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Prologue - Glaciers and Ice




Numb. That was all he could felt. The silence prickled at his skin like thousands of needles, never had anything hurt more than this. The enormity of what he had just done thundered in his ears like a constant reminder. He stared down at his hand, blood seeping through the gloves like slow poison. Blood. Her blood.

His rifle dropped onto cold cement with a resounding clang, its echo reverberating within the desolated street. The street lamp buzzed brokenly, light blinking rapidly as though in confusion.

A tall man with long, sleek silver hair stood before a puddle of blood, where a lifeless, bitterly cold corpse sprawled pitifully on the filthy road. Bright yellow eyes were devoid of all emotion as he stared, almost mesmerized, at the outcome of what he did for a living.

His thoughts were still lost, all jumbled miserably, and he continued to gaze at the body still, desperately willing it to be a dream. No, it is just some sick kind of joke, of some kind of nightmare that he had not awaken from. Yes, that must be it. There is just no way such thing could ever happen.

Yesterday, they just had one of their usual arguments. Her heated response and quirky temper were still fresh in his mind. How he wished to hear her fiery voice now, even if it was directed at him.

Her low, amused chuckle……

Her angry yet caring ruby eyes……

Her flirtatious, seductive lips……

All gone. There she was, motionless in a pool of gushing blood from her temple. Because of a bullet. Because of a gun. Because of his gun.

Thunder roared savagely, and rain sizzled down in a downpour. Involuntary tears mixed with the shower and his bangs covered his still shocked eyes. Blood was slowly washed away, from his dark suit, from his slightly reddish silver hair, and from the body itself.

But not his hands.

They were still coated deeply in her blood.

Why couldn't the rain destroyed this particular reminder of what he did?

He could not move. He could not leave her. This wasn't how it was supposed to be. They were supposed to be happily married, occasionally with their infamous little disputes, which they both secretly enjoyed. They were supposed to have a nice family, their children with both his calm demeanor and her explosive temper.

He doesn't want to say good bye.

He was the top sniper for the government. Deadly accurate, fast and leaving absolutely no traces of evidence. He was best at blending in the shadows, greatest at pursuing and combat, and unsurpassed at firearms and swordsmanship. Everything was just fine; he had more than enough salary to be independent on his own, while also sending money to his younger half-brother and step-mother. That is, until he received a significant assignment – to assassinate the most problematic, powerful drug lord's sister.

Who happened to be his fiancée.

She had long cut her ties with her family, especially the brother she despised so much. But the fact that he was a sniper and her hated brother was the government's most sought enemy was unknown to both of them.

He was content. He had never felt this way since his mother died. Glaciers had slowly consumed him even more so when Father married another woman, who was later pregnant with his half-brother. He rarely spoke, he rarely d anything. Compassion was purely lacked from his frozen heart. Than Father died as well, assassinated by that drug lord. And he swore to himself that he would get his revenge.

Ever since that day, he had trained so hard, putting all of his mind and effort into the art of assassination and, by his graduation, he was employed and he was sent on many undercover infiltrations, al in his purpose of eliminating Father's murder.

During this time, he met her; such snappy, volatile woman she was! They loathed each other at sight, and even more after each argument. But love was unpredictable, too; he soon grew comfortable at her presence, even fond of their quarrels, as did she. Her blazing fire had melted his ice. However, their time was cruelly short. He never realized the consequences of murdering in the dark, deprived of truth.

The result was right before him now. How could he?

Footsteps clattered behind him, and a striking young man with a cross tattoo on his forehead walked up to him. The newcomer had a long dark braid, his eyes glinting with cunning.

He bent down and picked up the forgotten rifle, wiping away the blood smears casually.

The silver-haired man spoke hoarsely, "Why didn't they tell me?"

The tattooed man shrugged, "They did not know she changed her name and that she had severed her ties with her brother. They thought we could use her death as a warning, but I guess they were wrong."

"Naraku shall feel my wrath, I have said that before, Bankotsu. Bury her body. Make sure no traces remain," the other growled indifferently, and started walking away.

Bankotsu glared; he was sympathetic alright, but how could this man treat this matter so coldly? Didn't he love her?

The other man paused in his stride, his voice almost cracking, "bury her somewhere nice and windy…she had always loved feeling the wind."

Bankotsu sighed in understanding. He called out, "I will, don't worry. I'll tell you where the place is afterwards, Sesshoumaru. I will tell them you are down with a cold so take it easy for a few days there alright?"

Walls of ice formed a sturdy fortress around his heart once again. He would not be foolish and repeat his mistakes. If warming up means getting hurt this way repeatedly, he would rather have it stay this way.

The sole purpose of killing Naraku filled his mind as it had before, and he continued walking.

Sesshoumaru nodded curtly, and disappeared into the dark.



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