The wedding feast was held soon after. Everyone was served decent meals. Beast Boy was served the vegetarian dish he came to appreciate. As everyone finished and began to move about freely, between continuous congratulations to the newlyweds and conversations with others, Raven made her way to another balcony. As she began peering out over the landscape, Beast Boy came up beside her.

"Hey," he greeted her casually.

"Hi," she returned in the same manner.

"Listen, I know we agreed to meet up again, but I'm just worried about what this might do to our friendship."

"I know," she realized. "How could we let this happen?"

"Seven times," he cursed.

"Well I guess, as long as we're on Tamaran, we can keep doing it," she realized.

"I don't see that we have a choice. But when we're back on Earth and in Jump City, we don't do it," he added. Then an idea occurred to him. "You know, if you're the only one staying in your room-"

"I'll see you there in five minutes," she cut in.

"Okay," he instinctively replied and started walking away as Raven teleported through the floor.

Beast Boy didn't get far. Suddenly there was an explosion from one of the palace walls within the reception area. In through the hole in the wall flew the exiled Princess Komand'r, Starfire's dark haired elder sister.

"Blackfire," Robin said dryly when he saw her after the dust cleared.

"It saddens me that I was not invited to my own sister's wedding," she announced with sarcasm.

Mentally Beast Boy called out to Raven. "Raven get back here. Blackfire's back."

Raven reemerged seconds later.

"Away with you Komand'r!" ordered Galfore. "You are forbidden from returning to Tamaran!"

"Tamaran was rightfully mine!" she declared. "I have come to reclaim it!"

"You lost the challenge," Galfore reminded her. "The victory goes to Koriand'r."

"I seek a rematch!"

At this Robin stood up. "No!" he declared to her.

The entire hall turned to him.

"I won't have it!" he continued. "If you want a fight, then I challenge you!"

"You are not worth my time," Blackfire scoffed. "The fight is with Koriand'r."

"Your fight with her is a fight with me," he challenged. "If you want to fight her you'll have to go through me."

"You do not have the power. You cannot even fly."

With that black energy formed a circular disc beneath his feet and secured his feet to the disc like straps.

"He can now," announced Raven. "Robin, are you ready?"

"You bet I am," he replied pulling out his bo staff.

Raven levitated the disc and Robin was airborne.

"He is not to be helped!" Komand'r demanded.

"I'm only helping him to fly," Raven replied. "I have no intention of interfering with the fight otherwise."

The energy disc carried Robin through the air. He positioned himself in a battle-ready stance as he charged toward Blackfire. Her hands and eyes glowed with energy as she released a series of starbolts. Robin swung, batting some away as the disc swerved to avoid others.

Robin closed in on Blackfire. He swung and she dodged. Her assault with starbolts continued. Their battle continued on for several minutes. At one point a set of starbolts impacted with Robin, but he hardly seemed phased.

"I see that Tamaranian armor serves you well, brother-in-law," Blackfire noted.

"I'm not your brother-in-law," Robin retorted.

"Have it your way then," she replied.

The duel resumed. Raven navigated the energy disc with precision and Robin maintained himself quite well. Shortly, Robin lowered his defenses, placing the bo staff by his side and retracting the length. At this point Robin and Blackfire were deadlocked, facing each other like gunmen of the old west in the center of town.

Curiosity filled the room as much as the silence did. Blackfire narrowed her eyes in suspicion. Her hands were clenched, generating starbolt energy.

Suddenly Robin reached for his grappling-gun and pulled it from his waist and fired. The hook and cable wrapped itself around Blackfire's arms securing them to her torso. This seemed like an excellent signal to Raven to send the disc and Robin forward. Robin balled his fist as he charged toward Blackfire as she attempted to fire her starbolts, but they missed him. His fist met her face and she jerked backward. The disc was brought back around and Robin restored his staff to its full length. He swung it into her abdomen and she contracted with a gasp.

Raven navigated the disc higher into the air. Robin used this as an idea formed in his mind, as if he knew what Raven wanted him to attempt. Robin retracted and returned the staff to his waist and the disc was brought downward, Robin crisscrossed his arms in the form of an "X." The angle of the X met with Blackfire's throat and both she and Robin went charging toward the ground. An instant before impact Robin released his hold on Blackfire and was brought back into the air as she crashed into the floor. Blackfire lay there unconscious and defeated.

Robin was brought back to the ground and the disc disappeared. A mix of the crowd dispersed between Robin with congratulations and Blackfire to attend to her. She did not remain unconscious for long. Blackfire stood up and pushed people away.

Robin turned and defied her. "Admit it Blackfire. You lost."

Blackfire just stood there gritting her teeth as rage formed on her face. She just looked at him. Then Blackfire noticed the hole in the wall she created when she intruded. Blackfire took off and flew out through the hole.

"I believe that is the closest my sister will ever come to admitting defeat," stated Starfire.

The commotion died down and everyone continued to enjoy the festivities as castle attendants cleaned up the rubble. Starfire clung to her new husband, enthralled that he was all the more valiant. Robin looked at her and smiled a happy smile. Then he began looking over his armor.

A realization came to him. "You know something?" he said to no one in particular, but he had the attention of those nearest to him. "I think I could use a new uniform."

He was given puzzled looks.

"Maybe it's time to retire Robin," he explained.

"But a new uniform would mean a new name," interjected Cyborg.

"I know. I'll be considering one."

Bruce Wayne raised a goblet. "Here's to you Richard and your future. Here's to your new responsibilities – to your wife and to the citizens you'll protect."

"Here, here," everyone responded as their goblets connected.

Time had passed. Raven and Beast Boy found an opportunity to get away from the celebration. After making their way to her room and going in, they just stood a short distance apart. Both started smiling.

Beast Boy began with a compliment, "Wow, you look-"

"No time for that!" Raven interrupted.

"Right," Beast Boy hastily agreed.

They both moved toward the bed and began pulling back the sheets. Robin burst into her room.

"Starfire?" he cried.

"Nope, not under here," adlibbed Beast Boy, suddenly acting as if he were exposing Starfire.

"Robin, you know how I feel about people being in my room," Raven stated firmly.

But Beast Boy's in here…" he began by pointing out the changeling until he remembered why he came in here. "Wait, wait, that's not important. Look have you two seen Starfire?"

"No, why?" asked Beast Boy.

"I can't find her. We were in the banquet hall; she excused herself saying she would only be a moment, but never came back. I've been looking for her everywhere since."

"Well you couldn't have looked everywhere, or else you would have found her," Beast Boy pointed out.

"Right, so why don't you try looking for her again?" asked Raven.

"For say, thirty minutes," said Beast Boy.

"Or forty five?" Raven corrected.

Beast Boy looked at Raven in surprise. "Wow, in forty five minutes you could find her twice," he hinted toward Raven.

Raven grinned that Beast Boy caught on.

Robin objected. "Though I probably should, I think I'll just hang out here. Maybe she's looking for me. If she hasn't been here yet she's bound to show up."

So Robin sat down. Beast Boy gestured with a nod that he and Raven should excuse themselves.

"Well, we'll leave you alone, so you and Starfire can have your privacy if she shows up," said Raven.

"Actually, would you mind staying?" begged Robin. "I would enjoy the company."

"Fine," Raven sighed. She and Beast Boy sat down beside Robin.

A short time passed. Robin was asleep in Beast Boy's lap.

"The Justice League is going to want to leave soon," Beast Boy noted.

"I know," replied Raven. "I've been looking at my bathroom. The door should be sound proof enough."

"We can't do that," objected Beast Boy. "That's insane. I mean a) he could wake up and b)… you know, let's go for it."

So they stood up and began going toward Raven's guest bathroom. But Starfire burst into the guest room from outside, waking Robin.

"Robin!" cried Starfire.

"Starfire, where have you been?" said Robin as he recovered.

"I was playing the hide-and-seek," replied Starfire. "You did not find me."

"You didn't tell me you wanted to play. I thought you disappeared after leaving the dining hall, or were trying at least to find me."

"I am sorry to have worried you," Starfire apologized. "I will tell you next time."

"It's okay," Robin assured her. "I'm just glad you're safe."

Starfire looked at Raven and Beast Boy. "You two should be getting ready to leave. The Justice League will be departing shortly."

"Thanks," said Beast Boy while masking the disappointment.

"You know, maybe it was for the best that we didn't get to do it again," Raven told Beast Boy through thought.

The Justice League was returning to Earth.

"Why are we speaking like this?" wondered Beast Boy.

"Because Superman is with us, and we shouldn't be talking about this out loud."

"That's true," Beast Boy noted knowing about Superman's keen hearing. "Well you're right about not having done it again. It kind of makes that one night special. It would probably not be wise to try while we're on the ship either."

"No it wouldn't."

The titans were back on Earth and returned to Jump City. In their absence other honorary titans had kept watch for them. The visitors departed so that the only ones left were Raven, Beast Boy, and Cyborg. Robin and Starfire were on their honeymoon. Cyborg decided to head to his car.

"You know, I've missed that car. I think I'll go and spruce her up for a while." He left the common area of the tower.

"Well, we're certainly alone now," noted Raven.

"Yes, good thing we came up with that not on Earth rule," noted Beast Boy.

Both of them started back to their rooms, carrying their gear.

"Look, while we're on the subject," said Raven, "about the other night. I was having a tough time as I told you, wondering if I might never know what Robin and Starfire were feeling. Not to mention the bad relationships I had. That night we had… well it meant a lot to me. So, I just wanted to say thanks."

"It's okay. That night meant a lot to me too, not because I was in a bad way or anything. It meant a lot to me because well… you're really hot… and beautiful I won't leave that out."

Raven smiled.

"So that's okay?" inquired Beast Boy.

"Sure," she replied. They were at her door.

"And I'm cute, too?" he went on with a smile.

"Yes," she said with a smile, "you're cute, too."

"Alright, then. I'll go and put my stuff away. See you later."

"Bye." Raven opened her door and stepped in. The door closed leaving Beast Boy to stand there.

Inside Raven's room she set her bag down. She looked back towards her door, even took a few steps toward it. In her mind she debated on whether or not to go back out there and almost decided not to.

There was a knock on the door and it opened exposing Beast Boy. Raven stood there speechless.

"I'm still on Tamaranian time," Beast Boy noted. "Does that count?"

"Oh, you bet it counts," Raven confessed, feeling relieved.

Beast Boy and Raven closed in on each other and kissed.


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