up…already…" Malfoy muttered softly, closing his eyes again and resting his head on the apprentice's shoulder. "I don't need…your sympathy…"

Hakaishi waved his wand. The now-limp Malfoy was suddenly light, enabling Kouichi to pull him into the shrine. The teacher the conjured up a futon, where Kouichi tucked his friend in worriedly.

Now in the soft light of the shrine, the British boy looked awful. His white-blonde hair was matted and crusted with blood, blue eyes puffy and bloodshot, pale skin covered in bruises, cuts and burns, his robes, usually so perfectly pristine and orderly, had been reduced to tattered rags that barely clung to his thin form.

Kouichi brushed the blonde hair back from his friend's eyes. He looked up at Hakaishi-sensei with an almost desperate gaze. "Sensei…What's happening?"

"I don't know." Hakaishi whispered softly, conjuring a fire beneath a small caldron to prepare a healing salve for the boy's injuries. He tapped the edge of the potion with his wand, turning it a soft pink color. "But we'll figure out. Don't you worry, we'll help him…"


Sorry, short prologue. I just wanted to throw this in before I got the actual story up and running, to get the basics laid out. I apologize if the ending sucked. I know it was pretty…short. It'll pick up in Chapter 1. I swear.