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"(blah, blah)" – Pokemon speech

'blah blah' or blah blah – thoughts.

Three kids from our Earth are chosen to save the Pokémon World. But on the horizon is something greater...much greater than a mere journey for the Badges. This is the story known as:

The Legendary Journey


The Place: Team Rocket Headquarters, Unknown Island

The Time: Just before Ash's Johto Championship battles

It was a shadowy place to live, and a dangerous one to trespass for any unwary trainer. If they survive the Sharpedo-infested waters surrounding the Headquarters of the most notorous criminal organization in the Pokémon world, that is. Rocket Grunts patrol the grounds with machine guns and Poison or Dark Pokémon, slaying all those who dare survive the harsh waters.

But one person does live, even thrives there. Giovanni di Rocketti, head of Team Rocket sits on a worn, but comfortable custom chair behind his oak desk, calmly petting his prize Persian. "So what is this you have brought me?" He asked his top advisor/mad scientist Cyprus.

The white-haired scientist held up a Pokéball. But this was no ordinary Pokéball, for it was colored black on the top and grey on the bottom, with two red stripes running parallel to each other and perpendicular to the near-invisible line that split the ball when it opened. "The Dark MasterBall. From our studies that the President of Silph Co so gracefully sent us," He said this with a sneer. "Our top technicians were able to duplicate the MasterBall, and with the Marauder's 'Darkball' technologies, we were able to combine the two to create a new ball that is guaranteed to control any Pokémon."

"Even Legendaries?"

Cyprus nodded. "Even Legendaries."

An evil smile grew on Giovanni's face. "How soon can you mass-produce them?"

"Uh, that's the...issue. We can't. This one was created in a month."

"One Dark Masterball a month." Oddly enough, Giovanni didn't rant and rave like most evil people did. That was the scary thing. He always keeps a cool head. Especially since he's still in his late thirties, still lively. Another year or two won't matter for him.

"T-that's about the size of it. The materials have to be refined, then the balls created and tested."

Giovanni sighed angrily, the only sign of impatience so far. Some things you cannot control. "Very well. Do whatever it takes to increase the speed of production. In fact, I'm making it top priority for all Rocket scientists. You're in charge."

"Thank you, sir."

"Don't fail me." Giovanni glowered, and Cypher wiltered under an almost Arbok-like glare.

"As noted."

"Now get to work. My patience is not going to run on forever." Giovanni coldly replied, before turning to other projects and teams.

New Island, Kanto Ocean

A figure sat cross-legged, floating in midair. The figure appeared to be a large cream-colored cat with a purple underside and a long tail with a tuft at the end. This is Mewtwo, the Legendary Pokémon created by Team Rocket, nearly destroying the world in his subsequent rage, and now looks for his purpose in life. As all living beings do. Right now, he is meditating, not quite asleep, but not quite awake either. Like the characters of a certain popular movie series (he was amused by the films when he decided to take a look at them) he 'reached out' with his immense psychic powers, looking out at the world, in futures, in the past, everywhere at once.

Then he frowned.

It was an uncertain time in the future. Fires licked the sky as it appeared that a war is occurring. War. Mewtwo once engaged in such a conflict, but now he knows better. Wars never make one great. The Genetic Pokémon decided to take a closer look at the conflict, to see who was fighting.

He gasped when he saw men and women in familiar uniforms sporting the 'R' on their fronts. Team Rocket. 'So, they will decide to openly challenge the world for supremacy.'

Mewtwo almost scoffed. Though the Rockets were nothing to sneer at (though Jessie and James leave much to be desired), there are just too many trainers for the Rockets to take on. Not to mention the Elite Four and the Masters will wipe the floor with them. The only way for the Rockets to win is to...No. It's not possible!

But his feelings on the matter were true. The Rockets have somehow taken the Legendaries hostage, using them for their evil goals. The Birds. The Beasts. The Dragons. And try as he might to disbelieve it...the evil version of himself was at the forefront, wiping out armies of trainers with a wave of his hand.

He noted that only two of the Legendaries managed to escape capture, but they were woefully outnumbered and defeated. Even the Chosen One and his friends and allies have fallen, though a huge number of Rockets were taken before they died. Team Rocket rules the future with an iron fist.

A tear fell from Mewtwo's eyes. 'Is this the future that comes to pass? Is this the path that the world will befall? No. I will not accept this fate. But how will I turn this path aside? How will I ensure that the future is safe for all?'

A presence befell the room he meditated in, bringing him out of the terrible visions of the future. "Mew."

A small, pinkish cat with a long tail, also ending in a tuft floated besides him. "(What's wrong?)" She asked in her language, understood by all Pokémon, but few humans.

"A vision of the future. It is not a pretty one." Mewtwo answered. "Team Rocket, despite everything, has managed to take us as slaves for their evil purposes. We must warn the others to be on their guard...but there is one other thing...if they succeed, who will free us? Who will win the fight for us when we cannot ourselves?"

"(I don't know, really)" Mew looked stumped, then she looked up and snapped her cute little fingers. "(I got it! But...it's extremely risky.)"

Hope dawned on Mewtwo's heart. "Tell me. Considering what the future looks like, any risk is acceptable these days."

"(There is another world. Like ours, but without Pokémon. With Celebi's help, I can get there and choose champions to aid us. Champions to help the Chosen One. Besides, there's a prophecy on this!)"

"Oh, a prophecy. That explains the vision." Mewtwo replied dryly. 'Prophecies...they're a real pain in the tail.'

"(We don't have much time to waste. Warn the others of your vision and I'll get going to the other world.)"

"I will. Good luck, Mew." With that, Mewtwo teleported away, while Mew began to fly away to the Ilex Forest in the Johto regions. As she flew towards her special friend Celebi, she recalled the ancient prophecy passed down from generation to generation.

Prophecy of the Ancient Mew, Prophetia:

A Great Evil will arise, crushing all opposition.

The Walls between Worlds shall crumble and fade away. What once was two shall become one.

Three not of this world shall be Tested, for they shall be Chosen to defeat the Great Evil.

The Chosen One shall ally with the Three not of this world to challenge the Great Evil.

Cities will fall, many will perish. The War will consume all and breed atrocities.

Courage, Honor, Justice, Vigilance, Purity, Endurance, all is key to stand against the conflict.

Who shall emerge victorious? The Shining Light, or the Consuming Darkness? No one knows.

Mew reflected on the prophecy as she neared the Ilex Shrine of the Protector, where Celebi is known to reside, if not here, then somewhere in time. She used her powers to call for Celebi and sat down to wait for him inside the shrine.

Two hours later, a portal opened near Mew bouncing on her bubble to relieve her boredom, and out came a green fairy-like creature with a ring of black around his eyes.

"(Who dares disturb my--)" He asked in a cute trying-to-be menacing voice but was interrupted by an annoyed Mew.

"(Knock it off, Celebi. I got a big mission, and I need your help. Do you know how to get to...that world?)"

Celebi was taken aback, for he knew what she was talking about. "(Why would you want to go there? There's no Pokémon there and all the humans live such dreary lives!)"

"(I'm a Mew on a mission! Besides, we got trouble brewing in the times to come.)"

Then Celebi understood, for his gift of time-travel has recently showed him a dark future. "(Alright, but it's going to be a bumpy ride. The Wall isn't there for nothing, you know...)"

"(I know, but I gotta go through, no matter what.)" Mew answered with determination.

"(Hold my hand...)" Mew blushed slightly, but held Celebi's hand. "(Now combine your powers with mine...)"

A green and pink aura flared up around the two psychic Pokemon. "(And here we go!)"

A portal opened for the two and they flew inside. True to Celebi's word, the Wall between the Pokémon world and the other world was extremely turbulent, and they had to use their every last joule of their power to pass through, but they did and were so exhausted they landed in a forest away from civilization to recuperate.

Soon...the search will begin...

End of Prologue.

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