Robin bursts into Beast Boy's palace guest room on Tamaran. The leader of the titans is wearing standard clothing and not his uniform. He has even forgone the mask for now. His green-skinned teammate is awake in bed, covered under blankets up to his neck.

"I'm getting married today, woohoo!" declares an ecstatic Robin.

Beast Boy greets him with an innocent grin. "Good morning, Richard."

"I'm getting married, today!"

Beast Boy cheers, "Yeah you are!" maintaining his innocent expression.

"Yeah, woohoo!" Robin backs out of Beast Boy's room and closes the door.

Beast Boy comes up from his covers, wearing no shirt, looking intently at the door. Raven pokes her head out from underneath the blankets. "Do you think he knew I was here?" she wonders nervously as she looks towards the door. Beast Boy glances at the pale-skinned girl with violet hair speechless then looks back at the door.

It had been months since Richard Grayson proposed to Koriand'r, Princess of Tamaran. The announcement of the engagement began as a bittersweet one. The titans were thrilled to hear of it, as was her guardian and the Grand High Ruler of Tamaran, Galfore. Galfore fully supported Starfire's engagement to Robin since Robin aided in exposing treachery within the royal family. Starfire was saved from a disgraceful marriage arranged by her corrupt sister Blackfire.

It was due to the ages of Robin and Starfire that there had been some tension between Robin and Batman when news of the engagement was brought to the dark knight. Batman was well aware of the relationship between the two and did not object to that. Eventually the tension eased into support after learning that Tamaranian custom did not have an age restriction for marriage and an agreement was reached. The wedding would be conducted on Tamaran. Where Earth laws were concerned, all invited to the wedding, which included other titans teams as well as Justice League members, agreed to keep the marriage a secret.

During her time on Earth, Starfire learned how different wedding ceremonies were conducted. She chose the form for which the bride is given away to the groom over Tamaranian tradition. Raven was selected as Starfire's Maid of Honor and Bumblebee was chosen as a bridesmaid. Beast Boy and Cyborg were both chosen as Robin's Best Man.

When Robin was considering a choice of tuxedos through a catalogue from a tailor shop in Jump City, Starfire suggested he consider wearing Tamaranian attire. She explained that those deemed worthy of marrying into Tamaranian royalty are dressed in attire similar to armor worn by Earth's knights during the Middle-Ages.

"Galfore speaks often of what you did for me and says you deserve such an honor. If you have a style of armor in mind, I can have it specially designed by the blacksmiths on Tamaran," she added.

"That's very kind of you Star." Robin considered it. "Hmm, I like the idea. Could I have a day to think of a design?"

"Of course," Starfire said with a smile. She kissed him then excused herself to allow him to come up with his design.

He searched the internet, browsing through web pages of armor. These didn't work for him. Then he thought about the many strategy games and RPG's he's played. The suits of armor worn by those knights were unique. He recalled a video game he played where the knight's uniform for the most part was leather. The shirt was styled with black leather. Around the knight's waist was a black leather belt with a metal buckle in the front and hook and eye on the left side. The pants were styled like tan leather. The boots were black and came within inches below his knees. Straps went around the calve muscles, attaching to small metal plates sewn onto the boots to protect the knight's shins. His armor consisted of shoulder guards and a breastplate. Across the front of the shoulder guard was a strip of metal fashioned to protect the knight's throat. (A/N: the armor I've described comes from "Shining Tears" by 'Sega.') Robin wasn't interested in the idea of a helmet. He thought his mask would be enough.

When Beast Boy and Cyborg learned of Robin's attire Beast Boy commented, "So does this mean we'll have to dress as squires?"

"Oh, brother," sighed Cyborg at the remark.

"Don't worry you guys, I'll tell Starfire to ensure something proper is made for you to wear," replied Robin.

He went to Starfire and described his choice of armor. "Bear in mind, Starfire, that a groom's best man is usually dressed similarly to himself."

"I shall inform the Grand High Ruler." Pleased with this decision Starfire dismissed herself and departed for Tamaran to teach her people on the conduct of the Earth wedding ceremony in which she chose to partake.

On Tamaran the arrangements were made. As Starfire had instructed, a rehearsal dinner was set up and her wedding gown, in addition to the bridesmaids' gowns, was designed as was Robin's armor. She even convinced the blacksmiths to make similar armor for Beast Boy and Cyborg. The palace hall was decorated for the ceremony and invitations were transmitted to at least be received by guests from Earth.

Back on Earth a shuttle was sent from the orbital station to pick up titans and Justice League members still on the surface. From the station a transport craft launched, bound for Tamaran. Upon arrival, the titans and the league were greeted and shown to their guest rooms in the palace. Cyborg and Beast Boy wound up sharing a room as did Bumblebee and Raven. Everyone settled in and rested up after their journey.

When it was time for the rehearsal dinner everyone gathered in the banquet hall. Individual seats were placed for guests. The wedding party consisted of Robin and Starfire sitting in the middle. Batman, Beast Boy, and Cyborg sat to Robin's right. Galfore, Raven, and Bumblebee sat to Starfire's left.

The Grand High Ruler stood up. "Welcome everyone. Thank you for your attendance. The princess has chosen a fine young man as her husband. Many a Tamaranian can testify that he is worthy when he saved her from disgrace." Turning to Robin, "I thank you Richard Grayson and welcome you into Tamaranian heritage."

Robin nodded in appreciation amidst the pleasant murmurs and smiles. Galfore took his seat. Both Cyborg and Beast boy stood up to toast the bride and groom.

"I'd just like to say congratulations to Richard and Princess Koriand'r. On Earth, we titans can think of no better team leader than Robin, and Koriand'r is an outstanding warrior princess." Turning to the couple, "May your love last a lifetime and beyond."

There was some hesitation when Beast Boy began, but he actually kept his comments rather pleasant. "It's definitely an honor to stand by my friends as they marry. I agree with Cyborg about Robin's leadership and Starfire's fighting skills. We, as a team, have learned a lot from each other. I know Richard helped the most in educating the princess on Earth's ways. Koriand'r has taught us much about Tamaranian festivals which has relieved some tension that occasionally came out among the team." Turning to Robin and Starfire, "My best to you both and your future together."

There were more smiles and pleasant soft talk among the guests. Starfire turned to Raven. "Please say something. I would most appreciate it."

Raven never expected to be called on to speak. The atmosphere of the banquet hall began to depress her and she kept silent. Internally she put it aside with the intent of meditating it away later. But other things came to mind which added to her depression. Raven hid that too.

Raven sighed, "Oh all right." She stood and Starfire quietly cheered. "You'll all have to forgive me for keeping this brief. I'm not much for merriment. I hope you'll both be happy. Live long and be healthy." Raven sat back down.

The banquet proceeded with the meal. Among the food prepared, Starfire ensured Beast Boy would be served something considered vegetarian. "You may eat these. On this planet they are considered vegetables."

"Thanks, Star," replied Beast Boy. He began to eat and found himself enjoying this form of Tamaranian food.

When it seemed everyone had their fill, they were free to move about the banquet hall and do as they pleased. Raven slipped away, but not without being noticed by Beast Boy. He followed her to a balcony where she leaned against a handrail and looked out into the atmosphere. She stood by herself before he joined her, also leaning on the handrail.

"So how are you feeling?" he asked looking at the Tamaranian sky.

"I'm fine," she simply stated.

Beast Boy turned and leaned toward her and sniffed a bit. "My animal instincts say you're not."

Raven turned to look at him. "Well your animal instincts should mind their own business," she warned.

"Raven, for the sake of this wedding, I've dropped my act. Now drop your act and tell me what's bothering you."

Raven sighed and looked back out at the sky. She was silent for several seconds. "Maybe I lied before about the merriment remark. But I shouldn't have to remind you how dangerous it is for me to express emotion. I can at least say I'm happy for Robin and Starfire, but to feel happy for them would harm people around me. As happy as I can say I am or to feel so, what hurts is that I'll never have that."

Beast Boy looked bewildered at that comment. "What are you talking about?"

"I've been on dates before, Beast Boy. I haven't told you guys because I didn't want it to be anyone's business. Every one of them turned out to be a complete mess. The guys were either losers or jerks, and others saw something about me and it scared them away.

"The only one who seemed like the perfect guy was Malchior."

"Raven you don't have to talk about Malchior. You know I was in your room when he was teaching you those spells. I saw what a charmer he was; how he made you feel. He even made you smile."

Beast Boy faced her and noticed tears began falling from her eyes. He placed his arms around her and turned her so she could look at him. "Malchior was the biggest of those losers and jerks. As for those who got scared and ran, they don't know what they're missing. You're a great person. I hope you do find the happiness we all see in Robin and Starfire."

Raven wiped her eyes and smiled faintly. "Thank you, Beast Boy."

Beast Boy grinned. "You're welcome. Are you ready to go back in?"

"Sure." She and Beast Boy returned to the banquet.

The evening fell on Tamaran. Beast Boy was in his room. It sounded as though the rest of the palace was still celebrating the upcoming wedding. There was a knock on his door. He opened it and there stood Raven. Only Raven appeared a little awkward. She noticed his pajamas with turtles on them.

"Cute, P.J.'s. You're really living it up here on Tamaran."

"Well, I wasn't exactly expecting company after…" he glances at his watch, "9:00." He noticed her behavior. "Are you alright? You actually look as if you may be drunk."

"I was treated to some Tamaranian punch," Raven explained awkwardly. "Maybe it has some equivalent to alcohol on Earth."

"Oookay. Look, you're not still upset about the things you told me are you?"

"I was for a while. I guess because of that I drank more than I expected to."

"Well, it's really an emotional time, you know, and you look like you've had a lot to drink. You've just got to let that go, okay, I mean you were the most beautiful girl in the room tonight."

A light blush forms on her cheeks. She smiles. "Really?"

"Are you kidding? I mean no matter what culture we're among, you can be the most beautiful in any room."

Raven jumps into him and kisses Beast Boy. He breaks the kiss. "Whoa, whoa, whoa, what's going on? You and I just made out. You and I are making out."

"Well not anymore," Raven commented on the obvious.

"But we don't do that."

"I know I just thought it would be fun."

Beast Boy looks puzzled. "How drunk are you?"

"Drunk enough to know I want to do this. But not so drunk that you should feel guilty about taking advantage."

He considers what she just said. "That's the perfect amount."

"This could be dangerous," she warned.

"You won't scare me away."

Beast Boy and Raven go over to his bed. They sit down and start kissing again. Raven breaks the kiss. "You know what's weird?"

"What?" asks Beast Boy.

"This doesn't feel weird."

"You're right, it doesn't," he realizes.

"You're a really good kisser," she compliments.

"Likewise. Do you want to get under the covers?"


They slide off the bed and pull back the sheets. After getting in they pull the blanket up to their necks and start removing their garments. Raven notices how quickly Beast Boy undressed. "Wow, you're really fast."

"It bodes well for me that speed impresses you," he remarks with a straight face.

"We're about to see each other naked," Raven realizes.

"Do you want to do it at the same time?"

"Okay, on the count of three. One…"

"Two…" they both say. "Three!"

Raven and Beast Boy lift their blankets and look each other over. They lower the covers and now have goofy expressions.

"Well, if we were ever friends, I think it's safe to say that our friendship is effectively ruined," Beast Boy comments.

"Were we ever really that close?" she asks dryly.

"Nah, I guess not."

They start kissing again, but as soon as they do the door begins to slide open. In a panic Beast Boy nudges Raven under the covers as she sinks out of sight. "Cy-Cy-Cy-Cy Cyborg," he whispers nervously as she hides.

Cyborg enters the room. "Hey, BB."

"Hey, Cyborg. What's up?"

"I am having a blast here! I've been getting in some competition with some of the Justice League and the Tamaranians. We've had tests of strength and tech. Lot's of fun, dude! But I didn't see you down there. Why are you turning in so early?"

"I just felt like it. I'm bored. The real stuff happens tomorrow though, so I'll be okay by then."

"Alright then, catch you later."

Cyborg leaves.

(A/N: This isn't going to be very long. It may go only one more chapter. By now you've probably realized that some of this came from some episodes of "Friends." Well that's why I decided to save the disclaimer until now, so as not to spoil the parody. I hope this isn't too weak and you readers will finish it. Well let the comments and flames begin.)