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I was angry. Dad wouldn't let me in that room. I could take anything that was in there! I'm 13 years old for crying out loud! Why can't I look.

I looked in the mirror. I sighed as I watched my long red hair fall into my face. Another thing from Dad. Lucky me. I'm a carrot top. At least I have blue eyes, I thought. But that didn't help much. As if red hair and blue eyes mixed well(no offense to people who do have red hair and blue eyes!). I sighed once more, and opened the door to the hallway. I was greeted so quickly, that I almost fell down.

"Good morning little Chloe!" I suppressed a groan. I didn't like it when Uncle Omi did that to me. He wasn't around often, but when he was, he always called me, 'Little Chloe'. And Uncle Rai calls me, 'a freak of nature'. I don't think he likes Dad very much. I don't know why though.

"Morning, Uncle Omi," I said, trying not to sound bored. He obviously didn't notice the part of my voice that signaled, 'Hey, I don't wanna talk now!'. He wasn't the type of person who understood the modern world. Mom said he was always like that.

"Do you want me to take you to your martial arts lesson today?" he asked. I almost smirked at the grimace in his voice. He wanted to teach me martial arts, but Mom said something about, him accidently revealing something. But I don't think I was supposed to hear that.

I took this as a get out of jail free card. "Uh, Uncle Omi, I gotta . . . go talk to Mom. And eat breakfast."

Uncle Omi nodded. "Yes, eat that breakfast of yours! It is the most important meal you can eat!" He started walking off, muttering something about water. Whatever, I thought, rolling my eyes behind his back.

I walked in the kitchen, and saw Mom sitting at the table. Dad wasn't there. I guessed he was in the forbidden basement. I had tried thinking back as far as I could before. I remembered being down there once before. Or it was a dream. A weird dream it was too. I could've sworn there was something about a big bubble in it.

Mom looked up. "Morning Chloe. Sleep alright?" I just nodded. She was lucky. She had black hair. Why couldn't I have ended up with black hair and red eyes? It wouldn't look as bad. I'd look a lot more natural.

Mom smiled. "Uncle Clay and Uncle Rai are coming over to watch your martial arts exam. It's probably a lot easier than what I had to go through," she mumbled the last part. I obviously wasn't supposed to hear it, but I brought it up anyways.

"You took martial arts? Did Dad take martial arts too? How about Uncle Omi and Clay and Rai?" I loved being super curious. I knew it got on her nerves.

She looked different. Younger, but as if she had inner wounds. I had never seen Mom like this. Finally, she muttered, "Yes. But your father didn't. He was more of the wimpier types." She seemed to be in a far away place. I saw a tear fall off her cheek.

I knew better than that. I walked over to her, and hugged her. I felt her shake her head, and hug back. Then, Dad came in. I couldn't actually see him, but I saw the room get brighter.

"Mornin' Dad!" I said. I let go of Mom, and walked over to Dad. He hugged me, taking off the weird goggles he owned. He wore them everywhere. Mostly on his head. I mean, doesn't anyone know the spirals make you look like a complete maniac in society?

He didn't say anything. He looked serious. I saw him look over at Mom, and she looked worried.

"Sweet pea, why don't you go practice your martial arts with Uncle Omi," he said. I had never heard his voice sound so weary.

I began walking out of the room. But I didn't go to see Uncle Omi. Yeah right! They never kicked me out of the room unless it was important. I wanted to hear this.

They spoke in hushed whispers. I caught a few things they were saying.

" . . . We need to add extra measures . . ." I heard Dad say

"If it breaks, we're not gonna be able to win. It was hard last time. I just hate thinking about it," Mom's voice sounded scared. Very scared.

"We will too. You and the others are good enough to beat him if he returns. The robots are a lot better than before. We'll be prepared,"

"I hope so. For Chloe's sake,"

I would've heard more, when hand covered my mouth, and began to pull me away. A voice whispered in my ear, "So, eavesdropping. What's your technique? What would ya do if you got caught, little freak o' nature?" Uncle Rai let go of my mouth.

After I recovered from shock, I started my defense. "I was not eavesdropping! I just didn't react quickly enough, and I heard some conversation. I would never eavesdrop on them." We all knew that was a downright lie.

Uncle Rai rolled his eyes. "Sure, squirt. What did you hear? Tell me, and I won't tell your parent's about the eavesdropping'."

I sighed. "OK, I heard something about extra measures, and about not being able to win this time if something broke, and how they need to protect me. Nothing that I can understand. But maybe my favorite uncle will care to translate?" I tried puppy dog eyes.

He shook his head. "My lips are sealed, freak. You know too much anyways at the moment. Besides, this is punishment for listening in on other people's conversations. Now, if you'll excuse me, I think Clay wants to see ya. Later kid."

He was right. Uncle Clay came up, and gave me a bear hug. It always catches me by surprise, and I always loose air.

"Now, how's the little rascal doin'?" he asked, a big smile on his face. I rarely got to see him much. I mean, I was in China, and he was in Texas. That's pretty far.

"Doing OK. I still wanna see what's in that basement though. You know what's in there?"

Uncle Clay's smile faded away. Grimace replaced it. "It's nothin' you should worry your pretty little head over. It's not dangerous." I knew it was a lie, but I acted as if I was an idiotic red-head who didn't understand much of what he was saying.

"OK, Uncle Clay. Well, I'm off to my room now. Bye!" I gave him a hug, and was quite happy that he gave me a normal one.

As soon as I got into my room, I threw my pillow at the door. So, everyone knew what was in that basement but me. Why couldn't I know? Am I untrustworthy? Do they think I'll break whatever that something is? And who was 'him,' as Dad so vaguely put it. I wanted answers. And I was going to get them.

A plan hatched. I had everything I needed. All I had to do, was wait until it was time to go to the martial arts exam. Once that happened, I'd be able to have every answer I wanted. Or most of them anyways.


"Chloe, it's time for your exam! Come on, everyone's waiting!" I heard Dad shout from the living room. I smiled to myself, and then let it fade away when I exited my room.

"Come on, sweetie, everyone's in the van," he said. I followed him to the car, and when he got in, I put the plan into action.

"Oh," I groaned. "I left my belt in my room! I need to get it!" I hoped this would work.

Dad looked at Mom, and Mom looked at the uncles. Finally Mom sighed and said, "Hurry up, we need to get there soon, or they won't include you!"

I nodded, and rushed back into the house. I went straight to the basement door. I jiggled the handle. It was locked. I expected this. I took out a bobby pin from my hair. I twisted it, until it was shaped the right way. I put it into the lock, and tested it. I heard a faint -click- and twisted the doorknob again. This time the door opened.

I descended many stairs but before I got to the bottom, I heard someone. I heard a voice downstairs.

"Spicer, is that you?" It was a strong male voice.

I stopped in my tracks. We were keeping a person hostage down here? That was odd. We were kidnapers! My parent's were evil, conniving, kidnapers! How could they!

"Don't worry," I called. "I'll help you!" I practically ran down the remaining steps. But when I got down, I recoiled in shock.

The man was in a glass bubble. He didn't look old. More or less Mom and Dad's age. He smiled when he saw me.

"So, you're the magnificent Chloe Spicer? I heard much about you. Your idiotic father told me all about his precious women. You and Kimiko. How did you get down here? I heard that this basement was forbidden." He did look curious.

I began to stutter. "Uh, one, d-don't c-c-call my father id-id-idiotic! He's a genius! Two, who on earth are you, and why are you in my basement."

The man's smile grew. "I am Chase Young. Your parent's trapped me because they're afraid of anything that deals with the side of truth and justice. They are evil. But are you? Will you help me out? Will you save me from this prison? If you do, I'll tell you everything."

I stared at him. It felt as if he were lying. I knew my parent's well enough to know they weren't evil.

But are they? I mean they kidnaped this man, and trapped him in a bubble, said a voice I had never heard before. It was in my head, and when I heard it, I wanted to get it out. But it had a point. They kept secrets from me. Parent's weren't supposed to do that. And I thought mine, the great Jack and Kimiko Spicer, would at least tell me if they had someone trapped in our basement.

I finally decided something. "I want answers right after I set you free. When I set you free, you are to answer any questions I have. Then, you're going to let me stay with you. If my parent's really are evil, than I can't stay with them."

Chase nodded. "Of course. I give you my word," He stood up, and bowed.

I heard voices upstairs. Then, a shriek. "Oh my God! Jack, the basement!" I heard people running down the steps.

"Do it now," Chase urged, "Or I'll never be free!"

I walked up to the bubble. This, I thought, is because of all the secrets you and the uncles kept from me. I kicked the glass as hard as I could.

The world around me went dark. I heard Mom shriek again. Dad shouting, "She freed him! Oh God, she freed him!" I felt the earth begin to tremor. And what I probably thought, if I had still been under my parent's spell, was awful, felt rewarding. I did something right for once.

Chase stepped out of the glass. The lights came back on. He started laughing. He looked around, until he found a box on the work bench. It looked strange. He opened, it, and a purple blob flew out.

I knew then, that I had done something great.


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