Chapter 3: Best Friends Cannot Be Trusted

And thank you for showing me
That best friends cannot be trusted
And thank you for lying to me
The friendship, the good times we had
You can have them back!
- Thank You
, Simple Plan

If Ginny thought she was having a bad week before, she was in for a treat this week: the worst week ever that consisted of barely talking to her best friend.

Liz was snubbing her; a complete lock-out, freeze-out, shut-out, whatever word that helps you think of ignoring a person completely, to the point in which they barely exist in your life. Ginny would sit next to Liz in the Great Hall and she would move, leaving Ginny with a bare chair, or worse, Harry. She would talk behind Ginny's back to Amedei, telling her news about her life that Ginny, in the past, would have known first. Amedei suddenly was avoiding the Gryffindor table at meals because she knew that, upon arrival, it would be a battle for her attention. To add on to Liz avoiding her, Harry was now being shut out by Amedei. Before, they would have light discussions in the commonroom or in the Great Hall. Now, if Harry even dared to open his mouth, Amedei would snip, "Shut up, Potter."

And if that wasn't bad enough, Draco was mad at Amedei for making him believe that he had a chance with Ginny. The way he saw it, he let his guard down because Amedei said - no, insisted - that they wouldn't be broken hearted, that it was so unbelievably obvious that she had feelings for him and that he felt the same. He acted like an idiot, for God's sakes, asking if she wanted to be escorted into the Great Hall, and for what? To feel like an idiot?

Ginny knew Draco was mad at Amedei, though Amedei didn't say anything. It was simply there, in every movement at the table, or light chatter in the hall. It was there, the "I'm mad at you but I'm putting on an act so people don't gossip about us" feeling. Every night, Ginny would practically cry herself to sleep, feeling guilty for breaking up so many friendships and relationships in such a short period of time. But, on the bright side, she had Harry.

Harry, who she didn't even like.

Harry, who caused her to break up two amazing friendships; Liz and Ginny and Amedei and Draco.

Harry, who may have ruined any chance she had with Draco at all.

Yeah. Harry. What a guy.

Even though Harry was, well, blamed for everything, Ginny couldn't help feeling thankful that at least she had a boyfriend, or someone who cared about her enough to put his arms around her in the commonroom when Liz was, yet again, ignoring her. Someone to kiss her lightly when she saw Amedei and Draco giving each other the cold shoulder. Someone to tell her it's alright, and that it wasn't her fault at all.

She began to fall for him all over again, as if she never stopped.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Draco laid down in his bed, attempting to go back to sleep but failing. All he could think about was how a week ago, he stepped into the Great Hall with Weasley, thinking it was in his best interest. Now, however, he was thinking otherwise. He was being a bloody moron to think that Weasley would have feelings for him; he let Amedei Black talk him into things again. One too many times she had been the root of his problems, and one too many times he had forgiven her. Not this time, though. Not this time. He was so upset it felt like something was hitting the top of his head.

...Which made sense, since a rather large owl was pecking at his ear.

"What the bloody - get off! OFF." As Draco sat up, the owl seemed to fall to his lap, then nipped at his chest, practically screaming "READ THE LETTER AND GIVE ME FOOD!"

"Stupid animal..." Draco muttered, taking off the letter. The owl looked up at him, waiting for a snack, but Draco glared at it. "I'm not feeding you." The owl nipped one last time before flying out his open window.

He examined the note; it was rolled up and secured with a string. He untied the letter and began reading.

Written November 26th

Dear Mr. D. Malfoy,

We are sorry to hear about the recent death of your mother, Narcissa Malfoy, maiden name Black. We have been trying to get her Will in order, but it seems as if we cannot make a move without you being here to justify it.

We are currently in Muggle Hartlepool, under the office name 'Sormier Smize and Comp.' You will most likely be gone for a few weeks, hopefully beginning the day after tomorrow (Monday, November 28th) and will be returning around the 20th of December. We are aware that you are currently in your fifth year of schooling at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and you will be able to do your homework through owl post.

Please owl back using your own means (our owl is old and...well...cranky) Thank you.

Most Sincerely,

Mr. Sormier M. Smize

Sormier Smize and Comp.

(Owl straight to SMS/Sormier Smize Comp.)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Ginny sat in the Great Hall, alone as usual, eating her breakfast. Amedei rushed over to her, dragging Liz with her, and sat down.

"Please be friends!" she pleaded. Liz was staring at the ground and Ginny was staring at her food. "It's Sunday morning. You knoooow you want to hang out together!"

Ginny and Liz glared at Amedei, then at each other. With that, Ame's expression changed completely.

"Okay, you know what? I'm sick of this shit! I'm sick of you two fighting because of Harry! Liz, so what Gin and Harry are going out? You broke up with him, and you never told her she couldn't!" Liz opened her mouth to argue, but Amedei continued. "And Ginny, you have to try to understand where Liz is coming from! She practically just broke up with him, and seeing you with him is probably bringing back memories for her. So, pretty much, you're both wrong. Now apologize!"

Ginny extended her hand to shake Liz's in an apologetic manner, but Liz simply got up and left.

Amedei shook her head. "I'm freaking sick of this. When you two are friends again, tell me. 'Til then, I don't want to hear from either of you! Got that?"

Ginny opened her mouth to argue, but was shut up by, "Got. That?"

"Yes," she said with a sigh.

"Good." Amedei got up and walked over to the Slytherin table, where she ate alone.

Harry walked over to Ginny and put his arm around her, knowing what just happened. He kissed her on the top of the head, and she couldn't help feeling slightly happy.

Author's Note: SHORT CHAPTER! Gosh... I had more in this chapter but it fit better in the next one. Sorry! It's coming soon, don't worry. I'm about to upload a Ginny/Harry fic based loosely on Mulan. So go check that out too, MMK?