Summary: Terra and Raven are 2 of the most succesful murderers-thieves around, but when Terra falls for Gar, a policeman, things will get pretty messy, especially with Terra and Raven rivals, Starfire and Jinx in the picture...Can Terra hide her secret from Gar? Will raven, Jinx, Terra and Starfire be able to come together to defeat their most cruel enemy yet? BBxTerra RobinxStarfire Cyx?

Well, i thought something like this would be interesting...Please excuse me if im bad, its my first time writing something like this.

Well, its sort of a whole 'alternate reality' thing, but their not normal teens, as you can very well see after reading this. Oh, and i do not encourage teens to use guns. I myself hate guns with all my being, so dont use guns, just dont.

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Dirty, messy blonde hair fell over the thin girls face as she counted a few bills in her hand, then putting them neatly with the others she had on the table in front of her. She smiled, pleased and lay back into the sofa, her feet on the table as she reached out for something hidden in shadow. She pulled out a gun, about normal size, but with a few attachments here and there. She polished it for a while, until a voice distracted her from her task.

"So, how much is there, Terra?" a silky yet monotonous voice asked behind her. The voice echoed in the large, almost empty storeroom that had been their hide-out for about a week now.

"Enough to keep us going for about a week, unless we need more bullets" Terra answered her partner in crime, Raven. They were thieves, and sometimes killers if necessary, which was most of the time.

Terra stared up at Raven as she brushed some of her lavender hair away and shook her head, amused. They were as different as day and night, but together, they were deadly. Raven had a sort of refined, seductive beauty, with her flowing blue dresses and tight leather clothing, which went quite well with the girls lavender hair and violet eyes. Terra, on the other hand, had a variation of the 'gangsta' look, and wore tattered shorts or jeans and tight (sometimes baggy) tops, which suited the blonde blue-eyed girl quite nicely.

Raven nodded, and they were both quiet for a few minutes, as Terra finished cleaning the dry blood off her gun. The alarm on the floor silently beeped, and Raven and Terra looked at each other, nodding.

"You ready?" Raven asked, pulling out a rather large looking gun, and taking out a pair of leather pants and top.

"Ready" Terra said, charging bullets into her gun, and taking out a similar one from a large box full of weapons. She also took out a few paralyzing darts, just in case, and some extra bullets and stuffed them into her large belt. Raven handed terra a small earpiece and she put it into her ear, tapping it gently before to see if it worked.

Raven quickly changed into proper attire and the left, creeping silently into the dark, like rats in the sewers. Their steps were noiseless, their breath unheard, and as far as they knew, they were practically invisible.

Suddenly, a bullet whizzed past Terra's face, so close it sent a scratch across her cheek, sending blood dripping down her face.

"NOW!" a female voice yelled. Behind a few cars appeared two girls, each bearing a gun. The one who had yelled, a red-head with large green eyes, wearing a tight black skirt and revealing tight black top, took the first shot, missing Raven by an inch. The other girl, who had short pink hair tied into a small braid, bright pink eyes and wearing a purple Japanese-school girl uniform, started shooting as well.

Terra and Raven spent no time in shooting back, and there was a commotion of explosions and bullet firings. Smoke came from the blown up cars and covered everything, making it impossible for anyone to see anything.

All was quiet, until sirens were heard off in the distance. Terra and Raven ran, although they still couldn't see, but the sirens just got closer. They felt around for something to hide behind, or under and soon felt the opening to the sewer. They spent no time in jumping in, before the smoke and dust cleared and they spotted a police car park. Both girls held their breath as three policemen came out of the car. One had spiky black hair and wore dark black sunglasses covering his eyes, another was a tall, strong African American, and the third was fairly short and had sandy blonde hair and green eyes.

"Yo, Gar, you see anything?" The African American asked the blonde one, who was apparently named Gar.

"No Vic!" he answered, looking into a few cars with the other police-man "How about you Richard?" Gar asked hopefully, staring at his companion.

"Nothing" he said angrily "Whoever it was, they left" he said after checking every last place there was to check.

Gar and Vic shook their heads, exasperated. "That's the second time today" Richard told them, though they already knew. "Guess we better get going" he headed towards the car, the other 2 following close behind. Soon, the red and blue light of the police car were long gone, and Terra and Raven got out of the sewer.

"That was close" Raven said, worried.

"Well, at least we didn't get caught" Terra answered, although her mind seemed to be elsewhere

"Yeah," Raven mumbled "I guess" she started heading back from where they came from, but turned around when she saw Terra wasn't following. "You coming?" she asked

"Wha-? Oh, yeah" she said. She took one last look behind her, to where the police car had just been. She had seen his face before, the one they called 'Gar'. She knew she had, but…where? She ran to catch up with Raven, as they slowly crept back 'home'.

Terra slept uneasily that night, but she finally dosed off to sleep. "Beast Boy" she mumbled as she rolled over. "Beast Boy…"


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