Title: Vigil

Author: Hildwyn

Rating: PG

Summary: Based off of the events of the episode "True-Q," Amanda returns at Beverly's funeral.

Disclaimer: I don't own it, never will, and am not making any money off of this, and am doing it for myself, or for any readers who may enjoy it.

Notes on story: I recently caught the TNG episode in reruns, and was attacked from all sides by evil plot drones until I wrote this story. I've never written a TNG ficlet before, so this was a refreshing change. Reviews are always welcomed, however aren't necessary.




A soft wind caressed the flowers that lay atop the casket, the same wind which gently brushed Amanda's face.

The people around her were silent in respect for the dead woman who lay there- Beverly Crusher, never to awaken again.

Amanda had mixed feelings about it. She had grown very close to the woman during her stay on the Enterprise. She was like a mother to her, when her own parents had been ripped away from her by a storm. By the Q.

And now she stood there, a full-fledged member of the Q, at Beverly's funeral.

She did not know why she had come here this time. For a Q, time was meaningless, she knew every moment she ever had been, all of them together, like she lived simultaneously in all times. It was as if at the very moment she was still back in sickbay taking instructions on how the experiment was to be run, or she was a little girl again running through the tall grasses, or she was standing on the hull of the Enterprise at warp.

But she was gone.

To the other Q, humans never really seemed to hold as much importance. They were there, then they were gone. Save for the one Q who had first led her to the Continuum, she was the only one who kept so close an eye on them.

The passing of one human would not bother them.

But she felt it.


(Three months prior)

Beverly was quite old, but certainly not frail. She was as lively and bright as ever at the lecture. She animatedly discussed her latest discoveries in applied nano-biology like a spouse would her lover.

Amanda sat in the back row, far enough away to avoid Beverly's notice.

She did not pay much heed to what Beverly said—as there was very little need for nano-technology in the Continuum at all. But still she listened to the woman.

When the lecture wrapped up, and everyone had finished speaking with Beverly she made her way up to her. The two were alone in the room, and Beverly was turned away packing away her PADDs, not having noticed the other woman yet.

When she did turn, a smile lit up her face like a sun rising over a calm ocean.

Amanda smiled too.

There were no words exchanged. They were unnecessary.


The people had left the graveyard, the casket was now encased in the earth, and the stars had begun to blink into existence in the inky dome above Amanda's head.

Still she stayed.

Though she was Q, entirely and completely, she felt a strange human urge to stand there as long as she could and watch over the grave, silently contemplating.

She had already come to realization that she would live on long past all her friends, any she ever had back on Terra, and those she made on the Enterprise. She knew all the wondrous secrets of the universe, of all time.

When she accepted her nature, being a Q, she also had to accept that there would be boredom eventually, that things would cease to hold any value to her. . . but she was lucky. Her human friends were meaningful, something that the other Q did not have to keep them engaged with the universe. But slowly, they faded away.

The sun just began to peak over the horizon when her vigil ended, and she returned to the unfathomable reaches that were the Q Continuum.

-Finis (Aetatis)-