Zach Lewis Roran sat in a large black limo, sipping on a champagne flute, patiently waiting fro his wife to return from whatever she had been doing. Supposedly, she had been checking on some cases of perfumes she had ordered, which had broken during shipping. Of course, he didn't buy that crap for a second. He was the worlds greatest criminal, for Pete's sake. Or 'was' would be more like it. Zach Lewis Roran had not always been who he claimed to be; the well-mannered, handsome heir to the Roran fortune. He had once been known as Red X, greatest criminal alive. Of course, nobody had suspected that these two people were the same person. How could they? Red X had never been caught on camera, film and had never left any traces of DNA anywhere. That was the way he liked it, and the way the authorities hated it. He had had rich people all over the world using up millions on better security systems for their precious riches. But, now he was retired, with a gorgeous, talented and smart wife, and sitting back in the lap of luxury and fame.

Bleep, deepy, doop da doop!

His cell phone rang with an annoying little shrilly ring which he cringed at. 'Note to self,' he thought 'change cell phone's ring tone'

He quickly picked up the phone before it could ring again and flipped it open, not bothering to read the caller ID. Only a handful of people knew his cell phone number, and of that handful, most of them were dead, or didn't dare call him.

"Hello?" he asked, expecting to hear his wife, Kam, or his parents wondering where he was. The voice he heard, however, sent his mind swirling in a spinning vortex of the past.

"Hello" the voice said. It was silky and smooth, as if the person who spoke has just swallowed large amounts of oil. "How are you?"

He gulped and cleared his throat before talking. "Good, although, frankly, you were the last person I expected to hear" he paused "Aren't you supposed to be dead?"

The voice on the other end laughed. It sounded like a Harpies laugh, shrill yet enchanting, all at once. "You should know by know, my dear X, nobody can kill me…"

He gave a little chuckle and nodded to nobody in particular. "Your right, I should know by know" he leaned back in the cushioned leather seats and sighed. "So, what can I do for you, Starfire?"

"Well, now that you mention it, I did need a couple of things…" Starfire's voice was the essence of innocence, yet it sent shivers down his spine.

"What kinds of things?" he asked. Did he even want to know what kinds of things? Did it matter if he wanted to know or not? The answer to both questions was no.

"Dangerous things" was all she said. It said enough. She gave him a brief list of what she wanted. She was right. The things she wanted were dangerous things. Nuclear waste type dangerous. Maybe even more.

They ended the phone call, right before Blackfire walked into the limo. "Who was that?" she asked, crossing her legs sensually.

"A business client" he lied. He didn't even flinch or stutter. Lying was another thing he was good at. In fact, he was so good, he had fooled lie detectors dozens of times. Blackfire was convinced and dropped the subject.


Terra lay on the sofa, pondering her dream. Actually, it was not a dream. It had been real. Very real. Every time she remembered the glinting metal of the gun, she shivered, feeling a cold lump in her stomach. But then she remembered her savior. The light had been dark, too dark to see his face, but she had seen his body build well enough to know it was a boy, and not a girl. A very short boy. Who was he? Well, that was the million dollar question. Literally. Terra had spent hundreds of dollars on trips all around the world trying to find the mystery guy. She had spent hundreds more on hackers, trying to find even a hint of who this "Beast Boy" might be on the birth records all over the world. Yet she had not been able to find him. She gave up searching, but she knew he was out there somewhere. It bothered her to think that she might never know.

"Terra? T? You ok?" Raven came in carrying two hot cups of coffee, setting one in front of Terra, and taking a small sip out of hers.

"Yeah, I was just thinking…" Terra said. She picked up the steaming coffee cup, unheeding of Raven warning that it was still hot. "Shit!" she said, spitting out the boiling hot coffee.

"Told you it was still hot" Raven said smugly.

"Oh shut up" Terra said, annoyed

After finishing their coffee, and playing a couple of games of poker, they went to sleep.

That night, Terra had the same dream as the night before.