Chapter 3: Through the Bermuda Triangle!

Hamilton, Bermuda, the next day...

"Tell me again why are we on this tiny island in the middle of the Atlantic?" Alex griped.

"Well, maybe if you stop whining, I'll tell you!" Katie gritted her teeth in anger. Why do I put up with this idiot I'll never know.

"Hey, I'm not whining, I'm just asking." Alex replied, just as annoyed.

Mew just sighed. The Pokémon has followed a lead from Montreal down to Bermuda, taking the two arguing kids along with her. The lead was very close, only a few hundred meters to the north, at a school known as Saltus Grammar School (A/N: It's a real school in Bermuda. Great school, really.). The school itself was perched on top of a cliff, while the playing field was carved out several meters below it, with stair access. It was currently lunchtime, that time when Bermudian kids in white shirts and khaki shorts or pants let out their shirttails and play cricket, soccer or generally chat with their mates.

One small boy, about age eleven or so, was curled up under a large tree with giant roots on the eastern side of the field, playing his Gameboy Advance SP. He was, like everyone else in Bermuda's largest and most technologically advanced private school, wearing an untucked white short-sleeved shirt and khaki pants, with a navy-blue sweater wrapped around his waist. A First Year of the Senior School, young Nicholas "Nick" Kingfisher has a crown of curly red hair, bright grey eyes, freckles all over his face, and a love for the Pokémon games that few can match. Little did he know that Pokémon are more real than he could ever imagine...

By his side lies a small backpack with his school stuff and a laptop. The young Butterfield student is just passing the time after eating lunch until the whistle blows, letting students know that class is once again in session. And yes, Saltus has four Houses: Butterfield (Green), Darrell (Blue), Watlington (Red), and Saltus (Yellow). House points are given for the usual, academic and athletic achievement, but (as far as I can remember) none were taken away.

Anyway, Nick was just finishing up creaming the Elite Four on his FireRed game when some dirt landed on his hair, followed by a giggling sound. The boy spun around quickly, brushing out the dirt and grumbling. "Come out, Hailey! I know it's you!"

No one answered him, and he had the feeling that someone was watching him. He turned around and saw no one, then that someone tapped on his shoulder. Nick then swiftly grabbed whatever was behind him, but what's this? A tail? Attached was an extremely familiar pink cat, floating in mid-air, followed by two kids not in uniform.

"A...a Mew!" Nick stammered, unable to believe it. A real Pokémon is before his eyes, and one of the rarest of them all!

Alex smiled as he jumped down from the tree. "Yeah, Mew herself. I'm Alex, and this is Katie."

"Hey. What's your name?" Katie smiled.

"Uh...Nick. It's Nick." Nick managed to say, and they shook hands. His young mind tried to get around the fact that Mew was real. The moment they shook hands, however, something strange occurred. All three of them were surrounded by a faint white light, as if a Psychic move was being used on them, then it disappeared, flying away to the south.

Mew's eyes widened slightly at the phenomena. "(The three not of the Pokémon world. So my senses were call Celebi.)"

"(I'm already here!)" Celebi yelled, popping out of a portal.

"(That was fast.)" Mew commented dryly.

Celebi snickered. "(When you can travel through space-time, speed is nothing.)"

"C-celebi..." Nick cried out, then shook himself out of his awe. "Something strange is definitely going on here if two Legendary Pokémon are here on Earth..."

"Yeah..." Alex frowned. A breeze picked up, swaying the tree branches and fluttering the kids' shirttails. "Hey, look at the sky."

The three kids and two Pokémon looked up and noticed the sky darkening swiftly, like a storm coming through. Mew and Celebi sensed that there was something more powerful at the works than a mere thunderstorm, as a strange purple color was mixed in with ordinary dark grey. The whistle to come back upstairs to the school then blew, but Nick, normally a student to whom truancy is anathema, realized that with two Legendaries in front of him, something big was going to occur. Something that will involve him and his new friends. Something bigger than school, even though he'll miss his parents and old friends. The short boy picked up his bag and took out a notepad, scribbled a note, then tore it off. "Mew, please take this note and put it on my form teacher's desk, Mr. Edwards. I think he'll know what to do with it."

Mew nodded, and disappeared in a flash. A couple seconds later, she came back. "(I did it!)"

"Alright, let's go find out what's up with the sky." Nick said, putting away his notepad.

Yet another disorienting trip later, the kids relocated onto a cliff overlooking the South Shores of Bermuda and the wide expanses of the Atlantic. The wind was stiffer here, blowing in their faces and the sky was swirling into a deep purple color. The sun was still shining, but tendrils of clouds were slowly engulfing it.

"Somehow, that light from before must have triggered something here." Alex said, brushing hair out of his eyes.

"Yeah, but what?" Katie asked.

"I don't know..."

The two Pokémon were deep in a private telepathic conversation as the kids chatted about the sky.

"You know what this is, Mew?' Celebi asked rhetorically.

Mew nodded. 'The Bermuda Triangle. Here, the barriers between worlds are weakest. That light has just opened a dimensional rift between our world and this one. The prophecy is coming true. Soon, both worlds will become one. All it requires is a catalyst...'

Celebi agreed. 'And that...will be the beginning.'

Then the sun disappeared, bathing the small island in a deep shade of grey and purple. At the same time, the wind violently reversed direction towards the south shore seas, snapping branches like nothing. Mew and Celebi both produced visible bubbles around themselves as the rift grew closer and larger, almost as if it wants to swallow up the kids and the island behind them. "(Get ready!)"

"Hang on!" Alex yelled over the gale as the kids found themselves fighting the wind for purchase, grabbing onto a tree at the edge of the cliff. The Pokémon allowed themselves to be carried into the rift to ease the way through for the kids.

"Help!" Nick cried as the gale intensified, tearing the kid away from the tree and into the rift. Katie was next as she too lost her grip to the gale and went tumbling after Nick. Alex was the last one to be sucked in as the tree broke under his grip and the deep purple swirling mass swallowed him up as well. Blackness overtook each young hero-to-be as the rift closed up, taking them to a world where dreams and adventures await...

Oh my! What happened to the kids? Find out on the next chapter of: The Legendary Journey!