Heavens Coming

Chapter 3

POTF characters are not mine….

In front of Keely stood a small time machine. As she climbed inside she found that it was in perfect working order. 'He could have gone home all along…' she thought to herself as she sat down in the single seat.

"Welcome to the TimeSwarm3000. How may I be of assistance?" the automated, monotone voice asked.

Keely thought. "Pickford 2004. September 21st please." Keely asked. September 22nd had been the day Phil had arrived in Pickford. She knew what she had to do to save his life.

"Yes ma'am. Please take a seat and buckle up," Keely did as the voice asked her and within moments there was a bright orange flash and a sonic boom. She found herself speeding through time, before coming to an abrupt halt.

Keely unbuckled and stood up, surveying the surroundings. "Thanks," Keely replied, stepping out of the time machine.

She walked down the street a few yards before seeing someone who looked like Pim lugging several suitcases towards a larger time machine.

"Good they haven't left yet…" she said to herself, returning to her time machine to sketch out the details of her plan.

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