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Late Night Snack

Chapter 1

It is in the middle of the night and everything is quiet. The water is calm and there are stars showing brightly in the dark sky.

Everyone aboard the Going Merry are asleep except for two people.

Sanji is up in the crows nest sitting down with a cigarette sticking out of his mouth. He is on watch duty because it is his turn.

After taking a few puffs of his cigarette, he hears a door open. He turns his head to see who is up so late. The door heads to down below.

Oh please let it be my sweet Nami-san!

A figure comes out of the darkness through the doorway.

Sanji sees green hair. He is a little disappointed because it wasn't Nami. It is the swordsman Zolo.

Why is he up so late?

Sanji watches as the shirtless Zolo heads for the kitchen.

"What are you doing up so late, Cabbage head?"

Before Zoro goes into the kitchen, he says loud enough so that Sanji can hear him, "None of your business Shitty Cook." He disappears into the kitchen with the door closing behind him.

Sanji is looking at the window that is apart of the kitchen. He sees the light turn on and sees Zoro go by a cabinet above the counter. Zoro opens the door and pulls out a bowl, then he goes by a drawer and gets a spoon from it. Zolo then walks away from the counter to where Sanji can no longer see him. Sanji smiles and climbs down the crows nest. He's very curious on what Zoro could be doing. He starts walking towards the kitchen door.

Zoro had gotten an ice cream container from the freezer and scooped out ice cream putting it in the bowl he had gotten. He puts the ice cream container away and then takes a seat at the table. He takes his spoon, scoops up some strawberry ice cream, places the ice cream he scoops into his mouth then closing his mouth around it, and then pulls the spoon the spoon out of his mouth with mouth still closed causing the ice cream to slide off the spoon onto his tongue. He savors the taste and doesn't want to eat it fast because he doesn't want a brain freeze.

The way he is seated is where the table is against the wall. His chair is next to the table with the back against the wall. He is leaning back with his head resting against the wall while he has his bowl of ice cream in one hand and with the spoon in the other.

Sanji stops at the kitchen door. He looks through the door window and watches Zoro while smiling.

Zoro has eaten most of the ice cream so there wasn't much left in his bowl. The ice cream was melting. He takes a big scoop of ice cream and brings it towards his mouth but some of it falls off the spoon landing on his chest. He quickly finishes up the ice cream and sets his bowl and spoon down.

The ice cream slides down his chest, over his abs, and then down his stomach. He places his finger onto his stomach a little above the belly button stopping the ice cream from going down further.

"Well aren't you being mess. Your suppose to eat the ice cream, not wear it."

Zoro looks up at Sanji who has come into the kitchen. Zoro glares at him.

Sanji smiles at Zoro's glare.

"I know that." Zoro looks back down and starts bringing his finger to his mouth until someone grabs his wrist and stops him. He looks up and sees Sanji in front of him, right in front of him where Zoro has to move his head back. "What?"

"You need to be cleaned up." Sanji bends over just a little and brings Zoro's hand towards his face. He places Zoro's finger with the ice cream on it into his mouth and closes his lips around it.

Zoro's eyes went wide. "…."

Sanji pulls his finger out of his mouth. He had removed the ice cream with his tongue. He keeps a hold on Zoro's wrist and smiles at him.

"Why did you do that?" Zoro looks at his wrist and then back up at Sanji. "And let go of me."

Sanji just continues smiling. His left hand is holding onto Zoro's right wrist. He then grabs Zoro's left wrist with his right hand. He then pins Zoro's wrists against the wall Zoro is sitting against.

Zoro can't move now. "Let go of me you dam cook!"

"Not until you've been cleaned up." Sanji then bends down more with his face close to Zoro's stomach close to his skin. He then moves closer and places his tongue very little below where the ice cream trail ended. He moves his tongue up a little against Zoro's skin up the ice cream trail.

Zoro's muscles and body tense up. He wanted to say something but words wouldn't come out of his mouth. He is looking down at Sanji, watching him. 'Why is he doing this?'

Sanji's tongue moves up more going over Zoro's abs and past his scar.

Zoro then stops breathing, either he somehow forgot to breathe or he just couldn't anymore.

Sanji continued up the ice cream trail but then going a little past to where the trail had started.

Zoro figured out that he couldn't do anything so he had rested his head against the wall when Sanji had went past his scar. This all felt weird to him, he doesn't understand why Sanji I doing this to him. He just couldn't fight back.

After licking up all the ice cream, Sanji made sure there was no more. He then looks at the swordsman's face. Zoro's eyes are closed.

"Are you done Cook?"

"Almost." Sanji puts his face close to Zoro's and looks at his lips. He leans in closer and licks Zoro's lips once and then stands up releasing Zoro.

Zoro's eyes had snapped open right after the cook licked his lips. He lifts his head up from the wall and looks at Sanji. "What the hell?"

"There, done." Sanji smiles and then leaves the kitchen leaving a shocked swordsman in the kitchen. He climbs back up into the crows nest and sits down. Wow, I can't believe I did that. He smiles again and then pulls a cigarette out of his pocket and brings it towards his mouth but stops. He doesn't want to get rid of the taste of the swordsman and ice cream out of his mouth so he puts the cigarette back in his pocket.

He stares off across the water listening to the very light breeze. He hears someone come out of the kitchen.

Why the hell did he do that to me? Forget it, I don't want to know what he was thinking. I hope I'm dreaming. Zoro pinches his arm very hard and winces slightly. Nope, not a dream. He heads down into the men's bedroom and lays down in his hammock. He looks up at the ceiling. Hope that was a one time thing and that he doesn't do that again.

Are you sure?

Of course I am.

No your not.


You know you liked what the love cook did to you.

No I didn't. Wait, why am I talking to you? Who are you?

I'm you, you idiot.

Oh, right. Then why am I talking to myself?

Cause you have no one else to talk to even though you could go up to the crows nest and talk to Sanji.

Hell no. He is a freak. He might do to me again what he did in the kitchen or something weirder.

And would you mind?

Yes! Now go to sleep, I'm getting a headache. Zoro then drifts into a peaceful slumber.

Sometime after 1:30 am, a tall blonde hair cook comes into the bedroom and goes by the sleeping swordsman. It is a little cold in the room so Sanji picks up a blanket and covers him from his neck to his feet.

Zoro stirred lightly but doesn't wake up.

Sanji goes by Ussop and shakes him lightly by the shoulders. He makes his voice low so that only Ussop will hear him. "Ussop, wake up. Its your turn for the watch."

Ussop opens his eyes and says to Sanji loud, "I don't wanna…" Ussop's mouth was then covered by Sanji's hand.

Sanji whispers, "Shut up. Now go get in that crows nest before I kick your ass. And don't talk loud next time, I won't let you wake them up." He mainly meant that he didn't want Ussop to wake up Zoro from his peaceful sleep but Sanji wasn't going to tell Ussop that.

"Is it.." Ussop then stopped talking because Sanji was glaring at him. He was talking loud again and Sanji didn't want him to. He then whispers," Is it cold out there?"

Sanji whispers back, "You might want a blanket."

"Ok." Ussop gets up and leaves the bedroom and heads up into the crows nest with a blanket.

Sanji goes over to his own hammock which is across from Zoro's on the other side of the room. After taking his shoes off, he lays in the hammock on his side with his back to the wall with him looking at Zoro. Covering himself up with the blanket up to his neck, he just layed there.

For the next whole hour, he watches Zoro. Watches as his chest rises with each breath he takes. At one point, he found himself breathing that same rhythm as Zoro. He watches as the moon shines through the window showing the handsome features of Zoro's face and then disappear when the moon was hidden behind the clouds.

You know Zoro, you look a lot more nicer and calmer when you are sleeping.

Sanji smiles and in a soft whisper says, "Good night Zoro, sweet dreams." Closing his eyes and starting to fall asleep, he thinks of supplies they will need to get when they arrive at the next island. Milk, cheese, meat,.. With a smile, he last thinks. ..and strawberry ice cream. He then falls into a nice slumber.

To be continued.

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