Greetings, everyone, and welcome to another installment of the Avatar series. Obviously, this time it's the Noah story arc that's Avatar-ized (my term). As usual, reading the first two isn't required (though it definitely helps). The Duel Monster Database will be reset. Now, get ready for new monsters, new villains (and some old ones), and an ending like you would never believe. Because someone might not survive the escape from Noah's fortress. Is this the end for Yugi, Kaiba, or one of their friends? Read and find out.

Abstract: An insane kid with ties to Kaiba kidnaps the Battle City gang and forces them into a Duel Monsters tournament for their freedom and bodies. But what do you think will happen when their only hope for salvation is within the hands of… Yami-Marik? Nope, you're not dreaming, people, read on and find out.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Avatar: Virtual Wars

Fanfic Chapter 115: Memories
Episode Basis: None

Memories are strange things. They are images from the past that linger in the mind long after the fact. Sometimes, memories can be good.

"You're really giving me this? But why?"

"Isn't it obvious? I…"

"You love me? But why, I don't have any magic."

"Your magic is in your heart."

Sometimes they can be bad.

"My Pharaoh, even in death, I will always serve you."

"No, my love, don't leave me!"

"Forgive me… my Pharaoh… I only did it… for you."

Sometimes they can come at you in fragments.

"No, why you, why did it have to be you?"

"Forgive me, my Pharaoh, I did it… out of love."

Sometimes they can come at you all at once.

The doors on the opposite end burst open and a man entered. He was dressed exactly like the priest on the stone tablet, and it did look like him. Several guards rushed at him with spears but the priest just held out something that looked like a scepter and with a burst of light flung the soldiers all around the room.

"Where is the Pharaoh?" The priest demanded. Looking around, he saw the throne and stormed towards it. Suddenly a cloaked figure stepped between the priest and the throne. "Out of the way, Avatar, my battle is with the Pharaoh, not with you!"

"Never, traitor!" The man called Avatar declared. "I will stop your tyrannical campaign right here and now!"

"Stand aside!" The priest commanded and raised his gold scepter. Avatar held out his hand. Something around his wrist started to glow too.

The priest lowered his scepter. "Apparently, this shall not be decided by magic artifacts, but by our own Spirit Guardians!"

"Agreed," Avatar said. Both combatants held out their hands and five large stone tablets, each bigger than a person appeared face-down in front of them.

"Attack," the priest commanded. A creature appeared before him.

"Arise, my Spirit Guardian," Avatar commanded and he summoned a monster as well: Winged Dragon, Guardian of the Fortress #1. The dragon obliterated the priest's creature with a fireball.

"One way or another, you will be stopped," Avatar decreed.

But whatever the circumstances, one thing is certain: memories are a defining point in our lives in that they shape what we eventually become.

The Battle City Tournament, a gathering of the best Duelists in the country. Some compete for pride, others for glory, others for reward, and then there are those few who compete for something higher than themselves. It is these few who shall become Battle City Champions.

Yugi Moto, the champion of Duelist Kingdom, who has joined the tournament to discover the secrets behind the ancient Pharaoh who resides in the Millennium Puzzle. He has often questioned himself on his destiny, his worthiness.

Yugi walked down the street, deep in thought. I can't believe I almost lost the puzzle forever. He thought back to the fire and how he almost lost the puzzle. I wouldn't have even been in that mess if I hadn't handed the puzzle over to that zombie Bandit Keith. Because of my naivety, Yami was almost destroyed and I was almost killed if Joey and Tristan haven't come to my rescue. What kind of a chosen one am I if I can't keep hold of my Millennium Item?

Yugi is in doubt of his destiny because of the mistakes of the past. He shall learn through this and through future trials, that destiny smiles on those who have faith.

"Joey, there's not much time, I just wanted to say thank you. When we first met, you were selfish, greedy, and cruel. But now, you've demonstrated that you have a true heart and courage. Courage I could never muster. Remember, we beat Marik together, our bond overpowered his magic. Keep an eye on my Puzzle, Joey, it's yours now."

"Yugi, no, don't do this!"

"It's my decision. Look after Tea and the others for me, will you? You might now be the only thing standing between Marik and the ultimate power he wants. Farewell, Joey, my true friend."

With time, Yugi shall learn the seven attributes of heroism: courage, faith, wisdom, compassion, determination, humility, and love. He will learn all of this and more.

Seto Kaiba, the president of the conglomerate Kaiba Corporation. He thinks this Battle City Tournament is his chance to regain the pride that he lost, and force everyone to acknowledge his greatness. But memories of a long-forgotten past will surface and test his understanding of his own self.

In his mind, he could see the stone tablet Ishizu showed him at the museum. What is going on here? Is this another of Ishizu's illusions? The stone tablet became different, more rectangular in shape, and the image it showed was of his Blue-Eyes White Dragon. Kaiba suddenly found himself in a strange stone ruins. An Egyptian Priest was kneeling in front of the Blue-Eyes White Dragon stone tablet. In his arms was a girl with long blonde hair. He heard a dragon roar.

The roar of his Blue-Eyes.

Forcing others to acknowledge your worth will only lower you in the eyes of those who you are seeking to convince. Kaiba shall learn that you can not escape the past, and that trying shall only bring more terror on those you love.

Joey Wheeler, a former street thug who has embraced the game of Duel Monsters. A sudden tragedy will make him question all that he has learned.

"You fool!" The Rare Hunter insulted. "I've been leading you on the whole time!"


"I have just the cards I need to finish you off for good! Now it's time for you to meet the most unstoppable monster ever played! A monster whose very presence shall bring me victory."

"Wait a second, an unstoppable monster… oh no! It can't be!"

"It is! I summon Exodia, the Forbidden One!" Five cards appeared in front of a pentacle star. A huge gold-armored monster with broken chains on its arms and feet appeared.

"No way, it can't be! It's Exodia!" Joey recalled the last time he saw the monster, it was during Yugi's first duel with Kaiba. It was able to beat all three of Kaiba's Blue-Eyes White Dragons.

"Exodia, God Flame, destroy his Red-Eyes Black Dragon!" A huge bolt of energy appeared and totally engulfed the dragon.

"This isn't just about the card! Don't you get it? How could I protect my sister when I can't even protect a lousy Duel Monster card? I can't face her."

To fully understand the soul of the Duelist, he will duel impossible odds, even journey to the mouth of the abyss. Only the light of a loved one will bring him back.

Serenity reached up and untied her bandages, throwing them into the wind. Slowly, she opened her eyes. As they came into focus, she saw Joey grabbing the chain that held his shackle and swinging across to Yugi's side.

"It's Joey," she simply said.

Joey was on his last breath trying to undo his shackle with Yugi's key. Nuts, this key won't work, I need the other one. As Joey's lungs began to give out, he saw a shadow coming towards him. Who's that? Is it Yugi coming back down to rescue me? As the person came into view, Joey's eyes practically bugged out. Serenity! Serenity undid Joey's shackle and the two of them swam back up.

His experience in this tournament shall make him wiser than his opponents.

Marik Ishtar, a young man with grief in his heart and a cursed past. He shall try to control his destiny and others as well. But that shall unleash hatred unlike any the world has ever seen before.

"I was afraid of this," Odion said with his last ounce of strength. "Beware the great evil hidden within Marik, I am no longer able to contain it." And with those words, he passed out.

The others watched as Marik struggled. "No… I won't… be… contained…" There was a flash of light and Marik's hair stood straight up, the Millennium emblem appeared on his forehead. "At last I'm free!" The dark version of Marik, Yami-Marik, announced. "And now we'll do things my way!"

His dark memories created an alternate persona, and like Kaiba, he must accept his past and his future, or else all are doomed.

Harold Kumara, the boy without a past. He desires to protect others and will resort to anything to do it.

"This Battle City tournament would spell bad news for everyone involved, especially you, Yugi. If you value your life, you would withdraw from this tournament, otherwise I would be force to defeat you and eliminate you."

But he too shall be confronted by an unknown past.

"Where are we going, Uncle?"

"I was thinking of going to see an old friend of mine who lives in Domino."

"Who is he?"

"You'll find out soon enough. Here we are."

"But Uncle, there's nobody living here, there isn't even any chairs and stuff."

"Oh, there will be someone living there soon enough." The dialogue was shut out by something heavy slamming against the back of the skull. The world went dark.

And he shall learn the true substance of friendship.

Harold shook his head, "I can't remember anything about my family, the earliest event I can remember is waking up in an apartment with no memory of who I was. A slip of paper I found in my pocket had the name Harold on it and that was all I knew. I've been alone ever since."

"But… you're friends with Yugi Moto!" Kevin pointed out. "Doesn't that count for something?"

"Not since I tried to eliminate him from the tournament."

"Are you sure he resents you for that?" Harold looked up at his opponent shocked. "I don't know about you, but I find it hard to believe that Yugi would resent you for failing at doing something to him."

Harold realized that Kevin was right, why would Yugi hate someone for failing to eliminate him? That sounds more like something Kaiba would do than Yugi. He's right, I really have no idea what Yugi thinks of me.

"When Yugi beat you, he didn't exile you, you did that yourself," Kevin was saying. "If you still consider yourself Yugi's friend, you would stand by him no matter what he thinks of you."

Ishizu Ishtar, the sister of Marik Ishtar She believes that she can concentrate on the future to forget the past. But like Kaiba, she will learn that you can not ignore the past, no matter how horrid the memories are.

We have been discovered and my Father had taken his rage out on poor Odion. He had whipped him almost to the point of unconsciousness. I was horrified, and Marik…

Marik was angry.

"I warned you what would happen if you defied me. Now you will be punished!" Our father turned on us, intending to do to us what he did to Odion, beat us within an inch of our lives. But it was then that the evil Marik emerged.

"Your pitiful threats don't scare me any more."

"Are you defying me, Marik? Your own father?"

"The question is 'are you defying me, Old Man?" The Dark Marik went over to the Millennium Rod, one of the two Millennium Items we were guarding. "From now on, we're doing things my way." He used the Millennium Rod's magic to hold our father to the wall.

The Millennium Rod has many secrets, but one of its most dangerous secrets is that it is two weapons in one Millennium Item. The rod was really a dagger. And he took the dagger and he… he… he stabbed father dead.


"I know who you are," the woman interrupted. "We have a mutual acquaintance."

"We do? But I've never seen you before."

"Yes, but I have seen you many times, Kevin Hunter."

"How do you know me?"

She lifted up her veils, "I am Ishizu Ishtar."

"No way, you took over my Dad's job after he died." Kevin recalled a moment long ago, his father was at a ceremony commemorating the opening of a new exhibit at the National Museum for Archaeology in Egypt. He and his mother were along. Kevin remembered glancing across the stage and noticed the young dark-skinned woman standing behind and to the right of his father on the stage.

"Yes, I donned the burden originally presented by the late Doctor Adam Hunter. In a way, it is a fitting punishment for me."

"Punishment, for what?"

"Because… in a way, I killed your father."

"No, that's impossible! He was run over by a car in Domino!"

"True, I was not driving the car, nor in the area, but I am still the cause. I asked your father to guard something for me, something very valuable."


"The Egyptian God Card: Obelisk the Tormentor."

"I've heard about them, they're supposed to be only three ever made."

"You are correct, there were only three ever made and two fell into possession of my brother Marik and the Rare Hunters. I asked your father to guard the third one until I could make arrangements to return it to Egypt where it belonged. But tragedy befalls anyone whom the Gods find unworthy to possess the Egyptian God Cards. I realized this too late. I called your father and asked for the God Card back, to protect him from the curse. Alas, I could not."

"Finally, I understand," Kevin mumbled. "I always wanted to know why my Dad was killed and now I know."

"I have used others as my brother had, and now both of us will pay. You probably do not wish to forgive me for tearing your family apart, I understand. Rest assured, the gods will see that I am severely punished for my crimes."

All these participants have pasts they can not or refuse to grasp. But by the time this tournament ends, they will all learn the value of memories, both good and bad and they shall leave wiser and stronger. Memories are what define us and it will be memories that will triumph over selfishness and one-sidedness. But for this to happen, first the past muse be confronted. And for one, that happens to be now.

The End